PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of Your Son, Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor. We pray for your wisdom and your protection this Christmas season and New Year as there seem to be so many dangers springing up all around. Thank you for being our protection! And thank you for granting us counsel and wisdom when we seek Your will. In Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from Psalm 16:7-11

I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me. I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see corruption. You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

We Look Forward To Praying With You:
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I pray for Your wisdom, Father, in decisions to join home business and success in the one of which I am a member, in the Precious name of Jesus. Also, I am praising and thanking You, Lord for the healing balm of Jesus Who is ministering to my loved ones, right now, dispensing recovery to the sick ones, i.e., Sandra(my sdister), Johnnie, Cathy and her entire family, etc.
Hi this is Deborah Meyer I don't know if I'm doing this right but I pray that we don't lose our home and I don't live on the streets and I pray for my daughter that she get her place and her five kids be okay and I hope that the prayers goes away so we can go places and go to church like we supposed to I'll forgive when I have done I don't know if I'm doing this right thank you for listening I hope I did it right God bless you
Praying you will both be cancer free. Praying for peace from the Lord.
Prayers for all as we endure this plandemic.
Prayers for a cancer free diagnosis.
Prayers every day for my blessings which far outweigh any momentary discomforts. Prayers for the lost and homeless as well.
Thank you Lord for your counsel. And for guidance and wisdom on my part to listen and follow! Help me to always lean on You and not myself which always fails.
Just pray I keep the faith. My microwave died, my air fryer died, my clock fell off the wall and broke, I slept only 1 or 2 hours last night and taking my car in for repairs and driving out with a strange car. But I know I am rich for God has blessed me with bed , food and clothing on my back. Actually, pray for the homeless that remain in this cold weather.
Pray for my husband, that the Lord will manifest complete healing of his memory!
I ask for prayers for my sister and myself on our upcoming not, that there is no cancer.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for your family.
You did a wonderful job. Praying.
Praying for you Richard.
True. Praying.
Heavenly Father I thank you for this blessed hour and the way you have provided for this family. Lord I ask same for those who are in need and those who are affected one way or another in this pandemic. In Jesus's name Amen
I'm in agreement with you for a wonderful employment opportunity.... And praying God will give you favor with man and in the courts .....
Dear Lord , May Your Heavenly Host accompany You Loved One , In Jesus Name .........
Please pray for our family who has been exposed to covid . Please pray for our son and family --for him to return to Christ and his wife and children will be saved.
Father of all creation, lead me and guide me tomorrow as I go to face the people at Pharmacy council. May your Grace go ahead of me and with me.
Amen. We thank God
This year for my close neighbors I gave popcorn with a video of Jesus and a small tract for salvation. My prayer is that some will respond to the message.
I Thank The Good Lord our daughters and their Families have recovered from COVID.
I praise and bless you Lord that my nearly two year legal situation is finally coming to a relatively good resolution. I ask for Your counsel and guidance in regards to my employment. In Jesus Name. Amen
I pray for all of mankind to recognize and accept Jesus Christ as the true Savior and the Son of God.
Please pray that God will bring restoration and healing for our families.
Please pray for my job search for I have been out of a project since December 1, 2020. Pray I could be mapped to a technical project locally.
I pray for complete healing 🙏 JESUS
Sure LaVerne.
LaVerne, I pray for a successful surgery and full recovery. I pray for peace in the waiting. Amen! Back to the Bible prayed for my son in 2009 when he was diagnosed with cancer. God moved through the prayers of the righteous!
That is so hard. I pray that the shackles of addiction will be shattered. I pray that His peace and comfort is found in Christ alone! Amen!
Please continue to pray for my grandson who has alcohol addiction that he would seek help
God’s Word is powerful, gives us hope and everlasting love as we meditate upon it
Praying God’s grace is sufficient to meet your needs for a place and peace
I will like to pray for the whole wide world at this time in need. I also would like for everyone to pray for me and my family as my daughter undergo surgery in the near future. I send a special thanks to this great ministry for always sending God's Great News. I love you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
I am on SSD and have lived at my current residence for 15 years and I may be forced to move in the upcoming months due to a change in landlords. Please pray that I able to find a suitable apartment and a means to move there. Thank you and I pray you all have a blessed day.
Please pray for me and my family that we get closer to God
I'm reading the @YouVersion plan 'The Lord Who Heals You'. Check it out here:
Please pray for me That my desire is what God wants from me in that I am strong When difficult times or me in my husband's relationship that I seek God's will
Pray your son and daughter
Pray for salvation for him
Pray for you 🙏
Pray for her
please keep my secretary, MARY and her daughter, in your prayers. She is stricken with Coron19 and does not answer her phone. she is a very special person.
I pray for God intervene in my life. Destroy every evil, badmind and lies the wicked may try against me. Bless me with the holy ghost
Requesting prayers for Richard to return to his Christian faith and embrace the Lord again. He is in hospice with cancer. And his daughter Elizabeth as she works thru his end of life issues as the only next of kin.
Please pray for my nephew Ryan. He is suffering from severe depression.
Please pray for my son and daughter to be drawn by the Father so that they will come to know Him and the salvation that He brings.
I need prayer for my niece, She is being attacked with an autoimmune disease.
Pray that God fill me with his Holy Spirit Daily, and pray that people turn from their evil ways, and turn to God for repentance... pray for my health and strength as well. Thank you
Father, please comfort this family , give them strength to have clarity and unity in things that have to be decided. Cover them with Your grace. In Jesus' precious name, amen.
Father, thank You for revealing to Mercy her need to discipline herself to be intentional in her relationship with You. I pray for a godly woman who will come along side of Mercy to disciple and encourage her. May the God of hope fill Mercy with all joy and peace as she trusts in You,, so that Mercy will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, amen.
Pray for my family as we just lost my wife to cancer
Thank you, Please pray for me to be debt free in Jesus Name and for me to spend more time in the Word and pray for my family to continue to grow in the Lord everyday. Thank you Mercy Peter
Let us all pray for peace and God's everlasting love for all throughout the world this Christmas and during the New Year! God bless us everyone! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
Father I Pray that You remind all your children about Your "Truth". That we are to be watchful of those wolves in sheep's clothing! For Father You alone are our One and Only True Chief Commander in Control. It is your Will that has been done in this election is over! Father You seen we were in deep trouble of the evil one and set forth a new beginning for Your will to be done. I Praise and Bless Your Holly Name in Jesus Christ name Amen
Heavenly Father I come to you in Pray asking for your Mighty Powerful Blessings to be upon Chantay. Father Please provide her every need in reminding her in your Holly Words, that You Lord provide all things when asked in Your Blessed Will, Way, Path and Perfect timing. Please Father give her the true complete Renewing, Restoring, Refreshing and Healing she needs from Your Precious Healing Presents. Lord I surrender it all to You. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen
Josephine May God Bless You your family may Our ever Present Heavenly Father remind You You that He will provide Your each and every need. For Father please remind her your child she only needs to Pray whole Heartily and then let go surrendering all to You. Knowing that You hear our every Prayer and that all things be done in Only Your Will, Way, Path and Perfect timing. This I ask surrender and Pray in Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen.
Would like to pray that God would give increase to the seed sown and the souls that have been watered by his word
Please pray for my son's Andy and teddy and josephine we need God divine healing in our body and we ask for protection for our families and we ask for money bless to pay our bills and to be a blessing this week thank you father for the answer and may God bless you all amen
Please,, pray for me ( Chantay Harris ) to continue to grow in the ( LORD )and to ask God to continue to help me continue to heal or continue to have a reasonable amount of good health from my underline health conditions . THANKS IN ADVANCE .
and I look forward to praying with you as well.
Continue to pray for President Trumpand his family, and for all those who are involved in the job of setting this election straight We should also pray for our opponents ; for their salvation
Plz pray for my brother Paul! He is 76 years old and has had covid for 6 days. It is starting to moved down into his chest. He is a Christian and loves the Lord. Ty so much for your prayers for him!!
Appreciate prayers as I recover from gallbladder removal surgery. Also, for my continued struggle with the Hydrocephalus. Thank you! God is good!
Pray for my deliverance from anxiety and depression it is keeping me from living the abundant life
Lord, I pray for the international students here who do not know or trust you. I pray that you would open their hearts, that they would build a friendship with a Christian and hear and experience the gospel message. Lord, we pray that many of them could hear the gospel message, be saved and return and share this good news with many family and friends. May your Word be multiplied.
I hope and pray that you both will draw closer to GOD and subsequently closer to each other.
Pray God show my wife she was wrong. Soften her heart. End the separation. Reconcile & restore our marriage to mightier than ever for Gods glory. In Jesus name I pray
I'm praying and thanking God for my son's mental healing. By his strips my son has been made hold.
I’m praying for God’s healing. Lord, have mercy on us. Thank you. Amen 🙏
Tony, I'm praying for you.
Praying for you and your husband's healing.
Please pray for my husband and I to receive our healing from spina bifida and cp respectively sincerely Pamela h Avery
Total healing and restoration
My name is Tony. I'm praying for a supernatural breakthrough financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Please pray for my grandsons that they can be successful in school. My youngest one who is 9 struggles the most.
My name is Tommy. I am praying for protection and healing for our region in Southwest Alaska, as our region has seen an influx of Covid 19 cases in our surrounding villages. Praying also for our U.S. President and his team as they investigate voting irregularities especially in the battleground states. In Jesus name amen.
I am praying for you as you study medicine and that God will help you do well.
Tammy, I pray that God will clear up the infection & heal your knee. And that you will have a safe trip & enjoyable visit with your sister. Esther
Please keep me in your prayers to do very well in graduate school. I'm asking God for wisdom and great understanding as I study medicine.
Dear Tammy , I'm in agreement with you for a complete healing in your knee and what ever caused the infection ........... praying God will give you wisdom in what you can do to permote healing . Lord You Word promises us , where ever two or three ask in agreement, It will be given to them . Lord we thank You for Your promises are yes and Amen!!!!
My name is Tammy. I'm praying for healing in my right knee. I have a major infection in it and it's very painful. Pray that I can get over this before my trip to see my sister who I haven't seen in five years.
"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." Lord, help us, as a nation, to turn our hearts back to you!
I implore the good Lord , my heavenly father , for redemption from the power of darkness , to restore me in every part of my life , heal me from the crown of head to the bottom of my feet , and to bless me mightily, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
I prayed for you and your wife this morning.
Thank you Lord Jesus for being our Father ih heaven who hears our prayers Help us we call on you. We your children need a miracle. Thank you jesus!!!.
I pray for our nation and ask you Father to please stop the virus.In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen