Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, with so much anger in our world today, teach us how to be peacemakers. Help us to see each other through your eyes and understand the cause of our conflicts. Help us to keep our cool when the world “pushes our buttons,” and help us respond in love instead of anger or criticism. Forgive us for the times we’ve let our anger boil over. And we pray for your grace and mercy as we go about the rest of our week. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Matthew 5:14-16.

"'You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.'"

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
I pray that the inner peace that we yearn for may be granted unto us so that we may get the peace that passes all understanding in Jesus name , Amen.
Please pray for Andy teddy josephine for healing protection and money bless to be a blessing and to do the will of God
My prayer is for a cure for The China COVID-19 so that the world can return to normal, work can resume for those unemployed.
Please pray for me! I am dealing with stress and my 22 year old son who needs to get a job and take care of himself!!
Please pray for my work and my learning so that I can find a place to stay where I can a House.
Please pray for me i have unspokane prayer requests only God knows
Arnie My name is Asaph. I have an unspoken prayer request God knows what it is, and I'm asking for deliverance
Praying for both of you.
Thank you LORD Jesus we are The light bearers bring light into a dark place
God created you and NOTHING He makes is less than the best, whether see it that way or not. Hold you head high as you tighten your grip on His. Feel His arms tighten around you. Whisper His name out loud. Dear Father God, You know this child of Yours is hurting in ways beyond human description. Please be more real to her each hour. You loved her enough even before she was born to send Your Son to die that she might be Your child too. Thank You for Your watchcare and love. In Your previous Son's name, Amen.
Cathy that's a really tough situation, to say the least. Lord, please help Cathy and her husband get through this pain and suffering. Show them your mercy and grace. Amen.
Praying for you Julia. Lord help Julia with the health of her body and bring peace through your words to her mind, amen.
In these uncertain times, Heavenly Father, we pray for your wisdom, guidance and protection to be over all of your children, our families and friends. Give us the strength and courage to stand for Truth and Justice and Your Truths above all. We acknowledge our need for Your help in this mess of a world today! Please help us shine as a bright beacon for You, as we face the ever deepening Spiritual Battle mounting before us. However, we KNOW that You, Mighty God are our Great Defender and no weapon formed against us shall stand because you are the God that takes everything that the Enemy means for evil and you turn it for our good and Your ultimate will. We pray for Your Will and Your Kingdom come, for we know that only when You rule the world in Your rightful place, will this world ever experience true love and peace. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus! In Your Holy and Precious name we pray! Amen!
Please pray for my health. I have several autoimmune illnesses. My symptoms are worsening Thank you so very much.
My husband of 30yrs just filed for divorce. Female from HS he got in touch w/ on FB convinced him. Can't believe way he talks to her, that he wouldn't talk like to me. Need to sort out finances, and I'm still recovering from knee surg. Please pray God takes away my feeling like a failure!
Pray for the people of beruit lebonan.may god be woth them and comfort them with his grace amen
Please pray for me and my husband's health 🙏 😢 in a mighty way 🙏. Also that our 2 grown sons will come around and want to see us finally. Thanks 😊 🙏
Please pray for my husband he's got Melody plastic syndrome a time of bone marrow cancer he has had for almost 7 years now and on top of that we just found out he has lung cancer Please Lord Jesus be with all of these prayer request
I ask for healing of this terrible cold which I had for two weeks. I know God is able. I also pray for those who are in need of a blessings of any kind. "God is able." Keep on believing with all your heart. God is faithful...
Praying for you that you will receive that breakthrough from the Lord!
I pray for you that God will protect you.
I pray that God will provide healing.
Well prayed! I pray with Natalie.
Lord please help this person to find the help that they need and peace within you - amen.
Tough situation. Lord I pray for this person's nephew to fin first a will to hear your words and then speak to him and guid him - amen.
I need help in praying for my nephew whom is homeless. Please Lord intervene and show him a way to find a steady job, some type of shelter. In your name sweet Jesus. Amen
I need prayers regarding a difficult financial family mater. I have not been able to receive medical care or pay for the ones I do receive. I’m disabled, over 60, $100 over the poverty limit and disabled. I’ve been deceived out of the inheritance from both my mother and father. Seeking help is very excruciating because of the my disabilities. One phone call with a representative who is condescending even after my explaining my limitations and the need for accommodations just in the intake process is humility and takes so much out of me that I need to curl up and disappear. Thank you
Father, we thank you that you are our healer and that you said to ask anything in your name and it shall be done. Father, we call for healing in the name of Jesus and we thank you that you hear our prayers when we call to you, amen!
My Best Friend has a strange rash on her body, and her doctor wants her to Video Chat. She is 77 and not too cooperative. I pray that she will be more cooperative so that she can be treated.
God's blessing to all. I'm asking for favor that the Lord will provide a breakthrough today.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.
Father rebuke the enemy of Jerry's soul and bring light and life to his mind and eyes. I pray he will find rest and that his own fears and misunderstandings will be quenched under growing faith. Lead him into fellowship with a group of believers who will sharpen his faith and love him, while patiently enduring with each other through this journey of life. Lord help his wife with patient understanding and give her wisdom that will help redeem the situation. Remind her that our wrestle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of a dark world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Free Jerry from the prospects of the evil one and secure him in your eternal kingdom. Amen
Praying with you.
Praying for you!
Amen. I know that I fail at this regularly, but I continue to be and do better.
Praying with you!
A great thing to focus on! Praying with you.
Praying that you will find encouragement through God's word.
Praying for Jerry that he would have a soft heart and see how much the Lord loves him. Praying that Jerry will see the Lord move in his life. Also praying for you, Vickie, that you would continue to be a great support for your husband.
Praying for you and your family. Praying that you would honor the Lord and that he would give you wisdom.
Heavenly Father we bring before you this request for children to be saved. This is one of the greatest desires of parents. So we ask Lord for the answer to this parent prayer. Lord we pray that this parent can say like Joshua as for me and my house we would serve the Lord. May your name be glorified in this Lord Thank you. In Jesus name. Amen
Our heavenly Father we thank you for this opportunity to exalt you because you are God. Lord we acknowledge your power to heal and deliver Julia in the name of Jesus Christ. We thank you. In Jesus name Amen .
Please pray for Julia's a fib to be healed
Please pray for my family that we live for the Lord and specially for me to be a mom and to be a wife and please pray that the Lord would give me wisdom🙏
Please Pray for my husband Jerry he is struggling so bad about his faith, i am no help because I don't understand how he can not have the faith he should, Thanks so much Vickie
Pray that my children come to accept the Lord as their personal Saviour. I await the transformation in their lives. Amen🙏🏼
To give your comfort and strength to all of us who Are crying out To your Holy Name and those that we are praying for as well,please Lord God..
Pray for me that I won't loose discourage during this trying times?
Praying for YOU and your son, may Yeshua give you both comfort and peace
To know the Lord more and to be obedient to the Lord.
Praying for all of you. God is a great healer.🙏🙏
Lord please soften my husbands heart to allow recognition of the Holy Spirit and freedom/courage to follow the Holy Spirit's leading.
Dear Father, please help us to be slow to anger and quick to listen.
Please pray for my mother and sister and 2 nieces and my friends that are battling this covid-19 virus.
Please pray for my son he suffers from anxiety and has a drinking addiction
Father God I pray for your blessing and Mercy on this world I pray for healing and forgiveness please Lord help us to forgive one another in Jesus name amen
please pray I get a new apartment.
Would you please pray that god keep his arms around me and keep me and my home protected for any harm that come my way
Would you pray for me to be blessed with a GODLY wife , someone I can worship and praise God with and enjoy life with with I've praying for a wife for over 20 odd years and just end up in relationships that goes nowhere . I still stand in faith and wait
Martha, I pray that God would fill your heart with His peace even in this trying time. I ask that though you are under attack you would be graced with God's love for your enemies, and that His love would be seen clearly by them. May you and your husband be protected and delivered through this situation by God's mighty hand. May you know His presence with you at all times. Amen.
He knows the plans and purpose for you trust Him
Wow. So very hard! I am sorry. I pray for rest and peace in the midst of a very difficult experience! Amen!
Please pray for a radio ministry in Cambodia, that the Lord Jesus will touch and transform the hearts of every listener.
I pray for the salvation of this son. God break His heart so He cries out to you for help and hope! Amen.
A prayer I offer up for my children as well. Father, I pray for these children. I pray that they would pursue you with all their hearts. Protect them from the evil temptations of this world. Amen!
Please pray for a radio ministry in Cambodia, that Jesus will touch and transform the hearts of every listener.
Thanks for asking for prayer! It is a privilege to pray on your behalf! Father, you know what we need before we even ask. I pray you will hear these prayer requests. If it's your will, answer them. Amen!
Father in Heaven you are the Great Physician touch Roberto in Jesus name
Lord, we ask for your healing to be at work with Bettye. May she receive excellent attentive care, and may she know your presence and peace. Amen.
Praise God! May you fulfill your calling and God be glorified. Amen.
Praying for you to be strengthened and renewed in your spirit.
Praying for this young man's life and Lord to have mercy and carry him through this situation. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Praying for your son and for our Almighty Lord to grant him healing and the strength! In Jesus' name, Amen!
Praying for your job and financial situation, Denise. The Lord does have a plan and will provide. May He also give you strength and patience for the journey as you see His plans unfold. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Praying for your loved ones. May t he Lord heal their bodies and give them strength for this journey. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Praying for Roberto to start feeling better and recovering from whatever has caused his fever to last that long. In Jesus' name, Amen!
I could use prayer. I have been slowly but surely been walking away from my walk with the Lord. I need to be lifted up and come back to Him. May my fainted faith be strengthened and may I continue to seek the Lord in my life
Please pray for a friend, Roberto S., who is a missionary in Guatemala. He has been running a fever which has not broken in 2 weeks.
Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter who have health issues, causing severe pain for my daughter and; pain and seizures for my granddaughter.
I could use prayer for renewed faith for the plans God has for me and to live that out without getting caught up in my head about it. Also for a relationship I have with someone at work that's just been confusing, for God to make that whatever it should be.
Please pray for a financial breakthrough for a better paying job to buy a home of my own and a vehicle.
Thank you God for unprecedented favor with a new boss. I pray unprecedented energy and strength to accomplish all the things you’ve called me to do that Your Name may be praised. Amen!
Please continue to pray for my son as he is still having health issue. Thank you
I need God to soften my children’s hearts, enable them to grow hungry and thirsty for the things that pertains to Him, and every area of my life since I am under the attack from every direction but I praise my Heavenly Father who is in control knowing that He will certainly see my family and me through it all.
Please pray for the salvation of our son, the Lord's assurances for him and opening up of a career path
I need a financial break though in the name of Jesus Christ
Lord I pray for a good report and the they would use wisdom and begin to exercise and eat healthy to ward of any sickness that would attack their bodies. I pray this on Jesus' mighty name.
Lord, you spared my life years ago, please do the same for that young man, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen
Please pray for work for my son, relief for myself from anxiety and depression, a peace to come over all the angry people destroying our country.
My husband and I went in for lab work (blood ) please pray the results won't call for medication but maybe exercise & better diet we're elderly & haven't been eating as much/exercising since this shelter in place thank you. Rosie
I have a young man who just got shot 6x it's a touch and go I'm asking God to Spare his life give him another chance please Lord.
Pray for complete healing and restoration for all family members. Job security and safety.
Please pray for my alcoholic family member who is in a rehab center but hospitalized with many seriois health issues and the COVID virus. May the Lord heal his addiction and his physical health. May he turn back to his Lord to guide his life Amen
Thanking the lord for back to the Bible and this medium. Regarding prayer for salvation for my husband, Noel.
I'd like to thank the Lord for this opportunity to pray with others !