July 23 - Grateful Living - Daily Prayer



We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

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13 days ago
Please pray for continued healing to my skin issues. Please also pray for my fiancé Juanita and I and that we may be married soon. God bless.
23 days ago
Amen Thank You Lord 🙏🏻
25 days ago
Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your gift of grace which You have given me unreservedly. I am not deserving of the least of all Your gifts, but yet I thank You for sharing Your best with a poor sinner like me. Again, thank You Lord, for Your generous love shown to me.
25 days ago
a month ago
In hospital. Please pray that all tests go well and I get better soon.
Thank you and God bless. Tom
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