A Friend Who Loves

July 2, 2020

Read Proverbs 17:17a

A friend loves at all times…


How can you be a friend that loves all the time?

Loving at ALL times. That sounds like a tall order! I don’t know about you, but if I’m being honest, I have sometimes missed the mark when it comes to loving my friends.

What does it mean to love our friends at all times? It means to love them when they are successful, and everything is going well. We celebrate their achievements, and we are happy for them when they are experiencing blessings. But, it also means loving them when the going gets rough, and life gets messy. It means sitting with them in their pain and heartache and helping to meet their needs. The apostle Paul put it this way in Romans 12:15. He said, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”

If we are looking for an example of a best friend, we do not need to look any farther than Jesus Himself. He met His friends’ physical needs when he healed the sick, fed the hungry, and even raised the dead. When His friend Lazarus died, Jesus comforted his sisters and wept with them. He preached good news and hope to people who were desperate for it. Jesus even offers forgiveness to those who have wronged him. And He did all of these things at great personal cost. Jesus put us first, took what we deserved upon Himself, and laid down His life for us.

In John 15:13, Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” We can follow His example to love our friends well. We can put others first, give sacrificially, and be a steadfast friend. We can offer our friends the hope of the Gospel when they desperately need an encouraging word. We can even forgive our friends when we’ve been wronged by them.

Will we love as perfectly as Jesus did? No. But by His grace, through His strength, and in His example, we can learn to love our friends well.


Dear Lord, help me to love those around me as you love me. Thank you for loving me at all times. Amen.

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I thank Jesus for His Agape love and He taught me how to love my enemies and I praise Him for that and I love Him.
Pray that God can help me to love like he does.
God help me love like you love
What a fitting daily devotion. My husband and i are presently care givers for my brother who recently had a successful lung transplant. We're thankful that God gives him a second chance.
Amen! Bless everyone who is reading this.
A timely reminder, especially for the "season" that we are Now living in! Thanks for sharing. Lord Jesus, thank You for the perfect example You've left for us to follow in loving our neighbours/friends. Thank You for loving me first. I confess that I have 'fallen short" in doing this and I ask Your forgiveness. Help and empower to love others at all times, and in all circumstances.
Hey Kyle. This is a BIG question. Here are some questions for you to help discover the answer: 1) How do you define an enemy? Are they enemies or something else? 2) What does God teach about how to treat our enemies? (Romans 12:9-21; Matt. 5:43-48) 3) What does God say about the heart of mankind apart from the blood of Christ? (Jeremiah 17:9-10; Romans 5:12-21) 4) What is God's desire for His enemies? (John 3:16-17; 1 Tim. 2:3-4). Let me know what you discover and what other questions I can answer.
Awesome Scriptures
Karl, there is no pat answer to this. So, let me try to be brief with some principles. 1) Pray. Pray for discernment and wisdom for yourself. Pray for your friends so they have the right view of the relationship and God. 2) Ask. Ask how you can help your friend(s). Evaluate their answer through the word of God. Determine what they're really seeking: enablement or sincere help. 3) Act. Do what you said you'd do with mercy and grace. 4) Evaluate. Follow up and see what the results were. Did this really help? Did this perpetuate a situation? Did this alter your relationship with your friend? As a general principle, God uses us to take care of the body of Christ and those in our spheres of influence. His grace to us gets spread to those around us. So keep that in mind and consider those principles in the process. Soli Deo Gloria, ~Nat
In the book Missional Quest, the authors discuss a shift that has occurred in American culture. Homes used to have front porches for gathering. Now, we have large back porches and tiny front porches. Neighbors and friends used to gather together at social hangouts to talk, eat, and play games, but today people "gather" online. I could keep going. What's my point? My point is we've groomed ourselves where our natural tendency is to be separated from our neighbors. We've developed a society of individuality or even family-centered over community-centered. So, I don't know what else might be influencing you, but I think in general what you feel the Spirit leading you to do is not "natural" for us today. I encourage you to do one thing that moves you closer to your neighbor. Schedule the time and do that one thing. After that pray and do one more thing. Over time that process will become more and more natural. Share your stories with us!
Thank you for the lesson today. I really yearn to get close to people, especially my neighbors. I share with them, greet them, sympathize with them when they have problems and celebrate with them. I pray for them too. But I don't association them much, you know, like sitting with them, visiting them, and so on. Some of them have their problems with their lifestyles, but I still feel I'm reaching out to them as I should. In my heart, I want to, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Is something wrong with me? What do I do?
How to be a friend to my friends is a real question? How do I meet their needs without being their person that they rely on, because all comes from God and they need to keep their eyes on him not me.
It seems to me in my life that God puts in my personal life more enemies than friends. As a result, I find that I have a greater distrust in man than I have trust in God. How do I deal with this?
Good word, thank God we have His Spirit residing in us to enable us to love even those who are unlovely.
Who is my friend? Anyone you are around often. You might not think they are your friend but Jesus told us that they are if they need help. All people need help sometimes more than others. Jesus is always helping us therefore we can and should extend his help through us to them. Christians help us by and through the help they get in Jesus. Now that is truly passing it on! Thank you Jesus.