PRAYER: Dear Lord, as we have recently celebrated Father’s Day here in the US, we want to take a moment to praise You, our heavenly Father. We want to thank You for the love you have shown to all of us; love we don’t deserve. Father, we want to pray for the families who are struggling today. For the parent watching their child drift away from the faith. For the couple who have stopped communicating. For the family trying to make ends meet on a limited income. Lord, we know that nothing is broken beyond Your ability to restore. We know that no wounds are too deep You cannot heal, and that You will always provide. Please let the healing in our homes begin, and remind us daily of Your presence. We pray this in Jesus’ name, and for His glory. Amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Psalm 147:2-5.

The Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem and bringing the exiles back to Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and calls them all by name. How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension!

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Father God we lift up this family for their salvation and for the Christian husband to restore his passion and love for You so that he will be used by You to lead his family in Your love and grace. Pray also for the family to find a Bible based church and start attending it regularly for help and guidance from the pastor and other Christians.
Believe and trust God with faith in Jesus that He has chosen you for great works of faith and don’t neglect your daily prayers, reading the Bible and going to church and sharing Jesus with others.
God gives you wisdom and guidance to deal with all the situations that are coming against you in Jesus’s name amen. If you put your faith in Jesus then He is right there with the Holy Spirit guiding you in your decisions and challenges. God bless
Prayed for your daughter and son to be at peace with each other in Jesus’s name amen
Please pray and come in agreement with me in my total healing from diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate, cholesterol, vision to my left eye and any other medical issues like the CORONAVIRUS in Jesus’s name amen.
Corrections: pray, will
I praise that God I’ll heal your wound and grant you His peace as He gives you His forgiving heart. Know exactly how you feel. But just know He’s already answering your prayer.
Praise God!!!! Best decision you have made!!!!
Dear Denise, God is here, He is all around you. Feel Him near and ask Him for what you want. He loves you and wants your to return His love. He will help you in your concerns, just believe it and keep praying.
Please pray for me for a new job in Georgia to be close to my family and for financial breakthrough to be able to get a car, and home of my own.
Please pray for faithfulness, and for the joy of my dalvation to return. I have been backsliden for many years but want to return to the Lord.
Hi Rose, I am praying for you and your friend. I pray that God will help you hear him and act on his will in this and all situations, amen.
Please pray for my son-in-law and husband who are struggling with alcohol addiction. Also, please pray that my son-in-law and my daughter can find peace in the Lord.
Really need prayer to have the forgiveness of God to forgive a friend I had who has betrayed my trust and our friendship by lying to me, using me for sending money instead of coming to visit has she promised, which I sick of, broken promises.
God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance l pray for the salvation of your family also that the Holy Spirit will speak to the heart of your husband and he will turn his life around also let you be a beacon in the home to shine your light for him to see Jesus living in you
He is an qualms God please pray for my daughter and her 14 year old son bring peace among them .
Pray for me to know how to deal with a situation I'm battling with.
Pray, I become a good man of God
My husband's whole family and my mother and brother are unsaved. Please pray for God's salvation and favor upon them. Also, please pray for my marriage. My husband is a Christian but not leading a godly life.
Please pray for my 76 year old wife, Lois. she has come down with a bad case of shingles on her neck and right shoulder (presently). Just seven months ago she had a bad case that began on her Arthritic right knee and progressed up the nerves to her groin and then traveled down the back of her leg to the back of her knee. It took six weeks of medicating to get rid of it. Now she has been stricken with this new outbreak and we have no way of knowing where all it may travel and the pain she may endure. Jim L.
Amen, I agree
Praying for your situation, David!
Praying for you!
Praying for your son, Eva!
Lord I want to pray especially for the prodigals today who have turned aside from the faith, leaving behind broken families desperately in need of healing. Let healing begin by calling forth the prodigals, opening their eyes and enlightening their minds with the truth of your gospel. Jesus, is the only way to the Father and he is the life to emulate. Restore the prodigals Father by bringing them home and reuniting families. O God make them whole. Thanks be to Yahweh for rescuing humanity and saving souls through his sacrifice. Long live his kingdom and reign forever. Amen
I am praying with you for your grand daughter & her husband to find jobs soon and for their needs to be met right now.
I am praying with you for your family! I am praying for the children to have their hearts protected and for their mother to see God's truth today!
I am praying for your family! I can not imagine the heartache you have right now. I am praying for you to feel the arms of God wrapping around you & comforting you as you continue to grieve.
I am praying with you for healing of your heart & for you to feel the amazing peace from God!
I am praying for you to feel God strengthen you every step you are taking as you trust him fully today!
In Jesus’s name, please pray for my broken heart, healing, and eyes and hearts to be opened, for communication that has stopped in my relationships.
praying for my oldest daughter to allow us to come this sat to celebrate my grandson's birthday.. I missed his 2 yeas birthdays..
Please pray for healing for my broken heart and my anxiety. Thank u
🙏 Amen!
Hello I would like to ask for a prayer for my son he told me the other day said he is not saved yet if he would die he would not be ready he is 17 years old I would like to ask also if God has for him to be married to pray for his future wife I would like to ask for a prayer to heal the wounds that have been made over over the over the years between me and my husband there needs to be a lot of healing and communication understanding it seems like it is very difficult between me and my husband communication Thank you 🙏
In Jesus's mighty name. Amen
Byron, Please pray for God to break the grip of the evil one on the lives of my children. Pray that the Lord will remove the scales from their eyes and let them see that He is the only way. Pray that He will draw them close to Him once more. Thanks and God bless.
Dear heavenly father, I thank you for another day of life. I thank you for your grace and mercy father God. I pray even now for families experiencing a difficult time even now. It may be due to loss of a loved one or just trying to make ends meet Lord. I pray for those who are unemployed right now Lord I pray that you will provide them Lord. I pray for the depressed that you will comfort them. Lord I pray for people all over the world Lord that they will turn their lives over to you and have you mold them into what you want Lord. I pray you will touch each and every heart. I pray for all christians even now that you that you strength each and evry one that they may continue serve you wholeheartedly. I pray Lord for healing over our land Lord that that this virus will disappear. In you name I pray. Amen
Father God, I pray for Rosalie's family to turn their hearts and lives to You. As I have prayed for my family to reconcile - first we need to be reconciled to You. May the God of peace fill Rosalie with all joy and peace as she trusts You, so that Rosalie will overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Help my sister to not grow weary in praying. We thank You and praise You for the mighty all sufficient God You are. In Jesus name, amen
Please pray for me am struggling tryin to do right it seems trouble comes around. I want to get close to god also healing in my body and protection. Over me and my. Little family. God bless
May the God of hope fill this family with all joy and peace as they trust You, so that this family will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Father help my brothers to be strong and courageous and run the race of faith with endurance as they fix their eyes on Jesus. We give thanks for hearing our prayers and providing our needs. In His name we pray, Amen
Hello, thank you. Currently my wife, Prangsri Williams, is in Thailand since past end of January this year. Eva airlines is unable to fly into or out of Taipei. Airspace there is closed because of the Covid-19. Like to see that airspace open up by August 1st and for my wife be able to fly. Until that time, safety, open doors for minsitry. Looking for that faithful gal to invest in. For myself, David, stay out of sin, stay in Word. Thank you.
Father in Heaven, I pray for my brothers and sisters who are going through a rough season right now. Help them to look to You and know that even in the darkest of times You are there as the Light and Guide for them. Amen
Lord, heal this world and our 💕, teach us and feed us ur word, give us grace to be obedient.......... Amen
Lord the world is in turmoil, people are crying, dying ffom this virus and so many others are being killed.Lord enlighten our hearts and help those that ate sick soften the hearts of the harden in the hope of improved mankind and humanity, in this we pray to the Lord
Lord Jesus, our family is going through a difficult time. I have lost my job and my son is having difficulty at university. Heavenly Father, please help me to find a job soon so that my wife doesn't have to shoulder the burden on her own. Please help my son with his studies and help him to pass his exams that he has just completed. Amen
Praying with your for strength from the Lord through these hard times. Also for God's mercy and the gift of faith to know Him more. Amen!
I am praying for strength thru these hard times, and give us mercy and faith to know you more.
Our Father God please touch our country and heal our land. We need your help to end the discord that is raging and destroying us. Lord touch and heal those affected with Covid 19. Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy.
Praying for your niece and her workplace situation.
Praying with you.
Joining you in prayer.
Praying for you and your family.
Also praying for our nation.
Praying for your eye sight.
Joining with you in prayer.
I'm praying for you Rosalie.
Praying for the family pup.
Amen. I also pray for our world.
Joining you in prayer.
Praying for your family.
Praying for your daughter and her family.
I pray for my daughter Holly, husband Stephen and little Liam and Elliott that Jesus will breakthrough the parents hearts. I pray that they will come to serve him and teach their children about salvation. Holly is my prodigal. She turned her back on God a while ago. I have seen him work in her life in answer to prayers though. She doesn't know it. They live in a dark city where the devil has many minions vying for their souls. I know Jesus is stronger though. Please hear a mother and grandmother's prayer. Touch their hearts.
Hello there From columbus ohio .could you Ask our father to keep my family close to cristjesus . They have been slipping away little by little. There's Ferrell family , Saultz family, and cudliff family all Starts with my kids Mom Shelly my two kids (boy)Shannon ,(girl ) Kayla . They both have kids in the belly on the way my prayer for that is those kids are not raised not even knowing jesus . Thank you Steven Ferrell
I pray for all the lost souls. Heal them and bring them back to you lord. I pray in Jesus name amen
Plz pray for spiritual healing for the world
A very loved family dog needs prayer for healing. He's 5 and may have to have emergency surgery tonight. It's serious and the owner can't afford the cost. Pray for healing. I know all is possible with God if it's his will. Thank you
Father, please bless this family with financial wisdom to use the money you provide in the best way possible that glorifies and honors you. Of course, please help them to focus on their mortgage in this time! Amen!
Rosalie In need of prayer reconciliation with our son and daughter in law. Need help with special diet for pre-diabetes so it won't develop into full blown diabetes I believe stress is part of it. Thank you
Dear God, please heal Trevor! Help him to see you clearly and your love for him. I pray, Lord, that your work in his life will be seen for the witness to your power and mercy that it is.
Amen! Thank you for this prayer!
Jean, I hear your prayer! I am praying for your children that they would move toward Christ. God does amazing things with our hearts should we even glimpse in His direction. I pray that they would overcome their issues with alcohol and walk in the light. Praise the Lord for you as you lay your heart for your children before God!
Prayers for my children please. They all have issues with alachol. My oldest my be serving jail time for a DUI. Please pray for them to listen to God and follow Him
My Lord and Savior I'm truly grateful for your love, guidance, strength and wisdom...I have been through some trials and tribulations and I know it was you that held my hand and guided me through all my mess. I give you the glory bc with out you there would be know me. I feel great too know that your here for me know matter what, so with that you are my only true care taker..I talk to you about EVERYTHING..and I'm relieved too have and outlet to vent, cry and just be free without judgement. God is Great!
We pray for healing for all who are suffering any illness and pain. May our Heavenly Father enfold them and keep them in His care.
Heavenly father, faithful and true thank you hearing and answering our cries and prayers to you. We confess that we have sinned as individuals and as a natiion. Please forgive our transgressions, heal our hearts, minds, ' bodies and our land. I pray for wisdom for leaders in your body and the nation. Cause us to see clearly, to justice and to show mercy. We are desperately in need of you. Thank you for hearing us because of Jesus Christ.
Dearest heavenly Father, We thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and partition to you today and every day with honor and thanksgiving. We bless your Holy name Lord as we ask you to heal your people and our land. Lord please heal the sick and down heartened. The homeless and the hungry. The unsaved and the saved. Help those that have lost their way Lord. And continue to strengthen those and educate those that know you. Help our world and restore our health and prosperity in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen
Lord- You are the great Father- we ask you now for mercy and healing over Trevor. Show him, his family, and the doctors that You still care and You still heal today. We pray for complete recovery for Trevor; for Your Glory!
It's a tough time for business owners. I am praying for Janine and her company during this time.
Praying for your children and their relationship with the Lord.
Father we thank you that we could come to you at any time. We thank you that you are God and there is none beside you. You are awesome in power and majesty. We know you will build your church and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. However, we would not be ignorant of the cunning devices of the evil one who would try to destroy your servants who are on the battle field upsetting the devils wicked plans. We supplicate your throne for your servants Lord. Fill them Lord with the power of the Holy Spirit that they would declare your word and your truth, so that sinners would come to claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and believers would be encouraged and strengthened in their christian walk. Father we exalt you and give you all the glory and praise. In Jesus name, amen.
Pray for our three children to have a closer walk with the Lord in full surrender to Him.
Praying for your family, Judith! May the Lord provide the healing you are asking for, and lead your family to be closer to Jesus while excersising His love and His grace in their lives. Amen!
Praying for Trevor and for Almighty God to lay his hands on this boy and heal his body. Praying for the wisdom of medical professionals to navigate best recover path for Trevor. Praying for Trevor's family to help them through this tough time, and praying for their faith to be strong and their prayers to be heard. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Almighty God I give you praise and thanks for life. Lord I adore you and understand that nothing is too difficult for you to accomplish. I bring before you Trevor who has fallen through a skyline to concrete now in a coma and would have received many injuries. Lord your are the great physician we are asking you to intervene on our behalf to put things right. Bring him back to consciousness and stability, ease the trauma of the family and give them the assurance that you are in control. and let peace and calm reign in their hearts. As we wait we are thanking you for what you will do according to your will in Jesus name
Joan Prayer for better eye sight which has been diagnosed with cataract
Trevor who is 19 fell through a skylight to concrete 40 ft below and is in a coma with many injuries! Pray for healing!!!
Pray for my husband and my daughter for healing.
Heavenly Father, we enter Your Holy Presence with thanksgiving and praise acknowledging that You are God Who reigns soveringly in our affairs. We lift to You all requests in this forum and ask for healing, restoration, love and peace to the broken hearted, sick and hurting. We declare that nothing is too hard for You to do. Lord, we boldy leave all these prayer requests in Your hands knowing than You hear and answer prayers. We patiently wait with grateful and thankful hearts. In Jesus' name. Amen!
Praying for healing and restoration from past hurts for family members, for all nations and leaders, and the unsaved, that all will come to saving faith in Christ Jesus through the spreading of the gospel.
I pray that the Lord will bless our finances and help us to catch up on our mortgage. Please, Lord, give us the wisdom we need to cut what we can and help my family to detach from all of the luxury that they have become accustomed to. Jesus I trust in You.
Praying for our nation! Bring healing to minds and hearts !
God comfort your hearts. Praying for his father to find Jesus. My heart goes out to all of you. Jesus loves you and so do I.