Are You Driving People to Conflict? - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Are You Driving People to Conflict?

August 14, 2020




When coaching clients, I teach them that there are 4 general personality types: drivers, expressives, amiables, and analytics. One of the characteristics of a driver is they are to the point, and this abruptness can lead to conflict.

Conflict can be a good thing, but it can also be destructive. We experience conflict when we focus on the problems or flaws of others while ignoring our own. That’s criticism. WE experience criticism in all relationships, even within the body of Christ.

When this criticism creates conflict, James has a way to restore the relationship.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (James 5:16).

This passage is about Christians who have fallen into sin and are suffering. We don’t know for sure what sins they were struggling with regardless when we sin, we should confess and pray. 

So when we tear others down, when we criticize, we need to go and confess or apologize. No one is perfect. God knows that. His grace is sufficient.

So, confess when we’ve done wrong. Forgive when we’ve been wronged, because we’ve been forgiven much. And pray for each other and for yourself.

Today, give extra grace because of the grace you’ve been given.

Text in Context: James 5

Reflect: What is James teaching about prayer? What is the value of calling back those who wander? Why are confession and forgiveness essential for believers?

Respond: How have you been critical recently? What can you do to make it right? 

Prayer: Father, thank you for your mercy and grace. Help me to see others as you see me. Help me to show the same mercy and grace. Amen.

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This a great reminder of daily need to keep in our thinking
The book of James challenges me.
Very encouraging reminder God bless you
Such a worthy message. We tend to forget to see others as our Father and Jesus do.
Thank you Jesus for your blessings
Thank you Jesus for taking my place on Calvery. I praise you today and every day
Very encouraging reminder God bless you to continue this work
Some lessons learnt. God bless you.
Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace.
Thank you. This scripture reminds me of God's Grace. The way I matter to God I must remember and know others matter too. Forgive, love and make peace. Amen
amen thank you jesus
Thank you Lord for grace. Giving me just what I need to get through each day. Glory to God
Amen, Thank you Lord
As an Christ followers are praying for people that they may not slip onto temptation.
As Christ followers are in pryer always.
I thank my God every day for my health and a healthy mind.Every thing l receive comes from above.This is true .
I would like to think I have not been critical of others, if I have I would ask for forgiveness and pray that the Lord will make me mindful. I am growing in grace each day and pray that God will keep me in His Word. Keep me mindful of others, and growing and learning.
Father help me to be more Christ like, for not to judge, because I also can be judge. Father, teach me how to always love others as Christ has love me in Jesus amen
Amen I need Your Lord!
Yes Lord ! As Jesus said “ before you look at the speck in your brothers eye take log out from your eye ! Or treat others as you would want to be treated ! Father help this wretched person not to judge others and think of myself higher than others ! In Jesus name I pray Amen ✝️🙏❤️
Heavenly Father help me to understand others as you understand me. Help me to have mercy and grace for others and forgive me of my sins. Amen
Amen! Lord, I confess and repent of 'driving people to conflict' in my interactions. Forgive me and help me to see others through Your eyes, and to love them without finding fault.
Heavenly Father, Jesus my Lord, Holy Spirit my comforter, help me not to be critical and to be merciful and forgiving to others , as you have been merciful and forgiving to me. Thanks for your blessings on me.
Finally, I have heard the answer to confess your sins to one another, pray for each other! So often the use of 1Jn 1:9 is used to say confess to God for your sin which is true when the gnostics say they have never sinned just like unbelievers come to realize..Amen
Father God, help me to extend to others the same grace and mercy you have given to me
Father, guide me not to be a course for conflict to others, and if I do, lead me to confession
Thanks for the message.
We are humans so this will happen at time's so just pray about it. Father God will give you all you need to deal with these fool's.
Me too I just hate when people think they can just run over me just because I'm Christian, I'm a person too who will not be used and abused by anyone
I am praying for us all, I too am a stepmom and I don't know if I would do it again, if your not nice them I would find it hard to be around that person. As is the case with my stepson, he ignores me and I just ignore him too, he only speak to me when he wants something, I'm nobody's sugar Mama so I just cut him off period. His father goes to see him I just stay home.
Help me lord to b at peace with all
Thank you for this message.may the lords peace be with everyone.
Lord quiet my tongue, so I want murmur against anyone.
I definitely will pray for you. I've been a step mom for 8 years & it is definitely not for the weak hearted.
Forgive and you will be forgiven. It doesn't matter what the offense is ~ it could be huge or it might be small. The bottom-line is to forgive, so make that effort as soon as possible.
My stepdaughter has been mean to me.still I am so sorry for her.i try to be nice and kind no is very hard.
How important it is to forgive others. We live and move because Jesus has forgiven us. The greatest characteristic of love is forgiveness. If we love we forgive. There can be no other way! Jesus thank you for die for us so we can be like you and forgive others. For your glory Jesus! Amen
I can say that I'm learning of the power in forgiveness. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that forgiveness begins with forgiving myself, to be compassionate to myself, and when I struggle to do so, remember, God has forgiven me first because He loves me. Look at others through the new life in Christ and extend that to my brethren.
You and me too brother. It is so difficult especially when you have been wronged. I imagine this is why Jesus tells us In Philippians 4:8 if anything is excellent or praiseworthy to think about such things.
I sometimes find myself carried away by anger only to regret later.I need God to help me on this.
I try my best to forgive at times but my anger sometimes gets the better of me.
Confess when we've done wrong and forgive when we've been wronged. Sometimes we can be too critical of others sins, and shortcomings. Forgetting to extend the love, mercy, and forgiveness we've been given, for our sins and shortcomings.
Kyle first and foremost spend time with God and ask for forgiveness. Repent of all those things you did and this is rather important as God knows when one has truly repented and he lets you know that you have repented when you spend time with him in your Heart. Then when God presents an opportunity you can confess to those affected. Believe in the Lord Jesus and He will order your steps in all these. Remain steadfastly blessed
Of course I don’t know exactly what you’re going through. I would sincerely pray to God for the answer. He will make a way for you. If you’ve given your heart to Jesus the Holy Spirit dwells in you. He will give you the way, the words, the time, anything that you need to do this. If anyone needs to correct me please do. I would never want to give someone bad advice. Will pray for you. With God all things are possible
We repent of our sins to others and ask forgiveness so our heart will not become hardened. Christ can only do a good work in us if we ask forgiveness, presenting our self to him humbly.
Confess when I've done wrong and forgive when I 've been wronged. Thank you for the teaching. Amen.
Confess to God not people.
I have a problem with this. My sins are so great, I would fear violence would come against me if I confessed to someone the sins I've committed. God, help me!