PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, today in America we are commemorating the National Day of Prayer. And how can we pray for our nation today without thinking of all those here and around the world affected by the COVID-19 outbreak? Lord, please give our health care workers the strength, and compassion they need to treat those in their care. For everyone who has lost their job or home, we pray that you give them grace and lead them to those who can help. In our Father's name, Amen.

SHARE: What are your prayers for our nation today? For your town or community?
Dear Heavenly Father I pray that this nation wakes up and see the government for who they are, and stop judging each other based on skin color or what they been taught. Lord i wish that all the killings would stop and they the cops who are racist that you touch their hearts to understand it’s not right to take someone’s “life” because they feel they have the power to. Lord you said if we seek you we shall find you ! And I hope all is seeking during this time father we need your strength,guidance,humbleness and more .
Heavenly Father we come to you in the name of Jesus the Christ your Son. You sent your Son to take our sins to the cross of forgiveness and by His willingness to do your Will we are able to come to your throne with our requests. Through the Great I AM I ask that your Will be done! I lift up our small towns, communities and those Church leaders who play a large part in the mental health of those who look to the church for Truth’s that come from the Living Word of God. May an hedge of protection be on our Families, Communities, States and Country. In Jesus Name I pray for all our leaders all the way up to our President.
Pray for the leaders for the wisdom of this time.
Lord, I pray that you will help our leaders to listen to your words, and enact your will - amen.