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Be Intentional


February 18


Read Ephesians 5:15-20 (ESV)

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…



Do you know what God wants you to do with your life? How do you plan to live that out?


I don’t know about you but it never feels like I have enough time. There are so many projects and people pulling me in different directions. Sometimes it is difficult to even know where to begin. I am always busy and all of a sudden, I realize that another year has gone by! Thankfully, having a plan and setting goals helps me stay focused on God’s purposes for my life.


In today’s passage, Paul was telling the Ephesians that they should have a plan. They should know what God’s will is for their lives and then they should wisely consider how to take advantage of the time that they have here on earth to accomplish His will. In other words, be intentional. We cannot just wander aimlessly through life and hope to make an eternal impact for the kingdom of God. We need to carefully plan out our steps with wisdom and intentionality.


How can we understand God’s will? His plan for His followers has been revealed in His Word. In Christ, we also have the indwelling Holy Spirit. We need to be spending time in the Word and in prayer so that He can guide us. We also need to take a look around us. Where has God specifically placed you? Who is with you? What needs are going unmet? Who needs to hear the Word? Then, pray, make a plan, and carry it out.


Friends, life is short and our time is limited. What’s more, we have competition. Paul said, “the days are evil.” Satan never takes a day off and evil never sleeps. We need to take advantage of every opportunity to do the work of God before the time has passed. Spend some time in prayer today to carefully consider how you are currently walking. Ask God for wisdom to help you understand His purposes and to guide your plans. Don’t just coast through life. Be intentional.


Father, I want to accomplish Your will. Through Your Spirit, guide me as I make a plan. Please give me wisdom to make the best use of my time. I want to live for You. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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No, they were on this post. That's ok though. As long as She received the exhortation and prayers that she so genuinely needed, that's all that really matters. Thank you
Sarah - thank you for praying for the person you mentioned in your post! I am sorry you can not find the post anymore. I am wonder if the prayer was in our prayer forum and not on the Forward Devo post?
Thank You for this site. Thank You for giving us an opportunity to Pray for and Exhort one another. May this site be Blessed in the eyes of the Lord and continue to work properly and may He Bless You, and each of Us, in Our Efforts to serve Him Amen
Shiela Pray! Lean on Jesus! We continue to pray for you. You are precious in His Sight
Let us exhort one another!
I Love your scriptural advice. This app leaves alot to be desired. Prior scriptural reply to a Sister in Great Need are no longer posted here. Attempts to post and let her Know that I am continuing to Pray for her today refuse to post. That is a shame. She Needs Us.
Continuing to Pray for You, Sheila💕 Hoping that my prior replies reached You. They are no longer posted here for some reason
Sheila, I replied with some scriptures for you a couple days ago and sent another comment yesterday. For some reason I do not see any of them posted here today. I am sorry. I Pray that You received them. I continue to Pray for You💕
Fill us and Heal us, Lord, to the very narrow of our bones Saturate every fiber of our Being with You, our Saviour and King. Amen
Pray for more Patience. I am impatiently waiting for Patience. Patience to wait in the Lord. Patience with myself. Patience towards others. Follow Jesus example as Best you can.
Yes, Many voices. Focus can be difficult. Discernment is Necessary. We CAN do it!!! Amen
Sheila, Continuing to Pray for you . You are NOT alone
help me, Lord, to make the most of my time each day, in a way that honors and glorifies you!! A,men
This day, Holy Spirit, I pray that You will unfold the Scriptures for me as I study Your Word. In Your Word, I find Your purpose and the plan for my short life. Help me to stay the course and to close my ears to the many voices which call out to me in so many different directions, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Give Me Wisdom Lord Jesus to Follow Your Plan!
what do you do when you know God's will and purpose for your life, you've laid down plans but resources to carry them out are not fast coming and you know there is no time but all you can do is wait on the LORD? what then do you do?
So sorry for what you have been through. Please don't count God out He is able to take the good the bad and the ugly and make something beautiful out of it. Allow Him to write the next chapter of your story.🙏🙏
Thankful & grateful for Gods guidance. Amen.🙏🏼❤
Shiela, thank you for being comfortable enough to share this. I'm truly sorry for the heartache you've experienced. I've yet to find the notion that this life will be easy or free from trials. Jesus said there will be trials and tribulations. Only 1 of the apostles died a natural death. But, what we do see in Scripture is God will deliver us through the trials, and at the end of the road (though painful, it is temporary) is paradise. No more pain. No more suffering. No more tears. No more disappointment. Regarding your testimony, mine is far from perfect. I don't know anyone who hasn't struggled, sinned, doubted, or coasted. That's not to say we should do those things, but rather we all have a story in this journey. If you'd like to discuss your situation and your story, I'd be happy to hear it. Until then I am praying that you will experience that peace of God that passes all understanding. That you will continue o seek God's face and when you do, His presence will be known. I am truly sorry for the pain and disappointment you are experiencing. You are not alone!
P.S. Sheila, remember, We are righteous in the eyes of the Lord by the shed blood of Jesus. Thank Him for that. Please, do not forget to give Thanks. You have a purpose in Him who has Saved you. Try. Please Try
Sheila, the prince of darkness has a hold on you, Sister. Remember, We are God's little children. Through Him we have overcome the world. He who is in Us is far stronger than he who is in the world. We have been given the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions. We have His power within Us over the evilness of this world. Believe, Sister. Believe!!! No harm shall befall Us. No weapon forged against Us shall prosper . If not for the Grace of God, I would no longer be here . I assure you, I know the deep pain of disappointment . I know the repercussions of shame . You are NOT alone. Please, get your Bible out NOW. Strengthen yourself with the Bread of Life NOW. Get down on your knees and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up. Ask for Our Father's Angels to encamp around your very Being. Ask Jesus to intercede for you and Father WILL give you what you seek. Bind up the powers of darkness and rebuke Satan in the almighty name of Jesus Christ . Nothing can separate Us from the Love of God. Please. I am praying for you. We are the Body of Christ here on Earth. He is coming, Sheila. He is coming Amen
Father as I read below I see some serious pain, doubt. As well some Blessed testimony of Your Love. Father I prayed first for that child of your our sister who needs You Lord. I continued Praising You for the uplifting testimonials as well. Lord sometimes we forget that it's ok not to be ok. As You tells us come to You as we are. Jesus I believe Your will has been the same since the day you walked this earth, in all You did continue to do to show us Your will. Lord Thank You for giving me life back "new" through and within You as You Loved me first. Father I Praise in all the good the trials storms because all You have ever been is Good to me. My first Hope, My last Hope, My last word I will look the trials and storms in the eye with You and say Thank You Lord for all You've ever been is Good to me. Father You will is clear we are to become more like You in every way. Many of us forget we are one family in You. As You lead the way I fill follow in your Mighty footsteps eyes fixed and locked on You Jesus! Father Please Bless me to remember to always imitate You in all I do and do it with The Love of You always. In Jesus name Amen
I believe if you are the same person last point you were 50 days clean. Now it should be 65 I believe. If you are not Thank You for your testimony, Praise The Lord! Start every new morning opening our eyes saying Good Morning Jesus I still Believe and Trust in You. Stay in His word and Prayers, He will not let You go. I Pray The Lord will continue to Renew, Refresh, Strengthen You to stay on His Will, Ways Path and Perfect Timing. I write in my journal Daily it helps me stay and draw neaier to Jesus and His will. I'll leave a few notes for you, remember them write them use them. May God Bless You and Keep You Always In Jesus name Amen "Because the Lord Jesus died on the Cross, I have received forgiveness of sins; because the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, I have received new life; because the Lord Jesus has been exalted to the right hand of the Father, I have received the outpoured Spirit. All is because of Him; nothing is because of me." "Do not strive in your own strength; cast yourself at the feet of the Lord Jesus, and wait upon Him in the sure confidence that He is with you, and works in you. Strive in prayer; let faith fill your heart-so you will be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might." Murray
Sheila if you have accepted The Lord Jesus Christ into your heart confessing all your sins and Batized in His Holly Powerful Name then Jesus is with You! He is Alive in you, nothing you do is done alone but with God making your way. It sounds to me as the evil one is "trying" to grab and hold on to you. It is then you cry out to God and said No devil I am a child of God! Once you accept Jesus you are never alone or without Him! God has never failed nor forsaken You in anyway. Only humanity fails you in every way. Hear this God is with You! Only You need to pray for His courage, wisdom, discernment, His Will, Ways Path and Perfect Timing in The Beautiful life He has given you. Ask The Lord to give create an open clean heart to Him, to renew a right Spirit within You. To help you see his Will for You. Remember this I write daily to The Lord. I will Pray for you for you are not lost but found, you must choose to abide in Jesus as He abides in You! See if you have accepted Jesus Christ you belong to Him, He belongs to you. May God Renew, Restore, Refresh, Strengthen,Heal your pain for He's with you in that pain. In Jesus name Amen "Because the Lord Jesus died on the Cross, I have received forgiveness of sins; because the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, I have received new life; because the Lord Jesus has been exalted to the right hand of the Father, I have received the outpoured Spirit. All is because of Him; nothing is because of me."
Glory to God.
I will thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have lost sight of God's plan or purpose in my life. Trials after trials... pain after disappointments. All I know now is that I need to live and survive this life until I can go home. I've no intention of making an impact in God's kingdom anymore. My testimony is messed up already and I'm an epitome of unfulfilled prayers. I felt ashamed of that. Ashamed because I believed God would come through for me but He didn't, he hasn't and no sign that he will ever be.
Very interesting
Nice! Getting and staying sober is definitely in God's will for everyone who is struggling with addiction. One of the first steps I'd take is finding a Biblically based support group. There is one called: 'Celebrate Recovery'. It is Biblically based and keeps you in touch with other followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. As my Christian mentor would say: Keep Looking Up, the Lord Will Bless You Just as Much As you Let Him. Gal. 2:20
Get beyond the errands and the thoughts for the day and concentrate instead on where you are with your walk with the Lord. He has called us to minister to the brokenhearted, the lonely, the downtrodden, and the widows and orphans. Let's get started. Time is valuable!
Dear Lord, Please guide me as I plan my intentions and get rid of ‘candy crunchers’ that take away my time with You to grow and understand in all matters I need to be right in. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen
Words to live by, thank you! Having a plan and being intentional are all good thoughts, but are you having trouble applying what this means to you life? I do. I constantly ask God to help me understand where He wants me to go do and, just as important, to have the courage in the moment to follow His lead. The “plan” is ever-evolving. Aside from purposeful prayer and searching scripture for guidance, James 1:19 is also really helps -“ everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” I don’t know about you, but I spend too much thinking, time formulating answers, talking, and not enough time listening. That is, really listening! If your heart and mind are truly open to God, He will tell you what He wants for you. That said, discerning God’s will for you ireally does start by spending time silencing your desires and listening to what God saying. Sometimes, the understanding of His call for us will come from the most unusual sources in our lives. All,said, we can rest assured on this: God NEVER waists our time. “ I am Lord,” said Samuel. Praise God whom all blessing flow....Amen!
I am currently reworking my plan to become more in tune with my God. Having recently gone through rehab, I am changing my lifestyle drastically and enjoying a clean and sober thought process. I thank God for my new journey.
Time is our most precious commodity. A wise banker once said "yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is all the cash you have so spend it wisely."
Lord, I need Your guidance. I want to do Your will for my life that You have place for me. I want to complete it wisely and intentionally. Lord I want my life to be an example for others and bring You all the honor and glory. Thank You Lord. I pray in Your Son Jesus name, Amen.
Thank you Jesus . Also thanks Pastor for your timely word of encouragement. The Lord had spoken to me about being intentional but it seemed I just spoke about it and wrote it down but not really reflecting in it or truly knowing how to go about being intentional or purposely doing it. Lately all I have been hearing about is being intentional. Thanks again, I will be using this devotional as a guide to help me to be more intentionsl in my Walk with the Lord .
Lord I give myself to you again. Please order my steps. Please help me to share your love with someone today
What brings you joy and honors God? That often is the Lord’s will for you. The joy may be in doing a different task, being a servant or honoring God in many ways. The task may not seem glamorous but you will find a deep down joy that you are certain is from our Lord Jesus. When you experience that joy praise Him in yourself, praise Him in word, praise Him in song, praise Him to the people you are helping praise Him to your family. Lord Jesus help us to love you and others by knowing your will for us and let us share that joy by praising you today. Amen
May the Lord protect me from Satan's plans to sabotage my usefulness to others
Glory be to God. Truth....Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Please help me Jesus 🙏🙏🙏
Help me dear Lord to follow the right path
Hi Carolyn. I see that you post here a lot, and always wanted to say Hello. You don't see many (Carolyns) anymore, and I just want to say I hope you have a blessed day. From one Carolyn to another. 🙏💕
God please tell me what your plan for my life is. Give me the wisdom and strength to follow it. I humbly pray this to you oh God. In Jesus's name. 🙏 Amen