Help Us Persevere - Weekly Prayer

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, our God who never changes, please give us the strength today to persevere. Help us to stand against the worry that presses against us. Show us the way of escape when temptations draw near. And Lord, let our example be a shining light for you among our family and our neighbors. Let them see your strength at work in us, and give us the opportunity to share with them about You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Romans 12:12-13.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Lord, i m seeking forgiveness for my sins. I know that you forgive me automatically, but I am still having difficulty letting go. I'm being attacked from all sides. I present my petition to you, the God of all things wonderful. In Jesus' powerful name. Amen
I ask for my God to allow these four generations(our fathers, us, our sons, our grandchild) to meet him and see his wonderful works at this time in such a way that all of us will be a testimony of our living God.
I'm going through a strange feeling of hearing strange voices in my ears,please pray for me
2 weeks ago I was bitten by a spider (don't know what kind) After a penicillin shot and 10 days of oral penicillin, I still have swelling and the arm is sore to the touch. Please pray for God's healing.
Our Father who is in heaven we come humbly before you with the knowledge that our help comes from you , we ask that you vanquish all fear , doubt, worries and anxiety that may looming over us at this time.of uncertainty help us to fully realize the fullness of the love that you have for us and that it vanquishes fear , help to always know that you are in control, Father go before us take control of our everyday lifestyles every aspect of it . We often get flustered in troubled times but Our Father we are reminded that your strength is perfect for our weakness so may we always trust in your words because it is the GPS that leads us to you may your will always be done in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Praying for you! Praying that you will see what God is doing in your life. Now may the Lord of peace Himself grant you His peace at all times and in every way [that peace and spiritual well-being that comes to those who walk with Him, regardless of life's circumstances]. The Lord be with you all 2 Thessalonians 3:16 (AMP) Let me experience Your faithful love in the morning, for I trust in you. Reveal to me the way I should go because I appeal to you . Psalm 143:8
Praying for Earnestine. Also praying for you and the family. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13
Praying for healing in your relationships. Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of. Ephesians 3:20
God you are our healer we thank you for your healing lord amen
Praying that God transform son in law and husband and keep u all safe under his mighty wings
God in ur mercy sent his only son for us coz u loves us and is with us what ever befalls us father we place this problem into ur loving hands touch both of them and heal their hearts and mind father in ur great mercy make a way for joe Charles son let him find a job lord he needs it badly open the door for him father in JN amen
Asking for continued prayers for my son dealing with anxiety and out of work, pray that he may look to our Lord for help and guidance in hie battle with anxiety and for support to move forward in his life. Also pray for my brother who battles addiction and is all alone and can't let go of all the hurt from his divorce and lost relationships wih his children, pray that the Lord may give him peace and hope for better times and healed relationships ahead.
Praying for you. Numbers 6:24-26 May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.
Praying for your complete healing!
Please continue to pray for my son-in-law and my husband who are facing addiction challenges. Also please pray for my entire family, that they stay safe and free from illness.
I’m believing God for total leg strength, range of motion and no drop foot. My whole body completely Healed in Totallity!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
I am requesting continued prayers for my relationships to be healed and restored. For God to do the impossible in all areas of my life and in all areas that need healing. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen
I'm asking for continued prayers for my entire family, my friends, my co- workers, my neighbors, community & our entire universe. I'm asking for a particular concentration on my sister, Earnestine who is experiencing strong signs of dementia. I'm asking God to keep her covered by the mighty blood of Jesus! In Jesus' name, Amen
All I'm asking to move out navada! Have hated living in navada for 19 years! I miss living in Hayward, California. Don't have any friends or family in navada! God hasn't answered any prayers request for 56 years!
Please pray for a close friend of mine whose mother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable bowel cancer and has been given 1 or 2 months to live and her brother also has iat the same time been diagnosed the same but is on kemo and had 1 to 2 years life. She is a Christian but is obviously under a lot of pressure thank you
Praying that God will put the right people around her and that her circumstances will draw her to a relationship with him. Having worked with this I know the battle she is facing inside and out. Praying for freedom from it all.
I'm remembering you in prayer, Jan. I know what depression is like. I've experienced it several times myself and understand how debilitating it can be. One thing I learned is that I can't trust my feeling and thoughts when I'm in a depression. That's why I would encourage you to read God's word. If you can't focus, try playing audios of the books of the bible. You can find them on YouTube for free. Out of the three - thoughts, feelings, and actions - the easiest to change is actions. Exercise has been proven to be just as effective as medication. So, while you're waiting for the medication to start working, go for a brief walk. Even if it's only walking a block or two, getting out of your home is good for you. Most important is you took action. You set a small, manageable, achievable goal and you did it. It will truly help you feel better. If you can walk a block the next time set a bit higher goal but again, make sure it's something you know you can achieve easily. Before you know it you will start to feel better. Most importantly remember your heavenly Father loves you. He will never leave you. I will hold you in prayer, Jan. God bless you and keep you in His care. 🙏
Your request touched my heart. Praying for Jessica to turn her life around and bring God all the glory for her freedom from addiction.
Jan, don't look at your circumstances, instead praise God daily, wheatear you fill like it or not! This is the greatest thing you can do, which is relaying on your Heavenly Father, who already has delivered you from depression and all that is causing any distress in your life, 2000 years ago! Read His word daily, specially Psalms 91. His word will refresh your heart and mind and will give you purpose with the strength to do it with! God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life! In Jesus name, be blessed!
Father God, we send your ministering Angels to be at Jessica's side to restore her and deliver her from this curse of drugs! Instead, we ask you fill her with your love and your Holy Spirit, given her a new life in Christ. Let her experience your mighty power that has delivered her, as a testimony to all those around her! Give her the boldness to reach others, who are in similar conditions! All to your glory and honor. In Jesus name. Amen!
Heavenly Father, thank you for loving our daughter Elizabeth, healing and removing all matter of pain and decease off her body. May her doctors reports confirm this and give her a clean bill of health. We lift up our niece Lupita, praying that she will get a good report from her doctor on Saturday. Thank you for healing her! I also thank you, for providing housing for our niece Mary. As they move into their new apartment, we command any evil spirits that may be lingering in that place, to be gone! Thank you for given us authority and power to cast out evil spirits off our lives! I also want to thank you for restoring good health on my wife's body, who has been diagnosed with sclerosis, some nodes in her lungs, and symptoms of vertigo. Even though her doctors are saying this, your word says she has been healed 2000 years ago! For by your stripes she was healed! In Jesus name . Amen! Thank you Lord for your provision and protection for our family. We give you praise and glory! In the most wonderful name, the name of JESUS!
I am asking for specific prayer for my daughter Jessica. She is an IV drug user and has od multiple times. please pray that she turns her life around and that she really allows God into her heart, her life and lets him free her of this addiction. .
I'm praying for you, Jan.
Please pray for the salvation of Joe, Elisa and Will. I need prayer for my husband , his health, and his spirit. Please pray for our marriage of 51 years that he will draw us closer together and to forgive each other for the things we’ve done wrong, especially me. Please pray for our finances and the decisions we make Monday. I just want to thank the Lord for All of His blessings because I know I am richly blessed with a husband, 5 children their mates Nd 12 grandchildren and they love me, WOW! We have been through many battles and come through on the winning side because of the sacrifice God give when He gave us His Son to die in our place and I am so thankful. I am going through a storm right now and I beg the Lord to bring me out on the other side. Than these precious souls who have Have their hearts, minds and souls set on You, Lord God. I pray for your deliverance, in Jesus Name, amen
Heavenly Father, this lady has feet problems. I understand the pain because of my own feet. I don’t know if she has had a second opinion but I pray for the decision they have to make. I think of the people in Your Word that you healed, where the crippled walked, the dumb to talk and even raising Lazarus from the dead. I know that NOTHING is impossible so help us in our unbelief. Help us to fast and pray, trusting in the answers You have for her. God, You are so wonderful, praiseworthy, loving and kind. We draw on Your loving kindness knowing that Tou know best. Let Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. We want to thank You and tell You we love You, in the name of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus. Amen
Heavenly Father, I lift up this young lady and the petition she has brought before You. Lord, we come humbly before Your throne and beg for this mans salvation. Only You can draw him to Tou and only You can change this mans heart, mind and soul. I pray You will be with this wife that you will bring her peace in whatever You decide. I know that Your Word gives the right of divorce in cases of infidelity. Lord, please draw all of us closer to You and give us peace as we wait for Your decision. We thank you, and praise You because you are our Great Physician and can mend everything, every heart , mind and spirit. Please help us and give us the peace that passes all understanding as we await for Your answer. Thank you, Lord, we praise You and we want to tell You we love You. In Jesus name, amen
Hi I would like to ask for prayers for myself my mom died in February suddenly she was and I care home and one evening we just got a phone call that she passed away and I could not say goodbye it hurts me so much so many questions I have I just feel like that she turned her back on me. And another thing that I am struggling with when people can not forgive I have that in my family are some the cannot forgive and I have friends what I hear from them is they have forgiven but they're still carry the hurt and it seems like whatever the person says who has hurt them they cannot do or say anything that the forgive or forget there are times it comes up and I have a hard time with that
You are not alone, it is such a crazy time, I try to remember hymns full of scripture to keep me. The Lord knows our every need and he is always there to help us. Sometimes the simplest prayer for me is "help Lord, I so need thee". Never ever doubt he hears our prayer and loves us.
I pray this will help you - I would ask you to surround yourself with worship music, whatever kind speaks to you, go into the Psalms and read there also desperation, depression, but yet praise that God would bring David through. God loves you and wants to see you free of depression, please know that above all else, I pray a powerful move of the Holy Spirit over you to help you during this time. You are so loved!
God has been blessing us great ly. But i am so depressed i can't stand it. I am on meds but not helping. Please pray for me to have strength to go forward.
It might be best that you take care of yourself now. Still keep him in your prayers, but I know my mom was married to an alcoholic before my dad and the man beat her so badly she almost lost an eye. She stuck it out for seven years but things kept getting worse so she divorced him. Take care of yourself now.
Maybe a second opinion?
Thank you for your prayers, as long as I keep putting Jesus first in my life I will be blessed. This is one of His promises. I will continue to pray for others as well. Keep looking up.
I am still struggling with the issues of the present day,
Please pray for my daughter. She has had feet problems for 25 to 30 years. Her feet hurt when she walks. She had reconstructive surgery on one foot last year, but that didn't solve the problem, now she needs it on the other foot. I would like for God to heal her. Thank you.
Father hear this mother crying out to you lord only you can bring about the change lord father in your great mercy forgive us and hear us lord father in JN amen
Lord Jesus v pray for the people of Arizona their difficulties the problems they face lord heal father in your mercy and help Gloria in JN amen
Lord father we place brother Adrian into your powerful hands in your great mercy remove the bonds of the evil one and set your son free whom u created lord calm him down and fill his heart and mind of you transform him father in JN amen sister
Please pray for the salvation of my husband adrian and for him to be delivered from, anger/his abusive ways, drugs, alcohol and the adultry he is engages in. Last October he overdosed on xanex and crown royal... I learned yesterday through the ins co that in 7/4 he was in critical care for accidental/unintentional heroin poisoning. He’s not talking to me right now bc he is living with his married gf and I’m having to struggle to get him to pay for the bills he owes.
I will pray for your Church.
My name is Gloria I would like to ask for a prayer request for the ppl in Arizona that are going thru difficult times and also for myself I just really need to have self control and stop being selfish. Thank you
I pray for you and I do know how you feel because it happened to me keep up your hope because I am back with my daughter so there is hope!
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you.
Please pray for my son who is struggling with addiction, I come to the Lord with all my heart and soul to cure him of this deadly illness that doesn’t only affect him but has broke me his mother his daughter his sister friends and family in Jesus name Amen’
I will pray for you.
Joining you in Praise.
Praying for our nation and the word with you. This world needs healing, and lots of grace and understanding, and love! Amen!
Praying for those in charge of decisions in your organization. May the Lord provide wisdom and understanding to them, as well as watch over everyone's health!
Praying for your grandfather and his health. Also praying that your transition back to college goes smoothly, and the adjustment is not too stressful. Praying that the Lord will watch over you and your family in the upcoming weeks. In Jesus' name, Amen
For our community
For our community’s health
Mary, praying for restoration and healing for you and your family.
I have a prayer request. My Grandpa is getting old and might not live out the year. Please pray for that. Also, I'm going back to college in a few weeks, so pray that goes well.
Asking God to provide for you Francine.
Mary, praying for you and your family.
My name is Mary. I am 70 years old. My daughter walked away from me last year. She is married. I have 2 born this year I have never been called to meet. I've gone through utter despair and mourning but God is in control. I've joined Celebrate Recovery as a way of healing. I ask you to stand in the game with me over my daughter Chris and her husband Tony that laborers will cross their paths and my family will be healed according to Isaiah 58:12. In Jesus name who conquered death I ask for strength to bear the heartache and great trust in God's timing.
I'm praying with you.
Praying for God's loving embrace to wrap around your life and give you comfort during this trying time.
Praying with you.
Praying for you.
Praying with you!
Praying for you.
I am praying for you to feel God's peace today! When I get sad I turn to the Psalms - I hope you can find some encouragement from there. I am also praying for your children.
Judith - I am praying for this process to be finished without any health complications.
My name is Francine, asking for prayer for a financial breakthrough, also to find a good job with great pay to be near my elderly Mom and family and to find a affordable home and vehicle,
Praying for safety & a refreshing time on your trip.
I pray that you will feel God's peace today - he is right there with you. I pray for strength & comfort for you.
I am praying for healing for your body. I am also lifting up the lawsuit & for your son to turn his life over to God fully!
Phyllis - I am praying for guidance & direction for your children.
Nanette - I am praying with you for your daughter to feel peace instead of anger.
I am praying with you for Stephen & Jonathan
Please pray for Steven and Jonathan
I just want us to continue staying United in praying for our entire universe especially during these trying and uncertainty times. Praying for our front lines, essential workers, government leaders & officials. Our police & firefighters. Our children. Sick & shut-ins. Our elderly. Lonesome, homeless, hopeless, unsaved, saved. Everybody. In Jesus' name. Amen
Wow, that is stressful! Lord please help JLM and his family hear your words and find your peace in this up coming medial situation, amen!
Please pray for my nephew J.L.M. who is anxious about his upcoming surgery!
Please pray about my daughter's anger issues.. It's killing me. Thank you!
Please pray for my ability to do my job and focus with clarity and understanding. Thank you
Pray that my children would make the best decisions with respect to their studies and career that all would be according to God's will.
Heavenly Father we continue to pray for the mending of the relationship between this grandmother and her grand daughter. We continue to pray for healing and wisdom in going forward. You are the God who know everything and have the answer, so we thank your for your divine intervention. In Jesus name. Amen
May the Lord provide you with your needs and pour out His spiritual blessings on your church. Amen.
Praying for you and your future.
Praying for your grand daughters.
Joining you in praise!
Abba, open the eyes of those who have caused these charges and expose the enemies plan. Vindicate and move. In Yeshuas name
Abba You know just how the relationship with this granddaughter can improve, what steps to be taking and all changes to be made. I ask You to move for this situation.. In Yeshuas name.
Father! you are El Roi, you see everything! Your Word says in Hebrews 4:13 everything is naked and open before you, therefore nothing and no one escapes your sight. Please intervene on our Brother or Sister's behalf in Jesus Name!!
Father God you said no weapon form against us shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against us you will condemn Family believe God
Praying that God's hand is on this situation and that His will be done.
Thank you God for this new day. Please protect us as we go about the tasks you have laid before us.
I'm praying for the relationship between you and your granddaughter.