Be My Strength - Weekly Prayer

PRAYER: Lord, today as I enter the last half of the week, I pray for Your strength. Give me alertness to be productive, and good humor when meeting with coworkers. I pray that You would be glorified in my life today. Amen.

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
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Hi l need prayer and plz come in agreement with me that l can break through with a stronghold, l realize that the Harpazo/Rapture is at the door, according to the signs , it will happen on there true day of Pentecost and the sun will be darken and the moon turned to blood, that will happen between the 5 & 6th oh June. Obama who is there antichrist he already set the stage for him to come back . Pope Francis who is the false prophet has the world leaders signing a covenant. The l.D. 2020 is there of the beast, it will change your DNA and can track you. It will be Mantory and you will not be made in the mage of our creator . W all our fighting a spiritual warfare, but its ultimately a battle for our soul...amen I praise Jesus and give him all glory and honor. Shalom
Pray for justice, respect, honesty, love , for the lives what was taking away by the hands of another man who was supposed to protect the people.
I’m praying for my wife to stop drinking. We are fighting to get are son back from the state of South Carolina . And I pray also to preach the gospel Boldly as I Should. Also I pray for peace at work.
Pray for the strength though this sickness.
Lord we want to pray for Tiffany as she makes this transition in life. We pray that You would give her the focus and motivation she needs to take on her assignment. And Lord we pray that You would allow opportunities to arise for Tiffany can be a shining light for You.
We also want to pray for our goTandem app users. Recently we received this prayer request: Tiffany "Since working from home and transitioning to online school, I haven’t been able to focus on my school work. I’ve fixed my attitude towards it (was angry at first) but can’t find the motivation to actually complete the assignments now. I want to be a good witness to my classmates and professors."