March 14 - A Prayer to Our Mighty God - Daily Prayer


We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

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2 months ago
Please pray for me! I am having trouble with my spirituality!
2 months ago
I pray for my son and his wife to be blessed with normal and live children after two still births. Lord have mercy
2 months ago
I went so much at my workplace. I am supervisor, even I do great change in our department, I will be accused. At some point I became angry and start talk loud. I regret why I let myself be out of control. I stayed home today and prayed about it. Now I feel calm and believe that God forgive me all the mess I created. Please pray with me to stay calm and let God talk in my mouth and think in my brain. to be fast to listen, slow to talk and angry. God bless.
2 months ago
Please pray for my wife's cousin, also continue to pray for the innocent people of Ukraine.
2 months ago
Prayers for the people of Ukraine. I pray that God would turn Putin from the destruction and lies he perpetrates.
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