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Get into God’s Word


October 2





Have you ever been stuck in accomplishing a goal? You want to read a book, but each time you go to read, you fall asleep? You want to lose weight, but when you open the fridge, you only see junk food? You want to grow spiritually, but you don’t know how?

Being spiritually stuck is one common struggle of Christians today. They want to grow up spiritually, but they feel stuck.

Here’s what Peter says about this: “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

If you want to grow spiritually, it’s a two-step process: 1) Don’t settle for watered-down theology. 2) Seek and experience God.

If you want to become unstuck spiritually, you first need to get into God’s Word. Look for sound biblical teaching like what we offer at Back to the Bible. Don’t look for what fits you. Don’t look for what’s easy to digest. Get into all of God’s Word and learn from those who are committed to historic, evangelical theology.

Second, know God. Don’t know of God, but really know God. Experience God’s grace, loving-kindness, and mercy. When you do, you can’t resist it. It’s like taking the first bite of your favorite meal. You can’t stop after one bite. It’s so good you just keep going back again and again.

God loves you and wants you to grow up and love Him more. Taste and see, and you’ll never look back.


Text in Context: Read 1 Peter 2:1-3

Reflect: What’s the difference between something pure and something impure? How could you tell? How does a person taste and see God?

Respond: Where do you struggle more: knowing God intimately or consuming that pure, spiritual milk? What’s one thing you can do to know God better this week? If you want to consume more pure milk, try one of our daily reading plans at

Prayer: Father, I know you, and I want to know you more. Help me taste and see! Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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To God be the glory! Needed to hear this today.
Thank you for speaking to me Lord in my heart and mind when I make time to listen to you!
Amen Know Him Thru His Word
Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Yeah Lord, thank You for allowing me to taste of You and to experience for myself that You are good and that You are gracious.
they have read God's word and have proven that God is God through him in nature he is good like he said he is.
Even when I don't understand the path you have laid out before me, help me to surrender to You as Jesus did and say, "not my will, but Yours be done. " Help me taste and see."
Father, I know you, and I want to know you more. I hunger for you more and more. I've tasted and I see the Lord is good. Fill me, Lord. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen!
Thanks for your awesome clarification. The Christendom is so much confused when it comes to the distinction between salvation by grace and works. I pray it goes far and beyond.
Yes I did l am going to taste and know that God is good just like david l to want to chase after Him
Father God ! I do get stuck at times ! It’s been like that for a while ! It gets tiring at times ! Lord give me the energy, the passion and persistence to keep going forward in my walk with you! Convict me when I get lazy ! Amen ✝️🙏🇺🇸
Thank You Lord , you have been with me forever, not because of who I am , but because of who you are.
My saying!! God is good all the time!! Amen and Amen🙏🙏
Amen🙏 ! 'All the time God is good'! Lord, thank You that You are good all the time. Give me a "hunger and thirst" for more of You each day, and wisdom, understanding and a deserning heart!
Lord, I know that You are good. I want to know You more better. I want to walk in Your righteousness and Holy Spirit. I need Your help. Give me the strength and endurance to do what needs to be done. Lord i love You. In Christ Jesus name I pray, Amen
What’s the difference between something pure and something impure? That which is pure makes you feel clean. There is no blemish or shadows in it. How can we tell? God's laws are written on our hearts and produces the fear of the Lord which is clean. Wisdom reposes in in the heart of the discerning and even among fools she lets herself be known (Prov. 14:33). May discernment increase among God's people. How does a person taste and see God? By spending quality time with him in prayer and the Word.
Food for thought indeed. Amen
God is good everytime.
Thank you Jesus and AMEN
Sitting down for a meal of God's Word helps me know Him intimately. I don't want a snack or just one course, so I must purposely spend time in His Word to get the spiritual nutrients I need thereby growing closer to God and getting stronger in my faith.
Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart to grow to love Him and His word more. Keep reading, praying, and trusting Him.
Father, I pray for your strength in keeping my eyes focus on you. There are do many distractions that assault me daily, but I find strength, love, and joy in you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
Amen loved todays message help me grow spiritually dear Jesus
Thank God for adding me for the daily devotional everybody have blessed weekend
Since my faith is growing more each day, I'm finding some peace
Since I started reading the Bible, my life changed... I don’t feel any fear amid uncertainties befallen on our country, and I realized I am ready to face God anytime, Thanking our God for giving me so much discernment and asking for more wisdom to understand His Words everyday ❤️
Knowing Jesus more is a delight that we will be able to enjoy forever. Learning about the wonder and glory of God is what our new hearts are made for and long to receive. Holy Spirit give us the power to desire your word more each day so we may know, love and obey Jesus more today. Amen
I have felt of late that I don't want to read the word and I don't understand why, I have begun to "force feed" myself and I pray God will give me a better hunger for that "manna"
Yes I am grateful for growing in Christ our Lord!
Yes that’s how I feel sometime like I’m not being persistent ,and I want more of God word, so I appreciate these Bible. Verse is here for me🙏