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Are You a Grace-Bearer?



September 4




We have some strong competitors in our family. This means that board game night can turn ugly fast. Recently while playing a board game, our sons were talking trash to each other. But unexpectedly, our son turned to the other and called him a derogatory name. It was at that moment our son was dismissed from the game. His comment was not only derogatory but also critical. For his discipline, he went to his room and wrote out Ephesians 4:29.


“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear” (Ephesians 4:29).


Constructive criticism is for correction and refining. Criticism is for tearing down. That’s why Paul tells us not to criticize people because it tears down. Instead, allow our wards to encourage, not to flatter, or inflate. We are to be grace-bearers to those around us. There’s a time to correct, but most of the time, an encouraging word will reinforce and move people higher.


The next time you want to criticize, encourage and watch the person flourish.




Text in Context: Read Ephesians 4:17-32


Reflect: Why would criticism grieve the Holy Spirit? What does grieving the Spirit mean? Why is forgiving others as Christ forgave you essential?


Respond: How have you used words to tear down instead of build-up? What can you do to begin building that person up?  



Father, thank you for your forgiveness. I know I’ve been critical of others when you’ve been so merciful to me. Help me pass on the same mercy and grace to those around me. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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God, please, help me to be an encourager and build my children and husband up in love. God, please, help me to learn to be more forgiving and patient with myself, my children, and my husband. God, help me to let go of my anger and to live my life according to Christ, pleasing and acceptable to You. In your Name, God, I pray. Amen.
Thank yo
Thanks Lord for Your Word. Help me speak truth in love, not criticize in animosity.
This is well said, I thank you for the scripture
My eldest needs help and healing from lying and alcohol it is like he just don’t care about nothing he has a 2 years old daughter that I am raising with my 1 year old grandson by another son who is in prison can you all pray for him also thanks much love
My husband is an alcoholic. He stays up late playing video games and drinking. He wrecked my car a few months ago and can’t afford to Fix it because I refuse to lie to my insurance co about how it happened. I’m still Angry, trying to forgive. I know Jesus knows my Heart. I am thankful he forgives me for being critical. Lord help me be merciful! I know I’m not perfect. Give me A greater understanding of how to be merciful. I’m truly struggling and our marriage of 31 years is suffering!
Powerful encouragement.
Oh God, thank you for the reminders through your Special people 🙏 Bless is All.
Thank you heavenly father for if it wasn't for you we would not found Salvation through Christ Jesus
Just what is the difference between grace and mercy ? Anybody got any examples of those two words ? Amen
Love the encouragement.
This scripture has just corrected me,am grateful.
As Christ followers should be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgive me.
On this side of life, late seventies, this scripture was ingrained. Now if this scripture had been applied with and through grace amply, the fruits of life would have been would have much richer, not as riches that we know in this world. As. Football player through college much harsh criticism and hollering had an impact, effect that adjusted. ( Remarkably I was asked to be mentor coach at my old high school at 75. And was able to speak to these young men aside. Now some of them needed more harsh (Firm)talk at times. LOL. What an enriched boost personally. On the field, sidelines, every game. Every practice. After college served during Viet Nam. Then business world sales, sale management then president of company. Lots of ambition. Family, married 54 yrs., and yes Lord sent her, children are both strong Christians and risen far beyond expectations as are their children, now in college, all four with strong faith. Now why did I post all of this ? Looking back I had so many good Christian men show up around me. Looking back The Holy Spirit. Had to be. And I feel that all of this and more is evidence of Holy Spirit. And I wish that I had held on so tightly to Holy Spirit more so. Too busy. So much to do. Thank you Lord for loving us all of the way. And anyway .And sending Holy Spirit.
Thank you I really needed to Hear this 🙏🏾
Thank you for today's devotion it was just what I needed. medicine to my soul.
Ironically. This is spot on for a situation that happened in my home just last night. Thank you jesus Thank you heavenly father
I treated my mother and father with hurtful words when they were living and it haunts me to this day. We grew up yelling at one another instead of conversing and building each other up. I carried this on for most of their lives and I regret it terribly. They were good and decent people who deserved better. I condemn myself for this behavior and now they're gone. I can't change what I've done to them. God forgive me.
This devotion has blessed me tremendously...a gentle reminder to my spirit ..thank you
Jesus wanted as to treat each other with love. That why God say, Thy should honor our father, honor mother, honor our brother and sister, and honor our neighbor. And treat others with respect. Others will respect you. Amen.
Thank you for this devotion today. Ephesians 4:29 is the verse that I'm memorizing right now, so it helped me to realize that I was working on a great verse to remember.
It's so true, valuable words especially when it comes to God's character which we as Christians should portray.. We tear down others with our words in front or behind them and God is not pleased with those behaviors..
A very convicting message! I need to show mercy! I have been judge mental in my thoughts toward my sisters in Christ. I don’t want to be that person who puts a wall between me and them, even worse, between them and my Lord.
This message reaches us CHRISTIANS to obey God's word for us to be a blessing. Amen
Lord thank you for enlightning me on a new way of approaching my son and his many downfalls in life. Just pray that he thinks and self reflect and sees his mistakes, and seek better ways to improve his quality of life and bring peace to family and self.
As the Lord’s Word says; look for the log in your own eye before you point to a splinter in another’s eye. I know that’s not exact but you get my point. God Bless!
I will pose this this as a question . Have we looked at ourselves before we criticize another ?
I think that when we criticize we deflect from our own faults. It hurts to admit the things we need to improve in ourselves.
Lord I need more of your word to wash me clean from impure thoughts and actions. Grace me by the Holy Spirit to love and serve you and others better.
There is a gospel song. Victory shall be mines. If I hold my peace the Lord will fight my battle.
Father I have been critical of others in the past and still the present ! Quote “ before you look at the speck in your brothers eye take the log out from your eye ! Treat others as you would want to be treated! God forgave and you must forgive! Thank you Father for those words and May they convict me when I am critical of others ! In Jesus name I pray Amen 🙏
This is what I need so much!
Thank you Lord for this message today. You always know when I need a certain message. Guide me to be more aware each day, especially with family members to be a grace-bearer and not a criticizer cloaked in "advice" Help me to be a grace-bearer and less a critical of myself also.
You just have to watch what you say to other when you having a bad day amen
Lord help me as I find ways to be not so critical of others. Forgive me if hurt anyone and I know I feel that being out spoken is being honest but some people feel that I am rude. Please help them too understand that I do care for them. Amen
Lord, help me to not be critical to others. Allow my words to only build others up, not tear them down. Speak through me Lord, so Your words come out my mouth. Forgive me for all the wrong that I have done. Cleanse me as only You can. Thank you Lord. I pray this prayer and thank You for all Your blessings in Jesus Christ name, Amen.
Thank you. Lord help me to be more like you every day.Amen
Amen. Lord please help me to always encourage rather than criticize
Thank tou Father foe your Word!
I read it every day! The devotional are beautiful 🙏 thank you!!
this devotional is very timely
A good reminder to stop lifting your self to put others down...
How have you experienced a grace-bearer in your life? I'd love to hear the story!
ÅMEN 🙏🙏🙏
Great encouragement as to how we deal with others. There is too much negativity around.
Needed this today! Sometimes I can be quite critical. Lord, please help me to be a "grace-bearer" today.
great encouragement i do appreciate as i do struggle with criticism, i might not say it a load, but do the act on the inside, help me stand in faith, as i repeat the prayer, Father, thank you for your forgiveness. i know i've been critical of others when you've been so merciful to me. Help me pass on the same mercy and grace to those around me. amen.
“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear” (Ephesians 4:29). Great for work too!
Convicting words -Thankful for 1st John 1:9
I know for me when I start to get defensive, I start praying "Spirit of offense has to go in the mighty name of Jesus." Offense is the bait of satan. If he can get us offended, then he will get us to say and do things that are out of character, that are not Godly. "Death and Life is in the power of the tongue." Proverbs 18:21. We are to speak life over ourselves, our families and our situations. Amen.
Thank for this message. This message is important at this point and time in the world. We as a Country need this more than I are anyone can say now. I hope and pray that through everything we are experiencing that someone gets this message that will spread to others. God Bless!
I'm praying that God will grant me a brilliant mind and good memory.
Thank you for your message. God has been working with me on this. I get defensive when my feelings are hurt or when a situation feels out of my control and I have said horrible things that I can never take back. Jesus please put more love, grace and forgiveness into my speech and the way I treat others. Thank you LORD that you don't give up on me and that you work through your Holy Spirit to change me everyday. 🙏🏼❣️
I needed this for situation in our family. I am very sad by it. Thank you
Thank you for this! Please pray for my family’s closeness that my 19 year old and 16 year old may want to spend more time with my husband and I! Please pray that my son grows closer to you by attending church again regularly! Please pray that my husband is able to purchase a few businesses and he is fruitful and able to provide for our family and we are good stewards of the money that he earns! Please pray that we tithe more regularly also!
I thank God and pastor the devotional and I thank God for my life and my family
This Scripture brought insight to me, on how to deal with my children when they are arguing and using some derogatory word, even to myself. Ephesians 4:29. Thank you very much
As we near election time I find these words very reassuring. No matter what side of the aisle one positions themselves, God our ultimate ruler calls us to watch our mouths and guard our hearts.
James said it is impossible to control our tongue. So we need to pray often when we know we will be in a competitive situation. We all want to win and we should win for the Lord and not for ourselves. That might mean to work hard to be successful but harder to be kind! Thank you Jesus.
This devotional stirred up a lot of memories of how I've criticized, and tore down others in past relationships. Those words destroyed those relationships. I have asked their forgiveness and pray the Holy Spirit continues to work in me to create a new man.
I also found value in this post as God has given me an new 🙏 , journey in my life , Thank you God for seeing that l can be for helping me start an relationship with u , an true one
Please pray that I will be able to forgive someone who verbally, visciously attacked my missionary daughter almost two years ago. I have felt as though I would never be able to forgive. I know I need the Lord's help in this. Thank you and God bless
Thank you. May the Lord grant you more grace
Thank you so much I need a to hear this this morning
Praise and thank God for this. Most of the time mature as I am I stop and process before I open my mouth., I am getting there.