A Servant of Christ - Your Daily Forward Devotional

A Servant of Christ


September 22


Read John 12:25-26

Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.



What do you think it means when Jesus tells you to serve Him?


Many times, when I think about serving Jesus, I think about a checklist of obligations. For example, I really should volunteer for this ministry. And I probably need to sign up to serve for this role or that role at church. It’s true that volunteering and filling open positions at church is important. Those can all be ways that we serve Christ.


But if we are viewing our service to Him as a checklist of obligations, we have a problem. First off, we can never perform enough obligations to sufficiently serve Jesus. We can’t earn His acceptance. Second, my checklist is often full of things that I’m not even sure Jesus ever asked me to do! I just didn’t want to let people down, so I volunteered for the job. Then, when opportunities that I feel led to do and equipped to do, I’m often already overcommitted. Worse, I have an attitude problem because I’m overwhelmed being busy for Jesus.


But when we read John 12:25-26, we get a better clue of what it means to serve Jesus. It means to follow Him. That means so much more than just checking off tasks. Followers of Jesus should serve Him because He is their King and Master. Every servant knows that they have to do the will of their master and obey the word of their king. If we want to follow Jesus, we need to seek His will. We are to obey Him, not other people’s expectations or even our own. That means spending time in prayer before committing to service opportunities. It means reading His Word so we can know Him and obey Him. It means having an attitude of humble service with grateful hearts for what has been done for us.


But most of all, it means laying down our lives. As Jesus followers, we follow Him even in His sacrifice. We lay our lives down to do His will. In return, we gain everything in eternity. Friends, don’t serve just for the sake of service. Ask yourself, am I a servant of Jesus?



Jesus, You are my Master. I seek to do Your will. Show me how to follow in Your ways and serve in a way that honors You. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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Pamela - We are thankful that we get to walk beside you each day!
Thank you, Terri for responding to my question. I just wanted to make sure that I was understanding what Christ and Pastor Nate were saying. I am truly trying to grow every day in Christ. I try to read the full chapter associated with Pastor Nate's lesson so I can fully understand God's Word. I am truly grateful to this Bible Study. Thank you, all. You are all truly a blessing.
Pamela... yes, I think that is exactly right. I believe that is what Pastor Nate said as well. Praying, being in God’s word and following Jesus’s example.
Later in this conversation with His disciples, Jesus tells them that His heart is troubled. "What shall I say? 'Father, save me from this hour?' No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name!" (John 12:27-28) In my opinion, I believe that when Jesus told us to be His servant, Jesus wanted us to glorify and honor God. Shouldn't we follow Christ's example by seeking God's Will, obeying God, spending time in prayer communing with God, studying God's Word, having an attitude of humble service with grateful hearts for all that has been done for us, and laying down our lives to do God's Will? Could you, please, clarify this for me? Thank You.
Jesus help me to do thy will ! Fill me with the boldness , courage and wisdom to do so ! Amen ✝️🙏🇺🇸
I prayed to be a truth servant of God.
It's good to know your road as a true servant of God. Thanks for that eye opening.
Lord Jesus, thank You for teaching me about what it means to serve You. Too often I rely on my checklist when I should be following hard after You. Have mercy on me Lord and teach me Thy way.
Whoever love his life loses it, whoever hates this life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me' and where I am, there will my servant be also.
Ye s amen thank u show me what to do in following u
Lord, I submit myself to Your authority. Show me how to follow in Your ways and serve in a way that honors You. I love "You."
Yes it open my eyes to a lot of things that can cause problems rather than honour God .
In order to be my disciple you must deny yourself take up your cross and follow me. But I asked in my heart to where and I heard...to Calvary...for I am crucified with Christ never the less I live yet I but Christ who lives in me! Thank you Lord! Praise Your Name forever.
God shows me are to serve you
Thank you. These words r comforting.
Thank you for this lesson, so many time we serve because we want to please people but our service must be for God.
Hallelujah! Lord, "not my will, but Yours be done"! Help me to be a faithful servant following You wherever You leads me!
Praise God!! Yes I want to be at your service in all times!! I want everyone to see the Jesus in me everywhere I go!! Lord help me to be more of a faithful servant
I want to be Your servant Jesus. I want to truly serve You and not just make a checklist to follow. I want to honor You and give You all the glory. You are my Master and I Your servant, help me along the way, because I know I will fall. Jesus I pray this prayer in Your precious and mighty name, Amen.
It is so true. I think it's like job description. We should get our job description from our Lord and Master first.
Thank you! This has cleared up a few things for me! God bless you!
I've found that I have fallen into the "task" routine when I started to believe a belief rather than the person of Christ. Thankfully, my pastor and God's Word reminded me of the difference!
Lord, help me understand your ways and what tou expect from me Amen
Thank you for today’s devotional. I found this helpful. Our service to God should not be treated as an obligation but a commitment. Bless you all.
I have been thinking of the many things that others think I must do as a Christian like attend this and that, do this and that and much more. I felt this as an obligation to the church rather than a commitment to serve the Lord. I choose to be committed to the great commission of sharing the Wird of God in every way specially in the way I carry myself. My focus is in my relationship with the Lord, not on the number of Bible studies I attend or volunteering in this and that which in most times end up to an excursion. I read a lot of devotionals like yours and a lot more. I desire to learn Christ more so I can understand His character and be more committed to the great commission.
Amen 🙏
Thanks for the devotional I thank God for giving us today
Lord Jesus let me serve you from a heart that loves to please and glorify you. The joy of serving you will overwhelm and uplift any burden that it could cause. In your strength let me do your will. For your glory and my joy. Thank you Jesus. Amen
Good word