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4 months ago
Dear lord as i come before thee for thy words to grow in, the knowledge and faith. Open my mind, hart and strengthen me. Amen.
5 months ago
Pastor Nick thank you for those words and the devotional. I know the struggle well. I am a lupus survivor now having pneumonia. I know that even if my health is unpredictable, I di not fight alone. The one and only blessed thing in my life that carries me is Christ. He sustains, renews, comforts ,and understand. I strive each day to know Him so I can better know me. Through Him, I can handle my own weakness and give Him the glory.
a year ago
Pastor Nat,

My youth was a path of drugs and bad decisions. Close to heading towards death I hit my rock bottom and quit drugs. I was 26, and at that time I had no faith in our God or our lord Jesus Christ. Now looking back with my faith growing stronger every day I realize it was them who helped me out of that situation.

I found my faith at the age of 37 I am now 39. I look back at certain points in my life and know that it was God who saved my life so many times. Now I am a Corrections Officer and I am in a spot where I can share the word with not only staff but also inmates. With inmates its hard to talk with them without it looking what we call over familiar. I know God is calling me to share the word. In His still small voice He is speaking to me. He is telling me over and over by showing me the scripture to be a fisher of men wether its in devotions i read or the last sermon I watched literally that scripture shows up everywhere.

So my question is where is a good place to start to become a minister. If I get the education I can become a Chaplain for the department I work for. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you and God bless,

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7 months ago
The labours are few ….. pray pray pray God will make a way
a year ago
Hey Dallas. What a story. I just want to for celebrate your honesty and rejoice in your desire to minister. The word journeys may be different God has definitely use my pass to redeem my future. I think there’s several different options for you. I think they question you need to answer is what do I really want to do with this credentialing or education? If it’s being a chaplain which is a great option and follow that path. If it’s the opportunity to maybe become a lead pastor in time then maybe that’s a more formal education. I honestly think God has us right where he wants us and has given us ample opportunity to grow in his word. So I encourage you to spend daily time with us here back to the Bible and then begin to ask the question where does God want me to serve outside of my current context? Then we can start creating a pathway forward. Reach out I would love to continue to discuss this in greater detail. God bless.
a year ago
Pastor Nat , I have a Prayer request for my father . It’s my house full of Darkness ? I day in & day out sometimes screaming at my father . But I don’t want . I need to constantly
need to pray to open my heart to jesus ? And I need to read scripture bout God . How to I applied on my life plus my father & my twin sister ?
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a year ago
Wow. I will pray for you and your home.

Regarding your questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

Do you need to constantly pray for an open heart to Jesus? That depends on what you mean. If you're saved, then you don't need to ask for that gift again. If you're desiring to be closer to Jesus and to be obedient to God through the Spirit, I pray that prayer constantly.

Regarding the application of the Bible, I encourage you to ask several questions when reading a passage:

What caught your attention in this passage?
What does this passage tell us about God?
What does this passage tell us about people?
What does this passage tell us about the relationship between God and man?

Application question: Based on this passage, how should I live?

Begin to live out the truths of Scripture, pray for your family, and allow God to do the rest.

I hope this helps!
a year ago
God Grace is ..... to me . All Glory to God 😁😁😁
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