January 29 - Make a Difference - Daily Prayer


We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.

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4 months ago
Heavenly father help us to make a difference in your words spiritually and mentally with others, father you are worthy to be worship with praises daily. Amen.
4 months ago
Father, we pray for those seeking guidance, assurance and for those seeking to understand what your call upon their lives truly means. You alone provide clarity for our lives, lived one day at a time. AMEN!
4 months ago
amen! let is reach out to others, to pray for them, to talk with them, to share the wondrous beauty of God's love and care for them. Let us be used as you choose to use us. Amen!
4 months ago
4 months ago
ABBA, lead me to the people or person You’d like me to show compassion to🙏
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