PRAYER: Lord, thank you for the reminder today that you care about me! That whatever is worrying me, whatever is making me anxious, whatever is weighing me down, I can talk to you about it! Thank you for your promise to bless and provide for me today. Amen.

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

Father we pray for this situation you what is the best and may only your will b done hear us lord and forgive us our sins amen
Father we place this request into your powerful hands in your great mercy provide ur child with a job and let ur peace love happiness, joy and understanding fill their hearts and minds in Jesus name we pray amen
I need prayer for new doors of opportunity related in a Job. I also need prayer for my daughters Suzanne and Leah regarding my relationships with them and most of all more understanding.
I'll be praying for you.
Just trust God and all will be well with you. God just helped me to get a house myself so I he will do it for you.amen
I have a heart wrenching unspoken request. I desperately need the Lord's answer, provision and open (or closed) door. Thank you so very much for your time!
God ben good to me i want to pray for all the servis men and woman in the arforsus to keep thim safe in pray that i can walk closer to Godq
Iwill be praying for those have need for prauyers.
Praying for you!
I would like prayer for my marriage and we are trying to purchase a house at this time please pray with us
Polly I'll be praying for you & your son. God sees the good your son's doing and will bless his life. God bless you for your caring heart.
Suzie May God bless you and fulfill all your needs.
Praying for you
I declare that the dry bones will live in Jesus mighty name. I will continue to pray for your marriage
Praying for you and your family 🙏
Thank you your daily encouragement and prayer in serving the Lord our God. I would like you to pray that I will come to maturity in my walk with the Lord, for boldness in sharing the gospel, for my health and for a job. Notwithstanding the challenges, God is faithful to me, and He provides for my needs. I want to give Him the best that I can in serving. Thank you!
Please pray for my son. He needs to come back to the Lord. He takes care of my ex husbands dad. I admire my son for doing that. He does more than his dad does. But my son needs a life ,too. He will turn 37 and he has no life. He's scared to go back to work part time cuz his dad doesn't help very much. Thank you
Thanks for today's devotional, it was encouraging. Please pray for my son-in law who needs to gives his life to Jesus. His wife has migrated and needs help to care for the three children. He need to be tender and more loving with them that they will not afraid if him. Both he and his wife need to be fill with the love of Christ in a truthful and real way. I am believing the Lord to remove them from the mormon church. May the great God of Heaven and earth move in a miracleous way in their lives. I love my grandchildren and i'm praying that they will grow up knowing the the true and mighty God. Also that the Lord will help me to continue trusting him for his daily provinsions. I am 62yrs old and not working. God has been good to me . Be bless as you continue to share the love and word of God in the nations.
Praying for you. I too need prayer for husband/ wife relationship issues. I feel so unloved.
I am in need of prayer. Please pray for my marriage. We have been married 30years. It feels like my husband no longer loves me. I never dreamed that he would just fall out of love with me. I am sure we are both at fault. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work in his heart and mine to save our marriage. I love him very much. Thank you!
Please pray for me that I understand the bible get so easily confused and worked up and help me pray for my marriage that we have a god design marriage
Please help me to pray for revelation of God for the spiritual role both men and women to apply in couple growing. And for discernment of believers for this special times.
My pray for the body of Christ for strengthening, because of the spiritual burden at this time. Personally for wisdom and discernment to apply for the duties in my life.
Please pray for my daughter Sandy, she is in poor health, recently she & her husband started going to church, her mind and heart, I don’t understand, It’s hard to explain, Also one of my granddaughters, Christy, please pray for her salvation, also her dad Which is my son, he wants his daughter to get saved, he is in anguish too, he has been depressed. thank you Janet
Amen, and me too !!
Father, You are our great Physician that health thee, Sovereign and full of mercy. Nothing impossible with You, Oh LORD . May Your Grace through Christ be with my sister and her Mother to be in peace and slow the diseases while caring with her. May Your Will Be Done. In JESUS Name I pray . Amen.
Jesus thank you for sending people that follow you into my life. Jesus I want to talk about my experience with people and tell them about you how powerful committed and loving you are give me the strength to do this give me the strength to carry your name your word in Jesus name amen
Dear Heavenly Father I come to you again with the prayer that you will help my son with his addictions , he does good for awhile then falls each time he falls it’s like starting all over please heal him in mind, body and spirt show him the light, in Jesus name Amen!h
Holy Father, we give you glory, honour and Praise for you are worthy. I pray for all those who are hurting, those who have lost loved ones, those on the Frontline, those who are depressed. I pray that you will give hope, light in the darkness and strength to overcome every dart and plot of the enemy. I declare that we are more than Conquerors through Jesus Christ. Amen
Amen Amen
Heavenly Father, You are Sovereign, full of grace and mercy and All-in-All. We humble our hearts before You. We are sinners not worthy before You. Please forgive our sins and deliver us from evil. Your Word is True and keep our path towards You to do what You want us to be. May Your Holy Spirit guide us, filled us and in obedient to Your Will that pleases You. May our hearts desire long to worship You, Honor and Glorify You. May Your Will be done . In Your Mighty Name of JESUS. Amen
Praying for you that the Peace of God will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus 🙏
Please pray for daughter Calesia's upcoming examination, and for favour with a full scholarship to assist with payment of Tuition. Please pray for the Saints of Tabernacle of Second Chance Ministry for God's out pouring of anointing over their lives
Praying for you.
Hi. My name is Gretchen. I have 2 prayer requests. Please for a friend named Charlie, who is in a head on hit and run on his motorcycle. He had a concussion and bad road burn. T he second is I'm a widow, it's been 3 yrs. I like to find a godly man to be my friend.
Praying for you, Raquel!
Please pray for my mind, I'm troubled by various things happening in my family and I just need peace in the midst of the storm.
Father, I pray with a humble spirit. you are so holy and true. I pray for this nation, specifically for our leaders to see God in the lives and miracles He is doing. I pray You draw Pres. Trump to Yourself and remind him about blessing and cursing coming from the same mouth. I pray for his family to recognize you as the leader using their dad. For Vice Pres. Pence and his family to be filled with Your Holy spirit, that He is able to influence Pres. Trump to honor you with each of his ways. in Jesus name, Amen.
Dear God, thank you for this day. Please keep me and my family safe from any hurt harm or danger.
And to have a true forgiveness in my heart for all no offences alts. Much going on. I hate who I have become murmuring complaining mean. Not me.
Thank you for allowing me to add my prayer request. I need to be able to pray and read my Bible. I have fallen 😭 away from this and gotten into the cares of the world I don't know what happened or when. I lost my way. And don't want my family to be lost . I keep that I am His child. But I feel so far away I have repent
Father in your Son JESUS NAME, I pray that you meet every pray request on this page accordingly to your WORD, Father because we know that Your WORD is true and it Won’t return void because it has Stood the test time so Father we acknowledge you today and we ask that your will be done that you Will receive all the Praise Honor and Glory forever. Amen.
My prayer is that God will allow you to think on goods thoughts to stir you in the right direction that you may gain victory over your thoughts. Keep remembering that that Jesus in you and that He is ever so much greater than satan. You may want to turn your eyes on Philippians 4:8 Blessings
I need prayer to smooth out the path before us as we enter into the next phase of building a new and ‘last move’ home. Specifically, an inexpensive and safe place to store our ‘household goods’ so that we can clean and paint our current home, sell it, and to find, again, an inexpensive and safe place to stay until our new permanent home is built. Also, for my husband and daughter-in-law to come to Christ and my boys to return to Him.
I lost my sister and father many years ago. Be patient with the process, it will be ongoing but so will the healing. There will always be a hole in your heart where your sibling resided, but if you accept the love that surrounds you, it will carry you through.
I am requesting prayer for the spiritual battle that is raging in my mind. We are attempting to do something innovative and meaningful and the enemy has been relentlessly attacking my mind to distract me. I need the Holy Spirit to strengthen me now more than ever. I am praying for you all also. Thank you in Jesus's name. Amen
I also have a son and grandson with multiple diagnosis. My son is now 38 and is struggling mightily. For this reason, I have his 3 sons in my care. The main thing I have learned over time is that what they need more than anything else is to feel loved and accepted. They need heaps of praise when they do something right because the world will heap negativity on them all their lives. Although it is of utmost importance for them to learn to take responsibility for their behaviors and errors, they need love and acceptance above all. This takes GREAT patience!! The main place I have found this patience and acceptance is through our beautiful mother, Mary. Our Lady's great tenderness, mercy, and love makes her the perfect example and the graces she bestows will carry you through. May God bless you for what you have taken on! He will provide you the strength to carry on if you ask for His help. It is not easy to carve out prayer time under these circumstances, but it is the only thing that will carry you through! I will keep you in my prayers!
Keep praying for her and searching the heart of God for what He wants you to do. My husband and I reunited after being apart 10 years! God wanted us together!
Pray for peace and peace of mind during this time for many people. Depression, anxiety, hopelessness and feeling alone. Somehow finding a way to feel Productive and proactive during the midst of things.
I need prayers for my marriage. Me and my wife has been separated for eighteen months. I've chosen to honor my vows to her. I'm asking for prayers to reconcile her heart back to the Lord and if it's his will to also reconcile our marriage
I have so many issues currently in my life, I wouldn’t begin to know where to start. I can start off by asking to pray for me and my wife. We have been married 39 years and have been through a lot together. My wife’s name is DEJEAN and her birthday is tomorrow (05/21/20). She lost her leg through a terrorist attack in Israel in 1974. Our lives have been up and down but we’re still together. Pray that God can just keep us going at this point. Thanks
I'm praying for you!
Please pray for my family. My 10-year-old grandson has 5 diagnosis-Bipolar, ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD, and PTSD. It's an up and down roller coaster ride. I'm believing God in the midst of the challenges. His mom also suffers with Bipolar disorder. At this time he is in my care.
My fiance is suffering from diabetes issues please pray for her ability to cope, for healing & thank the Lord for her hope in Jesus!
Please pray for me and my family. We lost our brother yesterday. He is the first to leave us out of eight siblings. Thank you!!
Oh Father in heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I ask that you fill my sweet sister with wisdom, grace, and peace about the decisions concerning the care of her mother. Please comfort and protect her mother from fear and anxiety. Please reassure my sweet sister and her mother of Your presence during the day and especially at night so both of them can rest.
Please pray for me and my family. We loss our dad Friday. Even though it was expected it's so hard to adjust without him. My sister is also going g through some medical concern..Pleaze pray for fa vorable report.
Blessed my family to come back together, my family safe trip. And blessed that my family can receive our new home. Sherrell
I am battling stage 4 cancer also. Last year they told me I was terminal. I told them I was a believer and they needed to be obedient as resources, God, our Source, works healing in His ways. Keep on believing and call it by Faith. Praying for you my friend.
We have two friends getting biopsies this week. Please pray with us that no cancer is found.
Please pray for a son to get his life together and also for my husband and I to find a place to call our new home. Thanks
People need the Lord. We ask for forgiveness and start anew to see ourselves as God see’s us and His purpose for each of us. To become a kinder world, where agape Love abounds. Healing of all diseases. In Jesus name. Amen.
Please pray for a friend who was given only a 5% chance yesterday to beat cancer. As a believer, we know all things are possible with God. Also, please pray for an unspoken request in my life and heart right now.
In prayer for you brother, God's will is not divorce but unity, I understand your feelings, we serve a powerful and loving God.
Please pray for my marriage, we are currently separated, although nothing has been done that would biblically allow a divorce, some hurtful things have happened. Pray for healing and restoration. This is a spiritual battle and I ask that the enemy may be bound and defeated in our marriage. Thank you
Please, pray for healing of my right arm that I just had surgery on and for weakness to lessen.There are other things that I am praying g to Jesus for as well and believe he will help me. Thank you.
From my experience, with God relationship pains can be healed and true forgiveness is experienced. Praying this for you!
Wow! PTL!
I pray for a renewed zeal for God, especially during these times of uncertainty v! I pray for his spirit to encmopass my whole being ! In Jesus name Amen
Please pray for my marriage of almost 31 years, my wife walked out, accusing me of not respecting her. We haven’t had an easy marriage from the start, the Lord Alone has been Faithful, Hallelujah to His Holy Name!
Amen Lord, be with her son and help him, and comfort her. Please help my son to be independent, responsible and accountable, and heal our relationship too, in Jesus Name, Amen
Amen DP!
Oh precious God We adore!! Thank you for this new day to worship. We need you so,, we are firm to believe you will get us through this time of trial. I pray for the whole world,especially those who don’t believe. If they would only turn to you,our Creator, they shall be saved! Thank you God,
PRAISE GOD. He saved my family from a tornado striking out house this week. No one was hurt. Thank you Jesus!
I am praying for your sweet mother and the family, may God strengthen and guide and heal you during this time.
Please pray for my relationship to be healed, and that I can be forgiven. In Jesus name I pray that God will open hearts and let forgiveness and second chances happen for me. Thank you.
My prayer for your Mom is that as He (Jesus) is in heaven, So is She ( your Mom) in the earth! Free from sickness and disease! Nothing is too hard for God!! God bless you!❤ Josie....
I am believing with you to find the place our Heavenly Papa has for you. Also for the job that He has for you. I stand on the word of God that where two shall agree on anything that they shall ask it shall be done . Matt. 18:19 Have a blessed day in the goodness of God and may blessings overflow in your life so many you don’t have room to receive them all and you will become a blessing to others with your overflow. God is great and greatly to be praised!!!
Please pray for my marriage. Thank you
Please pray for me and my son for he has very little money coming in to support hisself and I feel he is losing hope! Thank you lord for blessings you have given! Please give my son help!
Praying that the Lord guides your family. Praying that your husband will start making right choices.
Mellyaa203 Praying that you will find a job and a place to live. Judy
Praying for your two adult sons to be saved and the healing of your adult daughter.
Karla, I'm praying for you and your mother.
I will pray for you. My husband was ill for 22 years and my emotions were up and down. You are in my prayers. God is your strength and He will sustain you. I know He will send the angels to help you. Be sure to eat your vegetables and take care of yourself. May God bless you always and keep you in His arms forever. Gerri
Praying that our living hope JESUS will be with each of you and me as we implore and seek Him this Wednesday. May the hearts of all believers(and all who have made prayer requests and are praying today) look to Him, and may we receive the grace and mercy that will transform to hope and peace within each of us. May that work in us to inexpressible joy that overflows to others in this world as we journey through this time of uncertainty. May the Lord encourage you this time as we pray together believing the below: “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:7 "Look, I am the LORD, the God who rules over all flesh. Is anything too difficult for me?" Jeremiah 32:27
Robin, I pray that God will help you and your family will hear and act on his words in all matter, at all times. Amen
Please remember me and my family in your prayer especially my mother she's been in a nursing home for the last eight months or so and with covid-19 we were unable to see her because they shut the nursing homes down for visiting due to covid-19. We were a family that went up and seen my mother every day without a day missed and due to that my mother started declining because we could not go see her she has dementia and this took a toll on her she began losing weight becoming very anxious and she fell and has hit her head three times in the last 30 days. She had to be taken to the hospital on the 2nd fall due to a very bad blow to the head. When they brought her back to the nursing home she was exposed to covid-19 and now diagnosed with covid-19. I have since then removed my mother from the nursing home because she has been in and out of the hospital three times. She will now be going to rehab because she's lost so much mobilty but my mom is a fighter and she loves the Lord with all of her heart so I need prayers that she is going to come through this and she needs them to and thank you in advance because we will have to be making decisions about bringing her home and caring for her until covid-19 passes and that I can find a good nursing home for my mom or that I can get the help that I need in my home to just keep her home in her last days she will be 81 July 1st
Agree with me that my dad will be saved. He thinks that he is but he runs from his calling and tries to assign things meant for him to other people. My mother has be recently released from the hospital regarding seizures and is in a care facility that we want her to Restored like The Word of GOD declares and she be released from that place back home with us. JESUS is a healer. I declare Your Word JESUS over their situation. I speak lit and health to both my parents situations and ask that as my mother shows signs of greater health my dad falls in love with you again JESUS. That he comes out of the backslidden state that he’s in and glorified You. I know as he glorified You JESUS it will show unimaginable blessings through their marriage and in my moms health. HALLELUJAH IN ADVANCE as I known GOD WILL starts counting these things as done. His Word never comes back void so declaring it as much as possible also allows you to hear it and that builds your faith. Faith comes by hearing The Word of GOD is what the Bible says! The Bible also says His wound were exchanged for our transgressions. His bruises (visible marks) for our and my dads visible marks of iniquities (sins) The chastisement He endures is for our Peace by JESUS Stripes in exchange we and my mother is Healed.
Please pray for salvation for my 2 adult son's and physical healing for my adult daughter
My husband and I will continue to Pray and declare the Word of the Lordover everyone’s situations. Praying for them both. JESUS transform her husbands mins and encourage him in his daily life. Get into his thoughts JESUS into his dreams. Let him discover You even when he least expect it and where he expects it most. Every though that You think toward him is good. Overwhelm him with your love and favor. Allow his heart to be softened unto you. Let him be a blessing to his wife showing live and kindness knowing that she is Praying for him and has his best interest at heart. Help them to encourage one another and to open the eyes of their hearts that they Will discover new things in You together and grow together. Give patience, peace and assurance in JESUS NAME. Hallelujah in Advance. My wedding was not at all as planned from loosing my moms shoes, flowergirl dress to loss of power, spoiled chicken and the hottest day of the year. My now husband of 8 years was there and still ready to say I Do. Let your daughter be encouraged to know the principle of marriage is more than that day. I Pray that God will allow her to have a beautiful wedding and highlight the reasons He allowed the to get this far. He is an Awesome GOD and celebrates the sanctity of marriage. He will be rejoicing as their biggest fans even for their desire to commit to His Will. Love and Honor be there even show up in the birds that will be chirping around them. Life to their ministry and marriage and safety along the way and joy in the patches where they need to be reminded of why they were joined together in JESUS NAME!!!!!
Please pray for my family and I. Our home burned down May 6th and we’re currently living in a less than ideal situation and I currently have no job. I need to know where God wants me to go from here
The Bridges family
Also pray for my family as we are trying to purchase a new home.
Please pray for my family and the church I pastor That God will wake up those creative minds in my congregation.
Carolyn, Hang in there - God has a plan through all this. I know loneliness can be tuff - I suggest you go on line and read some Charles Stanley devotionals or maybe some devotionals from your favorite pastor, and let the Lord minister to your heart through them. Larry
sseymore66, I will certainly be praying for you over the loss of your son. I don't have any children, so I can not even imagine the pain. But I'm with you on this. Larry
Father we declare that he is who You said that he is. Who You’ve called him to be. JESUS Your thoughts toward him are good. Heavenly Father show him in little ways that You are there with him. Reveal to him Your Love for him. Overwhelm him with Your Love and the power it has to heal wounds and bind the brokenness. JESUS strengthen his wife along the way. Encourage her to continue to speak life to tlher husband and that whenever she sees opposite call him who it is that You’ve called him to be knowing that just as she waters him with Your Word with her confessions and shows Yoir light of Love it will not be in vein it will show healthy growth. Your kingdom come and Your will be done in him on this earth in JESUS NAME!!!!!!!
Please pray my girlfriend hears from God about our relationship.