Dear Heavenly Father, we need Your wisdom now more than ever. Lord, these days when experts flood the airwaves with commentary and advice, may we turn to Your Word as the only source of truth. As we search Your Word, work in our hearts and minds to untangle the deceptions weaved by the enemy, clouding our thoughts. Lord, teach us to love your Word again. Help us to hear Your voice once again. And guide us as we meet these challenging days. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Psalm 119:97-104.

"Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. Your commands are always with me and make me wiser than my enemies. I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes. I have more understanding than the elders, for I obey your precepts. I have kept my feet from every evil path so that I might obey your word. I have not departed from your laws, for you yourself have taught me. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Father your word says you work in us to do your will. I want to do your will. Help me abandon self. Help lay myself down. In every aspect. Help me be strong against my giants, my flesh!! Help me be Courageous!! Because I believe you’ve already given me the victory! Help me walk in obedience to all you’ve asked me to do! I’m asking , Lord! Be my strength! Flow out of me to accomplish what you set me out to do! Help me be a blessing to those around me. Guide me to those who are ready for you. Help me point them to you! May they desire you! Help us yearn for you with all our mind, heart, and soul. In the almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen!!
Remove obstacles in my path and give me your peace. Restoration in my life on all levels! Give me Shalom peace
Amen. Guide my every step. Oh my lord and savior thank you for your presence in my life
Lord help me keep mine eyes on you and hold not on my own understanding I want to keep going forward searching for your Blessings and your Love I pray that my children keep following you and bring hope to those they may encounter and that your spirit guide them to help their children and. ( wife ,friend and children) O pray that the Lord search use and bring us back to himself ( grandchildren)
Positive, I love it! I'm praying with you - Amen!
I am determined to stand fast in the Lord in these chaotic times and I pray that He puts who He wants in the White House con I get an witness and an Amen!
People understand the importance of loving and helping one another
Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth I desire every avenue of my live be in your hands and the doors my enemies thought they shut on my life to open and poring forth life for your word my family and my finances as covid 19.and all its problems as been use as a tool to accomplish their evil deed dismantle every trap set I am a child of a King Jesus Christ so I ask the prayers warrior to take over in Jesus name so that.. My life can be use for your name honor n glory Amen
God bless you at back to the bible May the Almighty GOD breathe his breath of life into our lives in these challenging times Cover your people deliver us from every evil pathways as you secure our path of righteousness and victory for your coming May god bless you all in the name of Jesus Shalom
Encouraging words in these troubling times
Your messages are very encouraging, may God bless you all at Back to the Bible
I just wished I would follow the words said in Psalm 119, but I don't, I know God's word, I know what I should do....yet I don't do that, I remain in bondage of sin , and I am sinking day by day, please pray for me that I find strength to break through and give myself completely to the Lord, God bless you all
Prayers for them
Prayers for dean Garofalo who has been fighting to overcome guilt and Shame that was hidden by a lifetime of drugs & alcohol. He needs healing for his C5-C6 bulging disk and strength to get through the pain with out turning back to his old ways
pray for my son laurence and my entire family
I needed that
Our son, Ryan, leaves for Army basic training in Fort Jackson South Carolina this coming Wednesday. He has grown somewhat distant from the Lord over the past year. Please pray that God would use this extended time away from home to draw his heart. Pray that he would hunger and thirst for God’s word, especially since he will have only one hour per week to be on his smart phone. He said he would ask for a Bible there rather than take one along. Pray that he follows through on a plan to read three chapters a day, and five on Sunday. Please pray for health and safety, too.
God is able to deliver you completely. I am praying for you. Jesus is the answer.
Praying for this request.
Dear Lord, we lift Tara, her son before You. Lord, deliver them completely from their anxieties and help them to know that You are their everything. I pray for their salvation. I commit her mom to Your hands. Guide this family, draw them closer to You. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Dear Father, we come before You for Your mercy....Lord, You have mercy..Lord, we pray for provision, protection and Lord, You comfort the families who lost their loved ones. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Please pray for all peoples that lost lives and property both in the tragic fires and hurricanes. My or Father in Heaven bring them volunteers to assist them in their time of need.
Please pray for my son an myself, to have our anxiety and other mental illnesses removed, or at least improved! Also that I follow Gods will and not my own. Help lead me to a house that will be good for us. Help me move forward and not procrastinate as our WHOLE life is about to change! I need to stay strong But at times I want to just give up. I would also like to pray for my mom, as she has had significant loss in her life recently and her life is changing dramatically. I would also like to pray for all the struggling addicts out there, that they find they help they need an have the will to change, to have a better life. Thank you 🙏😊💖
Thank you!
Pray for my daughters, daughters in law and all moms who are trying to homeschool and the stress it brings. This is such a difficult time for families in so many ways. Lord help us to get through this pandemic with patience, lots of love, and endurance.
Thank you for praying. I felt more peace yesterday. My husband and I feel led to be silent and trust the Lord is working in his heart.
Praying for her and the children’s protection. That she will have the strength to leave him for good.
I need prayer that I can stay strong and fight my addiction. Prayer for my kids and that I will get them back
Please pray that my friend relationship with my friend Crystal Bergman keeps growing and we keep becoming greater friends, please pray that we will interact more together at work, talk more and take breaks together! Please pray that we continue to stay connected to each other!!
Amen. Father You are able. Amen
In Jesus name amen
Holy Father, we give you thanks for your precious Word. Give me a new love for your word. For in it is all we need for life abundant and everlasting. In Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏
I pray for a clean scan and positive outlook from the doctors! Amen.
The chains of addiction are strong, but not unbreakable! I pray for deliverance! Amen!
I too pray for freedom from the shackles of addiction! Amen!
Thanks so much for this valuable teaching from God’s Word!!
Dear Lord, I commit this precious child into Your hands. Lord, You give sound sleep to this child. Lord, protect this child. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Dear Lord, I pray for these 5 adult children and Lord, we ask for Your mercy. Lord, draw them closer to You. Open their eyes and help these walk in Your ways. Lord, I pray for their salvation. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Yes, Lord, help us to focus on Your Word always. help us to meditate and apply Your Word in our lives.
Dear Lord, I commit Sandy's nephew and brother in law to Your hands. Lord, draw both of them clsoer to You and deliver totally from their addiction. Lord, I pray for their salvation. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Dear Lord, I commit Sandy's nephew and brother in law to Your hands. Lord, draw both of them clsoer to You and deliver totally from their addiction. Lord, I pray for their salvation. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Prayers for my nephew and brother in law both battling alcoholism and drug addiction
Amen, please Lord have mercy and help us to stay in Your Word.
Dear Precious Lord Jesus, Watch over this precious baby boy. Give him Your peace. Protect him from all evil. Give him and his parents rest. We ask in Your name, Jesus. Amen
Please pray for my 5 adult children who are not in God's word and not walking with Jesus.
My baby is very restless when he's asleep, please pray for him
I pray for wisdom and discernment as we are flooded with so much information. May his word guide us always.
Please pray for my daughter as she is having a MRI on her brain this Friday.
Please pray for me I'm dealing with depression and drug abused
Hello please pray for me to go to God's word and wherever I am listen to his voice please pray for my brother-in-law George his son corny they both have an addiction problem the God would bring them out and use them to help other people to get rid of their addictions thank you
Please remember the following names in your prayers: Richardson, Ford, Nelson's family, Brown' family, Rev Fannie, Milton Gary, NP Church.
Heavenly Father you know the family's needs during this difficult period. I ask You to provide above and beyond what I, a simple man could ask you to do for them. Additionally Lord please over take this young lady by the power of your Holy Spirit. Make Your Word come alive for her and give her Your strength in her areas of weakness. That she may rejoice withe the Apostle Paul for when she is weak, You can be strong. For Jesus sake...Amen
I have lifted your daughter up to the Great Physician. A prayer of healing, a prayer of help and a prayer of hope. Lord we know you are sovereign over all things and we also know that you are good. There is nothing you can't do and we give thanks for all the times you have answered prayer and revealed your greatness. Pleasec show Your Glory in the healing of this young lady and draw all who surround this situation to yourself. For Jesus sake...Amen
My father passed away. I ask for strength and comfort for myself and family. I ask that I be more obedient to the word of God. And I let go of things I can't change and have faith and trust God. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you Father God
Please pray for my problem with anger. Also pray for my wife who is having surgery soon and has many health issues.
I pray for all that needs God arms around them. He loves us and care when we hurt, He is our Father. He is closer then we think. Keep holding to His unchanging hands.
Please pray for my daughter who has cancer
Lord I pray for this child of yours who was having trouble concentrating on your word in the midst of her time of trial. I pray that you will give her a boldness and a strength to open up the word and to start reading in Psalms. Start with someone and for her to read out loud and to hear your words being spoken. I pray for this healing of this block of not being able to see you out in Jesus name amen
Please pray for me I am in a period deep depression,I can’t seem to break free of this,I can’t seem to pray like I should,reading the Bible or concentrate on the Lord’s word,please pray for me.
Please pray for this epic will end soon, it causes so division with so many people. God help us all.
Lord, thank you for your words of wisdom. Guide us to follow you. Instill in our hearts the right path. Have mercy on us. Amen 🙏
I am praying with you for Jonathon - for his body to be able to fight off the cancer and for the doctors to find the right treatment for his body that will not cause further issues.
I am praying for your body to heal, I pray for protection on your daughter and those in the danger zone & I pray for your puppy to get better quickly!
I am praying with you for your friend and your family.
I am praying with you for your precious niece! I pray that she feels God's amazing love and acceptance and lets him into her life completely!
I am praying for protection over your grand daughter & her children!
Praying with you for John's family as they grieve the loss of his brother.
I am praying with you for Laura & peace for her as she waits.
Prayers for upcoming election, God’s will be done
Thank you
Praying with you for God's healing!
Praying for healing and insight into possible causes.
Praying for your son and my daughter in very similar situations.
Praying with you for God's strength, peace and breakthroughs.
Praying with you, Melissa.
I will pray for your niece.
I will pray for Paul and your granddaughter.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for Laura.
pray that I will have more self-control with a fellow student named Sarah. She gets on my nerves.
My heavenly father, help me to stands on your principles and your decrees, let me not hold in my heart the things or the people of this world. I pray I am living by Your Holy Word, Lord allow your word to give me the courage and endurance to keep trusting in your directions for my life. and when I slip and fall due to my flesh forgive me for my sins and reunite me back to your Holy spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Please pray for Laura in Washington DC. Recently discovered she has breast cancer and doctors are checking to see if the cancer is spreading further. She is a Christian and she and her family need the comfort of the LORD and other saints.
Please pray for my health, for a huge financial blessing, a new car , freedom from anxiety, worry and fear, to have more faith, for a godly husband, daughters to work and go to school
To Our Glorious Lord I give Thanks for healing. Please grant healing to your servant Paul's shoulder. Bless him as he studies your work, give him enhance skills to share the meaning of your word. Please grant healing to my granddaughter Keao who suffers depression. Continue to seek her and reveal your truth. All to your will and purpose, Lord. In Jesus name please grant these requests.
Lord I pray for peace to John's family, whose brother passed on. May all see your love, works, and will. Blessing to you Lord. Thank you for all your provisions and most of all your saving grace. Lord your people call out for revival. We ask for your spiritual return to our country. We look for your guidance and mercy. Help us to repent from our misdirected ways, In Your Son's authoritative name Jesus Christ we pray.
Dear Our Heavenly Father I come to you with ALL of my Brother's and Sisters in heart and mind ...touch each and every last one of us with your Holy spirit to keep and teach us in your Will , Bless everyone here on this chat thats standing in for another brother or sister, bless us with hunger and thirst for YOU even more... may The Lord Bless you ALL with your hearts desire in JESUS CHRIST HOLY NAME
Lord I pray that you would free me from migraines, I pray for complete reconciliation in our family, please flood us with your grace and give us courage to give grace. Please free what ever holds us back from you.
Pray for my grandaughter headed down a wrong road. She left her husband for a boy that just turned 20. She is 28 and has 3 innocent boys, 2, 4, and 6. This boy she has let move in with her has abused her and her children, yet she goes right back to him. She has put this boy before her babies. Her parents kept the children for a while, but are now letting g them go back with her and this boy. He is on drugs and drinks. I am brokenhearted about this and fear for her childrens lives. They cry sometimes not wanted to go to be with their mom and this boy. I am 79 years old and praying and fSti g for this boy to be removed from her life
I would like healing prayer for my schizophrenic son, and strength for me, for Gods guidance, and his perfect will for me and my family thanks Lord bless
My heart goes out to you, and my prayer are for your and your son may the Lord Touch his mind and give him the strength to fight to push through this uncertain times in his life, may you give this mother The knowledge to know what to do and the courage to do it in Jesus nam. Amen
Lord I pray your peace over Joshua, whom just lost his father, be with him confort him and his family, in Jesus name. And Lord please give us understanding to discern the times in which we live, let us turn to your word, and to understand your will for our life’s, in Jesus name I pray, Father please give wisdom to the president of this great country of our’s to rule and guide us according to you will for our nation, And be with Israel prime minister as well, I pray for peace and for protection for your people, in Jesus Name Amen!
Please pray for Steven
Pray for me to rid me of migraines and our prayers for our country
Your prayers please for my 30 yr son who though he has a degree...he is making no effort to work. He goes to counselling but needs more professional help. Hes stubborn and refuses suggestions. He goes nowhere...has no friends..does not smoke or drink. My heart is breaking!
Praying for the people that are in the path of Hurricane Sally and the people that affected by the fires on the West Coast. Praying for a healing in my body, and to hear God better.
Praying, please pray my marriage is restored too!
My mom cut me and another sister all the time. She had one sister she was an angel to even at her death. About 5 years before she died she tried to stop. I read a book,The Irregular Person " by Joyce Landorf, that freed my sister and me. Every time she cut us we would deliberately think," She did not do this to hurt me, she is hurting and striking me.," it changed our lives. I will pray you to remember she didn't do it to be mean: that's just how I see it. She's my mother and does love me even if she doesn't act it. Praying for you.
Praying for this precious soul. I agree that she find her worth in the Lord and that He would bring someone who loves Him to comes alongside her. In Jesus precious and holy Name