November 23 - Tragedy - Daily Prayer


We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

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6 months ago
Father I come to you praise and thanksgiving! It truly a blessing to be here today. With in the last past 4 years from time to time I didn’t want to be here and / or I didn’t deserved to be here. So I thank you for allowing me to see another day.

I have yet got a true purpose for what I believe that every trial and tribulations that I have gone and going through right. I have always read , meditated and prayed Your words at a very young age. Now I’m much older I began to understand Your words. Thank you for the wisdom I have.

Please, Lord help my oldest son to get rid of those evil spirit that he have carried for a long time. I’m asking for to get inside his and change his feelings of negativity about me his mother and start respecting and showing more love toward me. Remove the alcohol and drug taste out of his mouth and continue to make him the man you want to become. In Jesus Name! Amen!
6 months ago ( updated 6 months ago )
Heavenly father help those who have consumed christ as their savior jesus christ and help those who have lost love ones in that tragedy in Wisconsin, lord i put before you daddy Leroy who is battling swelling of his legs, and for peace among us during the holidays. Amen.
6 months ago
My husband has been out of work. He has always been in upper management (non retail) He can not find anything in his field. We have always trusted that God would take care of our needs-He always has. Praying for a job, that we can pay our bills and stay healthy. TIA
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6 months ago
I am sorry, Peggy. Finding the right job can be a lengthy process. It definitely requires discernment and patience.

Father, I lift up Peggy and her husband to you. He is seeking a job that utilizes his leadership skills. You know what will bring both opportunity and fulfillment. Bring it quickly. Also, you know their financial needs. Help them perfectly. Amen!
6 months ago
Pastor Nat Amen Amen I say Amen! Please asked Arnie to share the email I replied to he sent. That is if you have not already read and or seen it.

Heavenly Father with heart wipe open we come praying for the healing of all the broken that is filling not just the Beautiful Nation You created and Blessed us with. Father in this nation and throughout every nation there is darkness trying to overcome The Only Light of Jesus. Lord I Thank You that all things that happened You already know and that You with us in each one.
Father You are Eternally The Only Chief Commander who is in Control. We know it saddens You Might God to see these things happen. Lord we know it is from the lack of humanity accepting, trusting, hoping and have Faith in You! Lord we Pray You Will touch the hearts of all those who lost the life You have to all us. I Pray Father they are with you now, Happy, peaceful, no pain, only Joy bowing before You.
Lord We pray Your Healing Hands Bussum Love would touch all who were injured. Please give and Bless them with a speedy recovery as only You can do. Lord for the families we know are hurting Please touch their hearts and replace that hurt with Your True Mercy's and Grace, Peace, Calm, and Your Love. Please surround them with true kindness from True Believers in Jesus Christ.
Lord as we all are broken at different and at same times, I Thank You again for being right there to remind us of Your Word. That they would still be broken bones and hearts but through Your Precious Blood Joy still comes each new morning. In the knowing Father that one day we will all be Home with You.
Lord as I read below I Pray You would touch of heart in need whatever it may be. Please Father remind them/us to hold tight to The Faith, Hope, Love and Promises of Jesus. Please let thy Will be done as You Father know what is best. Just as You Father have already laid down our path in this Beautiful journey of life giving back through Jesus Christ. Help OH Lord to stay fixed and locked on Jesus and Your Word.

Father as tomorrow is Thanksgiving Please was clean all hurt let Your Light and Love Shine and Flow feeling Your Presence. To remind us through all the Good, bad, fear, shame, emptiness You are with us, keeping our eyes wide open to remember all the little and big Blessings You have given and those that are yet to come. When we let go give and surrender it all to You. Thank You Lord, I Still Believe I Love and we need You our every need every Blessed moment You give in Jesus name Amen
6 months ago
I’m still praying for my grandchildren to be saved.
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