From Suffering to Glory - Your Daily Forward Devotional


From Suffering to Glory


January 27


Read Ephesians 3:12-13 whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in Him. So I ask you not to lose heart over what I am suffering for you, which is your glory.



During seasons of suffering in your life, what gives you the confidence to persevere?


I often wish I could avoid suffering. I mean, who really wants to suffer? Yet, suffering is a part of life. And often, God uses the suffering in our lives to accomplish His good purposes.


Paul’s experience is a testimony to that truth. Consider the good that God brought about through Paul’s trials in his ministry. For example, Paul wrote this letter to the Ephesians as he was chained to a Roman guard. He was in prison! And yet, he asked the Ephesians to not “lose heart over what I am suffering for you”. Paul knew that even from his captivity, God was using him to accomplish kingdom work.


Jesus suffered greatly on our behalf before He was glorified and Paul knew that before we get to experience glory ourselves, there will be a time of suffering. But during that suffering, God can use us to bring more people to himself so that they too may experience glory someday.


Paul viewed his time in prison as an opportunity to continue his ministry. He continued to evangelize with his letters. In fact, Paul’s letters still spread the good news of the Gospel to us today! Paul probably had no idea how much God would accomplish through the letters Paul wrote during his imprisonment. Letters that he penned in approximately 60 AD are still being read today. They have strengthened, encouraged, and corrected the saints for almost 2,000 years. According to Wycliffe Bible Translators, Paul’s letters have also been translated into at least 1,551 different languages! Paul’s suffering was not in vain. It was for the saving of many, many souls.


Friends, we will suffer in this life. But in the midst of the suffering we can allow God to use us in spite of those trials. Remember, that for those of us in Christ, we will pass from suffering on to glory. God may be using your trying circumstances to set you up to share the Gospel with those around you. So don’t quit. Don’t lose heart!



Father, it is hard and scary to be in seasons of suffering. In the midst of pain, remind me that You are with me and that You can still use me to accomplish big things for Your kingdom. Use me for Your good purposes, Lord. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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2 years ago
2 years ago
Dear Heavenly Father, we Thank you and we Praise you for your Word and your Promises. In Jesus's name. We Pray and Praise you Lord. Amen.
2 years ago
My thoughts for today are to look to the eternity. Forever with God! That is what King Jesus bought us. Eternal life. Just give your life to Jesus.
2 years ago
Most of the time, suffering is an efficient tool of God to teach us the value of listening to Him. We've got to go through this process to soften whatever is tough in us.
We need to humble ourselves and yield. And have faith that what He's doing is for our own good.
We've got to remember, this is not the only time frame we have. We have a glorious place out there!
1 reply
2 years ago
2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
Heavenly Father I Praise You and Thank You Lord. For You have Promised we Your children that You will never leave nor forsake us. In knowing this Father through every trial of suffering I know You are with me/us. That You Lord are using us in those times to Glorify Your Holly Name to all those around us. Father in You alone I/ We have all we need. Please Lord use me in all areas of this journey giving only in You for Your Will. For at times we may question that time of struggle, suffering, I/We know it is to make us stronger in You and in this life's journey through You Lord. Father come what may I know I will make it through because You Lord are leading in Your Ways, Will, Path and Perfect Timing. For You OH Lord are My Strength to Bless me to overcome, conquer that trial of suffering all the while I will still Glorify Your Holly Name. For Your Mercy's and Grace are New each morning and I Thank You for them each New morning. For You Father are My Heart, Hope, Faith, Strength in all the storms. Thank You Lord, in Jesus name Amen
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