Fall on Your Knees - Your Daily Forward Devotional


Fall on Your Knees


January 28


Read Ephesians 3:14-15

For this reason I bow my knees before my Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named…



Why might Paul get on his knees before his Father? What does the posture of kneeling during prayer demonstrate?


How do you usually pray? Do you fold your hands and close your eyes? Do you pray silently as you go about your daily activities? Or, do you bow your knees before your Father as Paul does here?


It’s important to point out that the Bible does not state that there is only one right posture to assume when you pray. Here, Paul has chosen to kneel before his Father. Kneeling is typically a sign of humility. For example, a servant may bow before his master as a sign of respect and humble service. Paul went on to describe the Father as the one from whom “every family in heaven and on earth is named”.


Remember back in the Garden of Eden when God gave Adam dominion over the animals? One of the ways Adam exercised that authority is by naming them. By pointing out that God names “every family in heaven and on earth”, Paul is stressing the Father’s sovereignty and dominion over all - even the spiritual realm.


Look back at Ephesians 3:12 from yesterday. Paul had said that because of Christ, we can come before the Father boldly and with confidence. But if we follow Paul’s example, we should be careful not to confuse confidence with arrogance.


In Christ, we should have confidence that the Father hears us and that He will accept us. We can boldly come before Him and ask for what we need. But we should not forget who we are talking to. He is also the Creator of the world. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. He has dominion over everything. But He is still good, loving, and exceptionally patient. That is reason enough to fall to your knees, friends.



Father God, You are strong, mighty, all-powerful, and all-knowing. You have dominion over every single thing. So, I fall on my knees to worship and thank You for who You are and what You have done for me. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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2 years ago
I agree that the kneeling position alone affects how we approach God; if someone can't kneel physical, I believe they can kneel in their spirit, and I believe the Lord accepts it. There was a time that I thought kneeling wasn't necessary, and we were taught that "you can pray anywhere"; anytime", which is true also, but when you intentionally take the kneeling position before Him, a quietness sets in and for me, I feel very close to Father God. It always leads to a very special prayer time.
2 years ago ( updated 5 months ago )
Heavenly Father life giver, He who breaths every breath of life in me, who is the air I breathe. Father as I pray from start of each new day Blessed in You, as You know on my knees, standing, sitting I Pray each time knowing I am the servant You are The "Master". As I come to You in Pray You tell it matters not how but we come with an open Heart until You Lord alone. I Praise You Father for knowing in You we are "one" family Your Family! In all things I do I do because of Your Love giving so freely. As Jesus You Loved we your children first You chose us. This Father is why I return that Love and choose You Lord. As You heard my voice before You gave me life in You. I Praise for The "One" big family You have made us in You. Father, Ruler if all The Heavens, earth, life I turn to You for my ever need as I humbly surrender my all to You, I let go and Trust in Letting God in every way. I Praise You for all You have done and will do, knowing it is in Your Will Way Path and Perfect Timing without question! Thank You Lord of Dominion of all. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Holly Name Amen
2 years ago
God is the one who deserves our respect, admiration and gratitude. We can boldly come before Him and ask for what we need. Let us move forward without repeating the errors of yesterday,
2 years ago
I have often wondered about kneeling before the Lord. Although I desire to kneel and am drawn to that position in my Spirit, I have bad knees. Thank you for this clarification. 😇
1 reply
2 years ago
I have had a stroke and because of balance problems I am unable to pray on my knees. I know aGod understands that I pray from my chair. I told my hand and close my eyes. I know he hears me as he has answered many prayers for me.
2 years ago
Thank You
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