Find Us Faithful - Weekly Prayer

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, our Righteous Judge, we pray for Your justice and mercy today. We ask that You would hear our prayers and strengthen our faith. For those who are suffering, we pray that You would bring them relief. For those who have been treated wrongly by others, we pray for justice. Give us the perseverance to be able stand before You day after day with our requests, that You would find us faithful when You return. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Luke 18:7-8.

“And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Prayers for you for peace and comfort. God bless you.
I am so sorry. I prayed for you and your wife. Stay strong. And pray you both can get out soon.
I pray God’s blessings and healing upon your family
Keep at it! The enemy would love for you to stop and give up....God hears and will deliver....I always think of the biblical story of Joshua.....the walls came tumbling down during the 7th time...what if he had quit on the 6th time around? Stay encouraged.....pray, read and fast....continue to trust God because your 7th lap just may be tomorrow! Will be praying for you and your family!
I was studying about what the armor of God means this evening. I think this may help you as well as it does me. Put on the Girdle of Truth (Word of God), Breastplate of Righteousness (Jesus Christ's Righteousness is what enables us to overcome not our own righteousness), Shoes of Peace (Peace that surpasses understanding: walk by faith, stand firm, do not believe the lies of the enemy), Shield of Faith: Walk by Faith, not by sight. God is always here, "even until the end of the age"), Helmet of Salvation: Lord, give us the mind of Christ! (Focus on what is good, holy, true, of good report. Have the mind of Christ). Most of all, the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Saying praise to God always helps because He inhabits the praises. Also, resist temptation and the devil will flee (this can be any kind of temptation you have in life; we all are subjected). Praying with you....
Hi my name is Blanca I need some player warriors to pray for me and my family as we have battle with our own mind it seems that there is a battle war in there. We been praying for transformation of my mind and heart but it seems that We not strong enough no matter how hard We try to read the word and sustain ourselves from all this emotions we’ll We continue to fall. I love God and I know he can do the impossible possible is just that the enemy just won’t give up. I feel tired and overwhelmed.
Hello my name is asking for prayer in my financial situation and to get out of debt.. and I need prayer for healing and Fb for deliverance for me and my family.. and prayer for a breakthrough. Thank You...🙏🏽
We pray He will meet all your needs according to His riches in glory!
My name is A. Elizabeth and. I am going through a difficult season of spiritual warfare.....all my life I have been with the Lord and the enemy has assailed strong attacks in my mind trying to make me doubt my salvation and many crazy thoughts. My pastor husband has cancer, I had COVID and then only child, teenager, who loves the Lord came down with COVID. Thank God we have mostly recovered but we have been experiencing some depression. Please pray for us and God to restore a sound mind and that God will help me walk in the confidence knowing I am assuredly His! Thank you!
My name is Wanda. I am unemployed. I apply for unemployment benefits but nothing came through yet. I need my bills pay. I pray the GOD will bless me in this time. I would love for everyone will pray for me as well to strong in this situation. I pray this in Jesus name. AMEN.
I would love for everyone to pray for me to get stronger in Christ Jesus and for my health to get recover and my immediate family to grow stronger in Jesus Christ
Prayers of happiness and positivity for growing new relationship
Restoration in my family. Allergies that is bordering me. A pain in lower abdomen.
My father-in-law (devout Christ-follower and dedicated his life in service) was accepted into Jesus arms last evening resulting from his battle with COVID. Most of the local family (also Christ-followers) all have COVID. Here is the problem. The 2 brothers/wives and FIL wife wants a 15 minute grave side service, immediate family only, on Friday this week. It will be video taped for those who can't come. So far my husband and I have remained COVID-free. We have pre-conditions that could be fatal if we were to contact COVID. We desperately seek God's direction whether to participate in this 15 minute grave-side service in person or not. We are truly torn. My FILs wife understands if we don't come and doesn't want additional casualties, but there is mounting pressure and guilt trips from the 2 brothers for us to participate in person. Please pray for God to direct our steps and give us reason for and peace with our decision. Thanks.
A safe trip at a family gathering and all avoiding a viral infection We are celebrating 60 years of marriage
Hello fellow Christians. I come to you today to ask you for prayers for my wife Judi and I. Judi lost her sister to cancer 2 years ago and then a couple of months ago her Brother in Law passed from cancer as well. On top of that my wife has been taking care of me. I’m end stage COPD and most days are a struggle. I was hospitalized 3 times last year and have been on covid lockdown 5 months now. Because of my disease she is limited in what she can do outside the home so as to not bring anything home with her. Throughout all of this she has taken good care of me but I see her struggling. I pray that she does not give up. She believes but her beliefs and faith are being tested. Please pray for encouragement, strengthening of her faith and peace. If there is any prayer power left please send some my way. If not for the Lord I would truly be living a life without cause or purpose, only suffering.
hi yes i need prayers for my son and two daughter to be safe and to heal their body and keep them from all harm that might threaten them please pray for them thank you amen
Praying for your daughter and Lord's mercy!
Lord please help her with this wonderful request. Give her your peace Father, Holy Ghost, our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. Amen Amen
Lord I didn’t know the situation this young man is in but you do. Please give this family your peace that passes all understanding, intervention is needed now Lord please we beg of you your help. I pray a hedge of understand around him dear lord. I understand there is a daughter in need of prayer so we lift her up put a shield of protection around her and we ask that she will have a closer relationship with you dear Jesus. In our precious Lord and savior’s name Amen Amen
hi there i would like for you and your staff to pray for my son and daughter. Also is it such thing as your kids life being cursed? it seems my son has so many issues in his life all the time things that hinders him i feel like there is no peace in his life his life seems stressed all the time i pray to God all the time for him. yes years ago my son accepted Jesus Christ in his heart younger in his life......please pray that his life is with peace..please pray that God help the situation to get better and i [ray that God bring to his life the woman he wants him to marry so he can get himself and sons into the church...please please please pray for his life.
Hi, my name is Mary Peralez. My husband Steve of 47 1/2 years passed away on July 20th. He went to the ER on June 24th positive with covid-19 and he never came home. I will not give that disease credit for taking my sweetie, I surrendered him to the Lord and He came to fulfill His plan. My heart is broken into a million pieces, so I have given all of those pieces to my Lord so He can turn them into a Masterpiece. I want healing of my heart and how I can use what had happened to me and my family to help others. Amen
God always have set of faithful people set apart who will glorify Him and do is will. I will like you to pray for me ,I need healing for my feet there are painful and the left one has a sore on it please pray for healing for me ,and pray for my grandson Jashon that he will be obedient to his elders and that God will open up his understanding and his ears ,pray that he will not give in to the schemes of the evil one and that God will take control of him he is fourteen soon be fifteen. Thank you
I ask everyone to pray for my daughter. She has lost her way to drugs. I also ask that you pray for me so that I will know what to say and do to help her.
One of the things that I brought back home from today's church sermon is that Jesus came not to get me into Heaven, but to get Heaven into me. The Kingdom life can only be lived with a transformation of character which results in a change of nature which results in a change of conduct giving us peace with God and with others. LORD, please help me to live out my life in transformation to what You want me to be.
Requesting prayers for my 89 year old mother who is getting ready to undergo a very serious surgery.
This prayer was a big encouragement for me. Thank you. We can often get discouraged in our journey as believers in a dark world. I often find myself battling with this.
Thank you lord God almighty for this ministry I pray that you would give us all a heart after you and the desire to pray, to carry the cares of the world to you in prayer, to carry the burden of prayer, break our hearts for what breaks yours Amen
I thank you for the invitation to join this group. I feel priviledged to have the chance to focus on the needs of my brothers and sisters in the Lord in prayer as the days become more challenging for believers. I pray that the Lord will help me (and others needing the same) to direct my attention away from the awful and growing conditions of the world at present to an upward focus on Him, resting in His sovereign control.
Please pray that our country will come together in peaceful unity during these difficult times and that as Christians we will love, support and uplift those around us.
That the Lord would revive my love, restore my soul and renew my faith so I can live and serve Him. To meet my family needs and care for myself and all the huge tasks that urgently, daily and life long things need to be done.
Prayers for Dean Garofalo and His immediate family as Dean overcomes and resists the demons of beer, alcohol, drugs, anger, greed, unforgivness , worthlessness and insecurity. Thank you father for protecting this family right now in their time of need,. Thank you for your grace and mercy as you raise them up out of the lies of the enemy, in Jesus’s Holy name Amen
You are not alone. I too pray for Gods healing presence to be upon you. Sounds as if your yolk is heavy. I pray for God and us to help you carry the load. Amen
I pray for those who are depressed, who felt like no one was on their side. I pray for those who felt like they loose on this battlefield. I pray that they may find their worth. And they may follow the path that God have been paving for them. Brothers and sister, keep on holding on God's word, for we all know, "this too shall pass".
I pra
I pray that my Lord Jesus Christ help all who struggle to have faith in like and in him that he come and fill them with his strength and his grace to help us keep searching for his glory and that He pour his Love so we can learn to Love each other I pray for my family that they are able to keep strong in him and that My son can excel in his ministry and that he is able to build it up for the Glory of the Lord in his name Amen
Dale - I am praying that the doctors can figure out the reason why you are having this happen and provide some relief for you!
I am praying with you for Tim to be surrounded by other Christians as they concur their Senior year! Praying that this is a fantastic year for the Seniors and even though it is a "different" year for all the students - I pray that they will stay focused & grow closer to God!
I am praying with you today!
Lord I lift up my bros and sisters in Christ that are struggling both financially and physically. Please meet their needs. I also want to lift up those struggling with the Corona virus along with those families who lost their loved one to this horrible virus. Please Lord I need you to touch me with your healing hand. Please make sure my bladder cancer is gone and I would really appreciate a healing hand upon my kidneys and cause them to start working again. I would really be greatful if you would lay a healing hand on me and cure me from my open Heart surgery induced type 2 diabetes.
Just don't give up HE Will finish what He has started in you.That is one of His promises. I have been there, and it has taken a while, and although I am not a completed work yet ( and won't be until the end) believe me, I am not who I used to be.God bless you and give you strength.
Everything will be alright.God is with you.He promised that He will never leave us or forsake us. so don't be afraid. With love.
I pray for all those that love Jesus and call themselves Christ-followers, myself included, that the Lord God will give us strength to persevere and not give up, that He will give us a gift of strong faith, and pure love for each other and a deep desire to bring the lost to a saving faith in Christ. I also pray this for my grandson, for God to open his heart to Him and give him a great desire to be delivered from drugs and alcohol, for God to send people into his life that will be good, godly influences, and to remove the ones that aren't. Amen
Please pray for my family. My ex-hisbamd is getting married this weekend to the woman he left me for. I have sensed a desire from The Lord for restoration since he left, 13 years ago. We have 2 children, 16 year old daughter & 13 year old son. My daughter sees this woman & her daughter (who is 16 too) for the truth of who they are toxic & manipulative (My daughters words). My son sees nothing wrong with it. Please pray God would entervien, not allow the wedding for God’s glory & the good of my family.
I pray for all the persecuted Christians in the world. May they find strength in your word. May they feel your arms around them. Bless them and keep them.
I pray for the world because the enemy is devouring it with illness, hatred, greed etc. I rebuke his agents & his work & may he go back where he belong this I ask in the name of Jesus. I pray for protection & guidance for our children that they may find peace & love in their surroundings & stay away from violence. For me I pray for resolution to my situation
I pray for my Son Tim who is about to start school as a 12th grader I pray he stays focus and graduate and that Jesus will order his steps as he starts another journey into young adulthood I pray he will look to Jesus at all times and give me the strength to support and encourage him also pray that Jesus will sustain us today and always thru different times and I pray that Jesus will bless each and every one of us everywhere I love Jesus so much As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
My friend Rose is having surgery to tomorrow to restore blood flow to her legs. She is 72 and has multiple health issues. Please pray for a fast recovery.
please pray that i can get this home equity loan i've been trying but keep running into road blocks i need to get a cheaper loan refinance on another loan so i can afford a better rate
It feels like financial struggles have been a problem with me and the issue bankruptcy and I have not been able to get my own place.
I thank God for all the blessing I have received. I pray for our president that he may overcome the evil in our land. I also pray for my husband who suffers the aftermath of shingles for the last two years
I am having a problem. I hear a very loud buzzing that starts around 2:00am and finally stops around noon. It is so loud, it is like an air aid siren going off. I am not getting any sleep because of it, and it is driving me crazy. I have begged and pleaded with God to stop it, but he is not doing anything to help me with it. I am seeing the ear doctor tmrw. Please pray with me for it to end. I can't live like this.
I’m so thankful for God’s provision for my family and friends. I pray for my husband to find favor in his career. I pray my children would embrace this season of learning and look for the positive in virtual learning. I pray for my niece with cystic fibrosis, that she would not be infected with ANY virus or sickness. I pray my church would be the hands of Jesus in all that they do in our community and globally. I pray for healing physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, For myself. I pray for strength and the peace only He can give. Lord, I pray to know and feel your presence. I want to do your will, not mine. I know my flesh is weak, but You are strong, please help me to live in you. I love You Lord. Your daughter, Cassandra
Pray 🙏 for you wife
pray for you 🙏 family and you
Pray for my daughter Alexandra. She has fallen away from Jesus and needs guidance through the Holy Spirit. Pray for healing for her brokenness and woundedness.
Pray for you daughter 🙏
For auntie Exodus 15:26 I am the Lord who heals you .
Exodus 15:26 I am the Lord who heal you. Believe it!
In the Bible in Philippians 4:6-7 says, Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayers and petitions, with thanksgiving, preset yiur request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. God’s in control all your situations. Just trust him and pray and thank him.
Pray for me and children my older sister that's going through diabetes and especially my self all the anxiety panic attacks stress from all of this that's going on in this world today.
Prayers for a hedge of protection around my daughter as she enters her first year of college. I pray Lord you open the gates for new godly and nourishing friendships.
some health issues and for family and myself to stay healthy during this pandemic
Pray for my 90 year old wife who has some dementia and is a real prayer warrior
Pray for the whole world and the homeless and my children that God will save their lives including my husband that he will read the Bible and learn of God....
I need pray for my son Ricardo Pina that God deliver him from drugs and alcohol and save his soul and God help him to get a job so he can get his life back on track For he can provide for him self
We are praying for there safety from the hurricanes and the California fires that he keeps them safe?
Hi ajroberts , I pray that God will help you with your addiction because he can, I was on seizure pills 19 a day for epilepsy and was not able to work or drive for 6 years until I asked God to help me. I got my disability and met my fiancee who found out I was suffering from low blood sugar not seizures. Now I thank God for helping me find out was was wrong and now I can drive., so dont give up on Jesus he will answer your prayer'
I am requesting prayer for my sister Natalie Simpson who lives in Florida. She is in urgent need of work and faces eviction. I am also requesting prayer for my friend George Pottinger who is desperately in need of work. DESPERATELY
I need prayer for my Aunt, who is not doing so well right now. I also need personal prayer for my will to do the right thing all the time not just some of the time.
please I need prayers for the all that the distractions is going at this time.
Pray for my unsaved family members.
Unsaved family members
Please pray for me. I just started disability. I am newly diagnosed with MS. Im prayong for a remote job.
Please pray for me. I have been battling addiction for a long time. I have been getting better little by little the more I come to know God and his son Jesus Christ, but I keep falling back into my old ways. I keep praying for forgiveness and that God will rid me of this burden that I have carried around for so many years. I know he has been working on my heart, because I keep coming back to God and have a strong desire to develop a relationship with him. Please pray that God will bless me and that he will continue to transform me. Thank you, and God bless you.
I'd have high blood pressure too if I were learning to ride a bike! I pray God will help you battle this and overcome it! Amen!
Amen. I pray for the leadership of our country. I pray for protection, guidance, and if necessary, salvation!
I pray God will reveal the gifts He's given you. I pray you will be moved to do great things for the Kingdom!
I too pray for physical healing. God hears your prayers, Gynah. I pray He answers them as you ask.
I’m praying for Father God to hear my prayers. Forgive me, for complaining sometimes. But in my heart, I’m thankful for the blessings and graces. Relieve me of my physical illnesses, Father God. Amen.
Praying for consistency in my walk with God. Take away distractions and self centered earthly habits.
and Amen.
I join you in prayer and that people will see God's hand of deliverance through these storms.
Praying to God to expose every hidden potentials and talents within me to propel me to higher heights this year.
I pray protection over President Trump and Attorney General Wm Barr, over Mike Pence, Dr Ben Carson and over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. May they be safe and may God's love and guidance and protection touch and affect each of them.
I speak forth that the US will have honest elections at every local, state and federal level. I command angels to stand guard and and to see that every single fraudulent vote is stopped before it can be counted. I speak forth honesty and transparency in each election and I speak forth that God's choices will wil in them all., in Jesus name.
Please pray for me that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I am worried that I will never get married and I need God's mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Please pray that Jesus Christ in His mercy and grace will make this verse from Proverbs become a reality in my own life soon. Thank you so much. May God bless all of you.
I am requesting prayers for myself..I've been battling high blood pressure and also that I continue to learn how to ride my motorcycle 😊
i am praying for the people in California who have lost their homes and everything in it because of the fire. Thanking God that they did not lose their lives. Praying for the one's that are in the way of the storm and the hurricane than is on the way.
I’m requesting prayers for peace ☮️ all Over the world 🌎 and I’m requesting prayers for myself for total healing and deliverance in Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏🏾
Prayer for Ms. Jermaine's son in the islands in the hospital with hear problems!
Prayer for all those in the path and outer regions of Hurricane Rita. May they be safe from harm and know that God stood between them and danger.
praying that GODS will for me will be done!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤ AMEN
Hi Jjradier, I have used canvas as a student. It took a little bit of time to understand things there. Don't lose heart though; it gets easier to understand it with a little time. I am praying for quick knowledge and wisdom there. And for patience both for you and your students. -N
I would like to pray for President Trump, strength to overcome!
Praying that God's mercy goes before Hurricane Laura and spares those in the path. All glory, honor and laud to Him.
I'll be in prayer for you please pray for my marriage too!