Are You an Encourager? - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Are You an Encourager?



If someone were to say you’re an encourager or a criticizer, which would it be? What would people say if asked about how you talk about your boss or coworker? What about your neighbor? What about that guy online who’s in a different political party? What would they say then?


It’s easy to speak kindly about those we like, but not so much for those we disagree with. Listen to what James says about our talk in James 4.


“Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. 12 There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” (James 4:11-12).


James is not talking about confronting a fellow Christian who is sinning. What James is calling out is the derogatory criticism of others regardless of belief system, lifestyle choice, or political party. We can disagree, and rightfully should, but we are not to defame and be critical of others. That doesn’t help anyone. When being critical of others, especially other believers, you’re acting out of place. You’re not God. 


We’d all do better to be good stewards of the gospel to every person we meet. Who will you share it with today? Maybe, begin with yourself.


Text in Context: Read James 4:1-16


Reflect: Where does this fighting come from? How is James’ prescription an effective cure? How do our actions in the world relate to our submission to God?


Respond: How do you usually respond to the hardships and quarreling around you? How is the world trying to pull you away from God’s prescription for better living?    


Prayer: Father, help me to use my words to build up and not tear down. Help me to lovingly help those who are struggling with sin while being open to the help of others in my own life. Amen.


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I don't ever want to hurt anyone by speaking bad words about them.
What if someone constantly criticises me? Should I just let him/her do that to me? I'm not a doormat; I'm a human being.
How do you know when You are fill with the holy spirit if you dont speak in tongues i know about The fruits of the spirit but i notice lately when i am praying my eyes are full of eye water is that one of the way
Thank you always need to look in the Mirror
I need to practice this more often!!!!!! Awesome
Yes, I have a friend with a terrible weight problem. It's destroying her health. I think instead of telling her what she shouldn't have eaten, (She is trying, but a little weak) I'll tell her she can beat this hour by hour, then day by day. (That worked for me) and say a prayer for strength and thanksgiving.
Thank you Nate for explaining the difference about the encourager and the chicken.
Thank you for this. Sometimes we don’t realize we are complainers.
Needed to be reminded of this today; so easy to be negative. LORD thank you for your WORD and your Truth.
Please pray for my ex husband. He is lost from god and on a path to nowhere and nit living in the spirit of god
Tame my tongue dear Lord make me a reflection of you.
Thank you for reminding us to be encouragers
Amen 🙏
thank you for this message from god. he is my rock, my strength and my redeemer. to god be all the glory.
I had just talked to a friend this morning who was in line for blood work in the middle of a man and a woman arguing with each other on their political positions. She said she prayed the whole time for the Lord to either give her the words to speak or keep her mouth quiet,. She kept thinking if they would just listen to each other, but in the end they asked her what she thought and she responded "I think we all need to be on our knees in prayer". Romans 4:1-16 is titled submit yourselves to God. I pray I do that each and every day, not only the words I speak but my actions also. Thank you for this devotional. It is so needed especially in today's discourse. Reminds me too - get the plank out of my own eye before I look at the speck in my brother's eye. Matthew 7:4.
As a child of the King, it is my duty to build up and not tear down. I am bless to be able to share my story of salvation with all I can. God is always listening. God Bless.
gave so much insight on anger because of not listening and speaking so fast and so much
You are correct - this has now been fixed.
Thank you for letting us know - this has now been fixed!
Thank you for these gracious reminders from The Word of God! He is my Rock and my Salvation!
Enjoyed listening to this today.
Very good advise.
It helped me to not be judgemental to others
Yes it teaches me not to say any thing negative against any one
I found this very helpful to myself
Thank you for sharing these Words of wisdom today. They're applicable to daily living. Lord, help me to be an encourager and not a criticizer, using my words to buildup and not tear down others. Let my words be seasoned with grace showing love and bringing You glory.
Thank you for the timely reminder.....this devotion matches exactly with another one that I follow daily......there are no coincidences with God.
I noticed that too and am confused. I'm still trying to figure it out.
I believe a misprint in Respond. I am assuming world and not word. This is a timely devotional with what is going on the world right now. Mandates and rules.
Under Respond, the sentence doesn't make sense. It says "how is the word trying to pull you away from God...." What does that mean?
"How is the word trying to pull you away from God’s prescription for better living? " Is it supposed to read "world trying to pull you away" ... I think that would make more sense in this sentence.
These words are very helpful in times like these. Thank you.
Thank you!
Hi there - James is speaking to other Christians - He used the word brothers- family of GOD -
It is wise to be slow to speak ad quick to listen then the words that you say will be comforting and correct if you speak the truth in love.
We all need to examine ourselves before we speak. When we do so, we will speak truth which will be an encouragement to others
Needed this today.
I need that reminder every now n then
I need u Lord
I needed that reminder. Every now and then I get into a conversation with someone who has critical attitude and begins talking negatively speaking of someone or a situation. This reminds me to watch what comes out of my mouth be careful of those I associate with. Amen Thank you Lord.
I do encourage people around me.
I really do try and encourage others around me.