Angry at Authority? - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Angry at Authority?


December 29


Read James 1:19-21

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore, put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.



According to James, anger does not produce the righteousness of God. What does?


There seems to be a growing number of people who are angry at God’s Word. For one thing, many of them do not believe the Bible is God’s Word. They reject the authority of Scripture, and therefore, they don’t feel as though the Bible has any right to tell them how to live. Many people do not want to hear any Scripture that convicts them and demonstrates the error of their ways. And when presented with such Scriptures, the response I come across most often is a quick rebuttal using canned arguments that either reject Scripture’s authority or twist other Scriptures to justify their behavior. If given too much push back on their ideas, the conversation can turn explosive.


Unfortunately, I am not just referring to nonbelievers here. Even as believers, we sometimes put on spiritual earmuffs to block the words that convict us and are slow to listen to the truth. We are often quick to offer excuses or justifications for our behavior. We are quick to get angry at those who are bold enough to suggest our behavior is ungodly and deserving of reproach.


James warns us that this is not the way. He said that anger does not produce the righteousness of God but that humbly receiving the Word has the ability to save our souls. How do we humbly receive the Word of God? First, James says that we should be quick to hear. We should excitedly seek opportunities to hear the Word because we want to be changed by it! Second, he suggests that we be slow to speak. After we hear the Word, rather than quickly argue with it, we should slowly ponder and consider it with humility.


Finally, we should be slow to anger. When we do get angry at God’s Word, it is often because it stuck to a chord. Our anger rather than our repentance suggests that we do not really want to “put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness.” Our anger often reveals our desire to cling to our sins rather than cast them off.


Friends, let’s humbly accept what Scripture says as authoritative in our lives. Let’s be excited to hear from God, slow to talk back, and slow to react. Being quick-tempered is not the way to becoming more righteous or more like Christ.



Father, You are my God and my King. You have the authority to tell me how to live. Help me to be quick to listen to sound teaching and to take time to ponder it . Help me to humbly accept Your Word and honestly examine my life without becoming angry and defensive. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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Lord, put a bit in my mouth to keep me from speaking out of turn. Help me to be quick to hear but to be slow to respond so that I may sin less.
It is when you hear only "your" anger that you are not hearing God's voice. It is at that time when we all need to call out to Our Savior for his help and tell Jesus we are letting go and surrendering it all to Him. To please feel us with His true peace and allow us to hear Him speak to our Heart, Soul, Spurt, and mind. In Jesus Holly Name Amen
That is because it is The only "Book" that matters and can save your soul! Keep reading and may Gods Truth fill You to live His Will, Ways, Path in His Perfect timing in Jesus name Amen
Anita I hear you for I I too went back from childhood anger. I prayed let it all go surrendering it to God. I Pray as he has for me, God will Bless you to let go give and surrender it all to Him. Father please Bless Anita with your true peace calm and Healing Presence in Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen
Jimmie may God Bless and remove all your anger resentment reminding You to surrender all to Him. May God Bless with His True Peace, Calm and Healing Presence in Jesus Mighty name Amen.
Jimmy, Pray about your anger asking God to replace it with His patience and peace. You can get control over it with His help.
It grieves my heart when people don't believe God's word.
I prayed that God take away anger away from me.
You are my God and my King. I look to your Words for teaching me how to act and live. Your Words are honest and true.
Thank God for giving us another beautiful day and thank you pastor Nat for the devotional and thank The Almighty God taking us close to the year
God is strongly working on me with a lot of under laying anger from as far back as my childhood growing up in an abusive dysfunctional family and an extremely angry father figure. I have forgiven him BUT now understanding I have to allow GOD to heal me with my anger issues. THANK you for this teaching. It's really helpful. Please PRAY for me and my family.
We all need toquick to listen, Speak softly answer.
Excellent scripture, thank you. Lord we all experience anger, but help us discern the reason and seek methods of control, humility and resolve, in this we pray, Amen.🙏
Lord, this broken world needs you more than ever. Show me what you want me to do Lord so as your humble servant I will reply “Here I am.”
Heavenly Father, I know I am quick to react, and become angry, but not when it comes to You and Your Word. Father I know how to accept criticism of my behavior and make necessary changes. I am grateful for Your saving grace and teachings. I can always trust and believe that You will always be by my side to guide and direct my path. In Jesus name I pray,Amen.
My absolute “go to” Bible verse that I use to “control and check” my own emotions and reactions is Rev 3:19, as the resurrected Messiah tells us, “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.” This is the Messiah speaking directly to us all. As James and the apostles teach, to reject the Word and to seek to justify our own errant behavior is to reject the Word. May the Lord help and guide us all to live with true humility and love, and to accept His discipline when we err....Amen.
Lord, please empower/help me to be intentional and obedient to "be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger..". Give me wisdom and understanding of Your Word to live as You have commanded, bringing You glory. Amen.
I like reading the Bible that the only book I read and the book of James is good.
Glory be to God. Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
I love the book of James
Well this morning’s devotional struck me . It describes me at times. I , at times will not hear God’s still small voice and only my anger.
Thank you for reminding that that getting angry on word of God is not good, it will not bring righteousness. I love the word of God, pray that I will learn more and more about the word of God and could able to share it with others boldly.
Anger against the Bible is not good if you don’t agree with its truth. Most people don’t get angry they don’t read it. I think it would be better to get angry reading the Bible than not reading it. If the Word causes emotions then your heart may be open for growth. The Word is a sharp double edged sword that penetrates and often the penetration hurts! Be slow to anger but don’t run away from its truth. They are the words unto salvation. Amen
Thank you Pastor Nat. This is life saving biblical teaching. If I were to resist thus, I would just be complicating my daily living in communicating with family and people from all walks of life. I just have to engage this and pray to God help to listen. Amen
Good Word Pastor Nat. Anger is one step away from danger, like the difference of one letter "d." God has placed authority in our lives for a reason.