Prayer for Discernment - Weekly Prayer

Prayer:Dear heavenly Father we pray for discernment in these dark and confusing days. With so many people on all sides declaring that they hold the truth, it’s so hard hear Your voice. Help us to learn the fear of the Lord and to heed your instructions. Help us to hear your voice more clearly and give us the opportunities to share Your wisdom with those around us who are hurting. We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Proverbs 1:7.

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Prayers for the Salvation of my sons & grands!
Sure, praying.
Glover, commit/recommit your life to Jesus and follow Him. He loves you and cares for you. Praying for you.
Sure Vicki, praying for your request. Encourage you to soak in God's Word.
I applied for a Warehouse Associate job with a company called Simos Insourcing and they sent my application to the ones who make the final decision and when they decide if I am hired they will let me know by phone or email so I am praying that I can get this job or if I must keep looking Please pray that the Lord will open or close that door and direct me to the job he wants for me to have Thanks
Can you please help me to pray for my spiritual life? Thank you!
Please pray for unspoken needs. I love Jesus Christ in the Trinity. Amen Vicki
I've always fought against what was in my heart..... No more tho. I am a follower of jesus like a lost sheep I need guidance o lord. Please help me. Amen
My family is being attacked daily by the enemy through especially my finances. My husband died from effects of agent orange and I have no one to help with my finances and things are bad right now.
Father GOD I pray for California, please send some rain so the fire stop and heal the land🙏🏾In JESUS name I pray
Please lord touch my husbands soul so that he may seek your love and guidance
I pray for the spirit of discernment in hearing God's voice and understanding his instructions when He speaks to me.
Father, I commit pwhite's friend to Your hands. Lord, deliver this person totally from the spirit of alcoholism. Lord, You draw this person closer to You. I pray for his salvation. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Lord, I commit this request in Your hands. I pray for Your guidance to this person. Lord, draw this person closer to You. In Jesus' name, Amen.
I ask for An intensified Desire to fast, pray and study the word of God.
Please pray for my friend who is struggling with severe alcoholism & is dying before our eyes.
Pray for increased in my statetastness in this confused word
Please lift in prayer 1) strength & discernment of God's leading for my husband and me (both in 80s) for our congregation of 200+ families as well as energy and wisdom as I head 3 categories of worldide Missions outreah of 200 churches. Thank you for this ministry of prayer that you support for so many.
Father, please grant your children with your wisdom, courage, & strength. Especially when we struggle with the matters of our own lives and dealings with the world and our everyday. In Jesus' precious name, Amen
Dear Lord, I commit Paul into Your hands. Lord, deliver him from anxiety and depression. Draw Paul closer to You.l Help him to know the truth. Only truth can set him free. And the truth is Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Please prayer for me for wisdom, discernment, and success in my upcoming week of fasting.
Isaiah 26: 3-4
Yes, Lord we agree for the Salvation and restoration of this family. In Jesus Mighty name! Amen
Please pray for my older brother he seems indifferent to spiritual things I am urging him to pray more and I resd scriptures to him a lot and things from my Jesus Calling devotional and before we eat (even at a restaurant) I say a prayer but I want prayer that he "awakens" mentally and spiritually I don't want ANY of my family left behind when Christ comes back someday! so please pray for my brothers, because one other of my brothers is very active in the LDS church and has been since 1984 and before that I'm sure another of my brother married a Mormon and yet I think he is just going through the motions in order to get help with their rent, medical bills (he has COPD and Asthma)This is his 2nd marriage and when he was married to his first he accepted Christ and was baptized with her so how does that work?. so you see I have a very complicated family I don't discuss 2 things with my sister-in-law Politics and Religion! and I'm sure you understand why! I pray for them "without ceasing and sometimes I cry myself to sleep when I think about my family and yet I have placed them ALL in the Lord's control and care and will continue to look to Him who has ALL power Jesus the Christ! So in a nutshell please pray for ALL of them and their salvation. thank you and God's blessings to all of you!
Please pray for my husband, Paul. He’s suffering from angziety and depression
I agree that the results of this test would be found. And Pharez would pass with a brilliant score.
Isaiah 61: 1-3
I agree in prayer with you and for you brother. With God ALL things are possible. Let us believe and trust God for His divine work. Praying.
Father in heaven Holy is your name. I pray for Eva and her family that your would help them to understand your word. Psalms 119:130 says "The entrance of your word gives light". We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide them and help them to understand your word. In the name of Jesus Christ.
Please pray for my son, Pharez Knights, who was told by Admin that his year 2 practical scores in Automotive Services have been misplaced and he may have to do over the exams. We know God is in control.
I Li Elmo Is Praying To Loose The Desire For Alcohol, Love Li Elmo Amen!
Teach us to pray is what the disciples ask Jesus. Our Father who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive our trespasses and we forgive those wha trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom the power the glory forever and ever. AMEN
Please pray for Steven
Hi please pray for me then I understand the Lord and that I fear the lord my growing up wasn't a like these days so it is a little bit hard for me to understand the Bible my first language wasn't what are Bible was so I never really understood the Bible I did not have Sunday School please pray for me and my family that we would know the difference between God's work and devil's work🙏
Praying with you!
Praying for your request.
Praying for you and for your household.
Praying for your friend, Stephanie! May the Lord work things out in that ER for your friend, and give doctors all the wisdom. Amen!
Prayers for my friend in the ER. Hoping everything will workout for the good.
Hey Brother, I definitely can identify with you. Going through some similar things, but God is able to help and bring deliverance to us, and our families. I agree with you in prayer that the Father will deliver. God bless you sir. You and your family. Hallelujah to our King! Your brother in Jesus Christ,
Please pray that the Father will bless my house hold. That righteousness and holiness will be prominent at all times.
Tommy's health and good test results
May we learn to pray without ceasing. Lord allow our very lives to become a prayer that exhibits your mercy and love. Making the bitter waters sweet again!
I pray for the complete restoration of your family. For God’s blessing on all of your relationships. That Jesus will give you His wisdom, discernment and guidance through the power of His Holy Spirit and His mighty Word working in tandem to create an environment in which you and your whole family can flourish and thrive! Isaiah 26:3; Jeremiah 17:7-8 John 1: 1-5. May you live in the grace that God supplies. In Jesus Name. Your sister in Christ.
Pray for my family .my grand daugther and her husband that he ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus to come inhis. Hear t
Lord Help! Please help us all! With all my love for you, Amen.
I Praise God for your faithfulness! I ask for prayers for my Marriage, we have grown apart the last few years and desperately need God to restore our Love and Intimacy. My wife and I are trying to buy the house been renting currently, but my credit is not where it needs to be yet and anxiety and stress sets in the closer we get to the end of the year with our lease running out. Prayers for my wife to not love the things of this world like (Social Media, ungodly things) as much and for her to grow more spiritually and for her to gain her zeal back for God and his word. Prayers for my daughter's also not to love the ungodly things of this world more than God and his word, and to grow spiritually and in their faith. Prayers for my mom and brother to remain healthy during this pandemic, and to grow spiritually in their faith. Prayers for my stepdad who is a truck driver has been having health issues they thought he had Leukemia bc he had all the symptoms and his white count was high but biopsy was negative. So they aren't sure what's going on with him and he can't afford to take lots of time off. Prayers for my friend who I used to work with at the Pentagon, we go golfing occasionally and are today actually. He and his family are originally from Afghanistan, and his family are devout Muslims. I greatly want to share the Gospel with him, just not sure how to. I have prayed about this many times because he knows Im a Christian and has said in the past that his family is really strict. Muslim families at the very least will disown and shunn their family if converted. I don't want that for him and his wife and their beautiful baby girl, but at the same time I don't want him to die and go to Hell either. Prayers for all our brothers and sisters in Christ and our Mens group to continue to grow in our faith, our knowledge of scripture, and to become stronger as brothers in Christ and friendship. As Iron sharpens Iron, may we have faith and help each other as Paul and his brothers did with one another. Lastly Prayers for my own spiritual walk to grow and that I would become more disciplined in my own personal time in God's word, studying and meditating day and night. Also strengthening my prayer life as well. Glory to God! Your Brother in Christ,
Amen. Praying for the whole world in Jesus name Amen.
Please pray for my family and all the others affected by covid 19 I have lost my job My finances are in threads and I cannot get what is due to me with a child in college We all need to help each other as I see persons around have become so callous and cold we don't respect each other anymore Help me with straighten my faith in God in these times I don't want to be loss
May the God of heaven shine His light brilliantly on your marriage and bring a fresh spirit of love within your union. In Christs' holy name.
Lord Jesus Christ all glory and honor to you send your spirit Lord to all. And bring a right Spirit within us help us Lord to see you in all we do give his courage Lord to pray and help others in time of need I pray this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ help marriages mothers and daughters Fathers and Sons husbands and wives brothers and sisters come together as a unit in pray and Your Name Lord Jesus Christ amen
Please pray that this COVID 19 will go away🙏🙏please pray for my family and other families.
Please pray foe healing for my mother She’s on a lot of pain.
Ps 51:17 states that God does not despise a broken and contrite heart. When we repent from the heart He hears us and willing forgives. The Holy Spirit can strengthen you to take the steps towards full reconciliation. Trust Him.
My son, Carl, is on the SWAT team in Seattle, WA. He has been right in the middle of this "peaceful memorial" for weeks and weeks now. Just trying to keep law and order amongst some of these hoodlums who say they were just part of the "memorial walk". My son, the rest of the SWAT teams and ALL of the first responders across our Nation need our love, support and ESPECIALLY OUR PRAYERS. Please, please don't forget them....thank you.
Adrian, nothing is impossible with God. Agreeing with you for the healing in your marriage.
Please pray for healing in my marriage of 30 years, thanks.
Dear heavenly father Lord forgive me and I ask if I can repent to you and come back into that relationship I once had with you father. Lord I'm burned down with sin and don't know how to overcome it please direct my path and bring me to righteousness.lord I know your bigger than any sin of anything on this Earth bring me back into your arms I'm sorry Jesus 💔
Praying for all the families that have lost their homes and are homeless. Keep me and my husband in prayer that we may walk closer to our Lord. Pray for my granddaughters that they will seek God's word and follow him. Pray for my son in law that is in pain from galt. In Jesus mighty words we pray. Thank you Jesus.
I pray for my grandson ,my soninlaw and my two daughters , fathergod that you would continue to guide and protect them from all that is going on around them, keep them safe in these uncertain times help them to trust in you and to know that you are God and God alone, I also pray for your children around the world that they to find comfort in knowing you and trusting you as they begin each day, knowing that you are there for them as they continue their journey Lord , I ask this is the name of your precious son Jesus Amen.
Pray for our friend's family, he died from Covid a few days ago, he leaves behind a wife and three children, thank you
I pray for wisdom and discernment as we are flooded with so much information everyday. May the truth be revealed to us. May his will be done not ours
pray that god will continue to show grace,so i can become more christlike in my daily walk
Asking for prayers for my husband and our business, Prayers for my family and friends to grow closer to God as well as my self.
Asking for prayers for my bladder and kidneys as I go to the Dr Tommorrow. I’m so uncomfortable! Also for my future son n law Josh to know Jesus
I will pray for you...please join me in prayer as I'm currently separated from my wife waiting on God for reconciliation
I will urge you and pray for you that your divorce is not the end of your marriage and God restores you as husband and wife
I will pray for you as I am separated...please pray for reconciliation and restoration in my marriage as well
Asking for prayers for my family, my two children Markus Jr. and Makayla and please pray with me for restoration in my marriage, in Jesus name Amen
Dear Lord. Thank you for giving us life and thank your for waking us up everyday. Lord God during these troubling times help us to spend time in your word. Give us the strength to turn away from the enemy who tries to steal our faith. We rebuke the enemy and all his lies and deceits, Come into our hearts Lord In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray Amen
Dear God We thank you that wisdom for life and indeed death comes from you. Help to spend more time in your word so we are equipped to stand firm against the evil one. To bring glory and honour to your name.
Mother in behavioral unit with severe depression and anxiety, please pray for healing.
Asking for favor, wisdom, to be a NP, and remove evil hedges that are delaying and blocking my blessings.
Daughter just went through bad divorce, needs to sell her home and find a job
Brother-in-law’s in surgery right now, serious
Friends marriage being attacked
Giving God Thanks and Praise!
My daughters and my job
Please pray for Donna for new job
Please pray that my 8 yr old granddaughter gets the help she needs in school.
Pray that God will give me victory over anxiety and depression
🙏🏽 Praying for wisdom on how to talk to my son about Jesus
Please pray that my father will get the medicine he needs for his heart problem. And Strength and Courage for my mom's as she gives him the moral support thru these times of need. Thankyou
Praying with you and for so many who are being impacted there!
Praying with you for God's provision and healing.
Praying for God to break through and provide in such difficulty.
Amen and praying with you for your son's need.
Praying with you for His protection.
May God bless and use your prayers in these challenging days. Praying with you!
Asking God for His presence, comfort and help through these difficult days.
Praying for God's healing in the eye surgery and a clear path of His will!
Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus I ask you to provide every need according to your riches and GLORY by Christ Jesus and to touch and heal each person with COVID-19 by the stripes of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus Christ. AMEN PRAISE GOD for HIS love, favor, mercy and grace for this entire family. BLESS them in Jesus Name AMEN. ☝️
May Prayer today is for a new job with a promotion. In Jesus Name Amen!!!
Please pray for my job situation because they are restructuring the department. I will be hoping to retire in 7 months and would like to retire in April 2021 and I will be having eye surgery to remove cataracts at the end of this month. Pray God will to be done for both of the situations. In Jesus Name AMEN PRAISE GOD 🙏