May 11 - Why Are We Here? - Daily Prayer


We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

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17 days ago
17 days ago ( updated 17 days ago )
Think about it, why are we really here, why was there even a creation, why do we take such an easy answer and make it so complicated. They say to understand anything you have to walk in someone else’s shoes, why should God be any exception, thought God is all powerful the only way to understand God is to put yourself in his shoes. Think about it: what is the one thing that people fears the most, Being alone or dying alone. Now think about it, Before the beginning what was there, what actually existed other than God, Nothing. Now if you were God would you like to exist just with nothing but empty space around you. I know I wouldn’t. Therefore God created everything so that he could enjoy the beauty of not being the only thing in existence and that why God gave everyone independent though. God could have made everything like a big puppet in which you only did things like a mindless drone, would you be satisfied to live in a world filled with only Store Mannequins and nothing else. We live today worrying about what someone else will do or what someone else may say and we get upset over what someone else may say about us, in other words we care only about what others may think that we have lost our on identity of self respect for one self. Some have gone as far as committed suicide of taking own life because they couldn’t face how other views them. The question is why? God gave you a mind to choose your own identity so why are you letting other choose your identity for you, even worse why make their views your views your views, if they tell you to go jump off a cliff would you actually go and do it just because they told you to by telling if you do it you will have a better life. As todays teaching to many people wants to be King when their was only one true king but to understand this King you need to under who this King was and why he loved you so much that he chose to shed his blood to free you from the debts of all your sins. No who else have done such a generous act for you and all Jesus said is: “Remember Me,” that all. Therefore we pray we pay tribune to the sacrifice made for us his Father creation hoping that we have since enough to be thankful that someone cared enough to lift us up from our Arrogant Ways and give us a fighting chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I know this is for pray request but how can we asked for prayers if we don’t take the time to understand the true meaning of why God created this such beauty that we seem today just want to take it all for granted only for our own selfish Desires. Do we really understand truly understand; “ for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Have we truly suffer need or are we just to caught up in our own arrogant ways
17 days ago ( updated 12 days ago )
My wife, family and I have been homeless for 6 months. We lost our lease because they sold the house we were in, so moved across the country to stay with “friends” because we had no place to go. Found out that they were not the friends we thought they were. They were very controlling and manipulative, trying to get us to put everything under there name, almost cultic and were starting to bring drugs into the house. So we used our tax return to emergency move back across the country to get our family safe, back where we came from, to stay with friends. Finally got jobs after a couple weeks, but we are not finding any housing for us at all, and the friends we are staying with asked us to leave 2 1/2 weeks ago, because they had other family coming in to live with them.

However, it ended up being a mutual leaving because the family we were staying with was a pastor and his family that we had known as previous neighbors, but found out that he was more concerned about his image and reputation and what people in his church & neighborhood thought about us staying there, and were saying about us, and having a double standard for us and our kids versus what he said the rules were for the house. Then the morning we were supposed to be leaving, the Wife came down to the room where we were staying and packing up our star, accusing us of a bunch of stuff we hadn’t said, or did, and I was trying to explain or defend ourselves telling her what we had talked to her husband about and the agreements he had made with him, call to find out she never told her any of it and she self admittedly said they don’t communicate to other and Fort Collins more than time point that second oldest son started getting upset and Verbally defending his mother and our family, to the point that their oldest charged out of the house, tackled him to the ground in the street, and started slamming his head to the pavement and fighting with him. He and then minutes later our friend, the pastor speeds into the driveway screaming and yelling and trying to get my son out of the car where we had separated him, because the police had been called, and the pastor jumps out of his car, rips off his day job uniform, throws it back in the car and starts telling my son to get out of our car, that “… I am going to lose my religion right now…“

So needless to say, as soon as we could finish packing, we got out of there as quickly as possible, hurt and upset that not only was our friend, that was a pastor, and had calls on us different times over the last five years when we’ve had other issues, was now threatening our son and her backing up his son assaulting mine in the street.

As the head of my home, this has already been stressful enough that it drove my heart rate up and put me in the hospital for a day, and then after that, I went back to work the next day at my new job of only a week and a half, and they let me go, saying I was not going fast enough or meeting their expectations of learning a completely new trade.

We are out of options, no place to go, our money is running out very fast because the only jobs we could find are 45 minutes away, each direction, up and back twice a day at the cost of $90 or so every other day!

And now that we were kicked out, and had no place to go, we were forced to two in a hotel in the city where thankfully my wife still had her job, 45 minutes away, so that way we would at least save the gas money every other day driving up and back, but have traded $90 every day and gas for $500 a week in a hotel.

If anyone has any ideas or ways to help, we need it and are very appreciative!

Please let me know in the comments, if you do.

Thank you in advance for your help or advice.

(Sorry, have to be vague with some details for safety reasons)
17 days ago
Hey everyone, please pray that I won't be angry at my cousin . He gets under my skin. Please pray that the Lord will change his life around. I try to tell him things for his own good, but then he tells me things that are immature in his own defense. I don't want any trouble from him, but no one else corrects him. Please pray that God gives me patience with my cousin. Thank you!
17 days ago
I live the Lord but I'm in an addiction I don't know how to stop.
Pray for me to overcome it.
Good bless
1 reply
17 days ago
The only way to overcome an old love is a new, greater love. You have to cling to Jesus with your entire being. Bring your addiction into the light where the evil one can no longer shame you. Believe in His promises if you are truly in Christ...a new creation, the old is gone, the new is come. Quit living the lie. Jesus is your would be Savior not the substance you're addicted to. Repent, ask forgiveness and fall on His mercy. Believe He will deliver you and begin walking (running) in a new direction.
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