"PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for bringing us through another year. It was a year of unique challenges and opportunities to say the least. In light of this, Lord, we pray for peace in the coming year. Peace in our families, peace in our neighborhoods, our workplaces and our government. Over every aspect of our lives, we pray for your supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank You again for being our Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, our Emmanuel - God with us. We pray all this in Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from Isaiah 26:3-4

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD God is an everlasting rock."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below."
Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.in all things you are in control our homes ,our health, our country . We run to and fro on our own strength. Unable to find our rest. Remind us how to rest in Christ, he is our strength and sure help in time of need. We praise you , may we be found faithful to him who holds us in his hands. And all god’s people said. Amen
We pray for our families peace of mind The regain all our losses🙏🏻 So we can help more other people and we promise to be more selfless.Thank You God for another healthy year. Thank you for your guidance and love to us.Thank you for the experienced of life
I try to make this my daily prayer as well. Amen.
Prayers for a successful and safe retirement.
Remind us that Peace You give to us. Not as the world thinks it gives peace, which it never will or can give. Help us to remember to lean on the Prince of Peace in all things, at all times. Amen.
pray for me to get a nice apartment for myself
Pls. Pray for God’s provisions as I face retirement this month.
Help me to make good, Godly choices this year
Praise God.
Dear Linda , I want you to know I'm praying with you for Gods Peace that surpasses all Understanding as you keep your mind stayed on Jesus and the Word of God . There are so many in financial need at this time due to the conditions at hand . It is a wonderful blessing that your family can help your extended family members . So Many are facing this same financial dilemma and need their familys to help for a while . We all need Gods help to be kind and loving . God bless you with His Love , in Jesus Name .... LMC
I'm in agreement with you for your husband in finding a good job , that pays well and has with great benefits, Soon Lord we ask ..... in Jesus Name ..... LMC
Lord we lift up Tom to you and his family and ask for a timely answer to his unemployment. Lord you are the blessed controller of all things and I ask while he waits you would renew his soul and lead him in paths of righteousness. Please provide for this family everything they need and turn this trial into a testimony for the good of their family and the glory of God. Amen
Sure, praying for Joshua.
Sure Joyce.
Amen Sabina! It is such a blessing to see family and to get to spend some time with them.
Father God, I lift up Linda and Tim as they struggle with hatred in their hearts. Please fill their hearts with a new found love and a peace that passes all understanding. A love and a peace that the world cannot give them nor can it take away, but can only come from you. Help them to both grow in your grace. May any doubts that they might have be replaced by a newfound faith and trust in you. Especially help Linda to accept where you have placed her and that you would bind the enemy and put a hedge around her, keeping the evil thoughts and addictions out of her life. I pray that you would also give her boldness to share You with those of her extended family. I pray for this household, that it would be filled with Your peace, joy, and happiness from knowing You. Thank you Lord. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen!
Lord Jesus, I too have felt hatred for those I considered a burden, as well as the burden of trying to be perfect. I now know those I felt were a burden were actually a way of teaching me a better (Your) way to interact with others. I also know I cannot live a perfect life aside from living in your grace. Please bless Linda with your grace and peace.
Lord God, your timing is not the same as ours, but your will is accomplished none the less. I pray you would give Joyce and Tom your peace as you reveal your plan in their lives.
I thank you Heavenly Father for the opportunity to see my daughter's family yesterday and for the peace that only you can offer through Jesus, the resurrection and the life.
Father I pray that you will lead guide and direct Tom to the job set apart just for him and provide benefits. I pray this in Jesus name and while that happens please supply all their needs and let them lack for nothing.
You know God knows your not perfect. You, like all of His children, aren’t perfect. He knows this - hence Jesus sacrifice on the cross of you, me, all of us! Remember, God so Loved the World, God Loves YOU - unconditionally. May the Holy Spirit that resides in you, strengthen you when you’re not “feeling it”...ask Him to help you thru! Love Ya Sista’ stand Firm, Gods got ya!
Salvation for my son Joshua, also that Joshua will be blessed with employment. Thank you.
The saving grace of Jesus can remove all that you have mentioned. The blood of Jesus can set you free . Call on the name of Jesus and surrender your life to Him. He will transform you and give you the peace you need. He is the Prince of Peace. Surrender and believe. I am praying for you!
Please pray for my husband, Tom. He needs a job. He has been out of work since March, 2020. He has an active job search, but has not received a job offer yet. Pray the Lord opens doors, touches the mind and heart of the interviewers and makes a way for Tom to get a job offer. Thank you and God bless. Joyce G.
Hie, I always have no peace and doubts in God, I really really want these things to go away, and also I always have evil thoughts and addictions one of which has stayed with me since I was a little girl, and I hate my cousins who live with us whom I feel like they are a burden to my parents, me and siblings, we have lived with members of extended family as long as I can remember, it never once bothered me, but now I feel like we made a mistake, we have never lived as a nuclear family before, I want this haterade to live me... I have alot of issues that am living with currently, am tired. I feel like I can't stop sinning, and am always guilty, I have been trying to be perfect for so long 😞am very burdened, it's like am in bondage of some sort everyday...I want all these to stop, I want peace, joy of God's salvation in my life, happiness and satisfaction of my life, all I have and prayers.
Thank you, Father God, for seeing us through 2020 and what a year it was! In spite of it or maybe because of it, we have drawn closer to you, depending on you to keep us safe. We thank you for your every provision of safety and love. Be with us as we go into 2021 that we may take time for you and reflect on what it is you want for us to learn and share with a hurting world. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen
Thank you Lord for your continued love and presence in my life and in so many other lives. My prayer for 2021 is for others to come to know you as their Lord and savior, knowing your saving power and love. Also prayers for myself as I continue to recover from surgery and getting prepared to return to work . Thank your for loving me and all you have done for me and plan to do for me. Help me to stay in your will for my life. You are my Emmaul.
Father in Heaven, I ask for prayers for our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for your name sake. I pray for the suffering due to lack of freedom, those facing hunger, disease and lack of peace and love. I pray for your divine intervention, that your Holy Spirit will touch hands, hearts and minds, as your peace and love reign in the lives of your children. I pray that the enemy be defeated, and hearts transformed, turning to you as Lord and Savior, The Prince of Peace. Lord, save your people. Let your kingdom come on earth as your message of salvation and the gospel is proclaim and ignited around the world. In Jesus Name I pray.Amen!
Thank you heavenly Father, our wonderful Prince of Peace. We give you the honor, glory and praise for your love, protection and sustaining grace and power. Lord, you have been our help in the ages past, and you have led us all through this pandemic year. The light of your presence and protection has been with us. Wonderful Savior, Prince of Peace! Truly, Father God, you are with us. Thank you, Emmanuel! In Jesus Name, Amen!
A prayer request for my husband and children to have peace in their hearts about God. For their hearts to be soften towards God. A calming place for them to seek Him first. For me to leave my expectations at the feet of Jesus Christ. For my heart to be a rest.
Pray for Jonathan and Steven
Pray them
Pray for miracle for you family
Pray for you son
Please pray for my son to be able to abandon his past and move forward. It is a huge hindrance for him. He dwells on all the things that have ever happened to him.
Thank you for putting your children before your feelings. Father, we ask for you to comfort the children and hear the prayers for health to be restored to their grandfather. May there be time to have new joyful memories made together in the future. In Jesus name, Amen
Please pray for Dan, my children's grandfather has Covid Pneumonia and is on a ventilator, we are praying for a miracle!
please pray for Jonathan and Steven
Please pray for Jerry, who has pneumonia and COVID
Please pray for my daughter-in-law as she was diagnosed with Covid. My son was diagnosed with it a week or so earlier.
Please pray for my mother in law who had a stroke on Sunday and had been in a critical condition. Please pray for God's healing upon her and strength and peace among the family. Thank you and God bless..
I'm in a similar situation in my marriage as well I'll lift your situation up to the Father, please lift up mine!
Thank you Lord , for blessing this Dear mother with six children , we are asking for Your help for each one of them. Praying for The Christian community to become involved with this family and serving them with lovingkindness ... I pray for Godly favor with the State and County in advocating and providing all the necessary resources needed for the Autistic children without delays. Praying for christian child care , giving relief to the parents ...... Thank you Lord , we look in faith , expectedly for Your Your provisions ..... in Jesus Name LMC
I'm praying for you and your marriage, please pray for complete restoration and reconciliation in mine as well to the glory of God
Please kindly pray for my friend Lucas who is suffering ill health due to stress caused by a need to receive $10,000 to complete his job. Thank you
Please pray for my son to pass his exams on Monday 4th January
Lord We come in Prayer asking You to Bless these six your children to provide their ever need as only You can do. Father We Pray for the two children of your who are artistic. As You made them in Your imagine, Please Father give their mother the strength to Trust in You Lord completely! Allow her Father to know that Your arms are wrapped around each of them and there is no reason to fear. For our only fear is You O Might Lord. Please Bless these your children to know You give please Father Your Healing Presence to calm them and know they are Loved by the One who gave them life. This We ask and give to You in Jesus Mighty name Amen
Heavenly Father We Pray and humbly request that You Bless nigelnicome. Father Please reminder her that she must give and surrender all to You! Father in reminding her we Pray that You O Might Lord would Bless her with Your Loving Healing Presence to Restore Renew Refresh Heal Strengthen and give her to be more than an over coming, to Bless her and give her a speedy recovery of all her health issue by The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. This Father We Humbly give and surrender all to You in Jesus Mighty name Amen
I will pray for your son and your grandson.
I am a diabetic and it's always hi please pray for me
I will like you to pray for my kids I have six kids two boy and four girls two for my girls is autistic please pray for them
I will pray for Sue.
I will pray for you and your son.
I will pray for your sister.
I will pray for Brett.
I will pray for you and your family.
Eva I will pray for you.
I will pray for our president and our nation.
Father I pray that you will carry Eva on eagles wings, surround her with your love through your Holy Spirit so she will know for sure she is your child. Amen
Father. please let Eva know your love never changes, and that you love her. AMEN
We come to You our Heavenly Father and lift up this Mothers precious daughter , Asking for Your for Devine healing and deliverence from mental illness.... As we look to Your Word for Your promises in Jeremiah 30 :17 says , ( For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds declares the Lord . And Jer. 30 10 says , And fear not o Jacob My servant declares the Lord and do not be dismayed o Israel for behold I will save you from afar and YOUR OFFSPRING from the land of their captivity , and Jacob shall return and shall be quiet and at EASE , And no one shall make him / her afraid , for I am with you declares the Lord , to save you. ) Gods promises are Yes and Amen . We Look to you Lord and Your word , in Faith expecting A miracle healing ..... In Jesus Name , LMC
I ask that you Pastor and I and my wife that we pray for America and our leaders that they will turn and really fight for our president and our God given blessed nation. Freedom is a gift from God and sometimes we have to take a stand when that the very freedom our founding fathers gave their lives for is being stolen away by thieves and liars. Pray for our president, sure sometimes he can be loud and brash but he does what says and means what he says. God Help us and have mercy on America
Please pray for an unspoken pray.
Father please be with Eva. Give her confidence in Your Word and let the Word speak into her life with power and authority that will cause her to trust in Your in an ever increasing way. In Jesus name. Amen.
I'm praying in agreement with you for a good report from the doc. And the biopsy.
Please pray for me then when I read God's word that I take it as it is spoken to me cause god says he never changes he is the same today as he was yesterday sometimes I doubt that is spoken to me cause I feel so Unrighteous
Please pray for me for peace and strength and pertechan for all my family
Continue to pray for President Trump and his team. And pray that the Church will wake up and stand strong for God!
Please pray for my pride to be humbled.
Please pray for a young man whose heart is lost to the devil. His name is Brett. He left his wife of many years and his family that loved him very much. He is involved in another relationship. He has turned to alcohol. I pray that he will seek God's will before it is too late.
pray using 2 cor 10:4-5, pull down Strongholds assigned against you and family that comes against ur mind and ur husband. i tried it recently from the standpoint of pulling dawn STRONGHOLDS built against my life and instantly my daughters attitude and peace started to manifest in my home. strongholds are like operations bases the enemy operates from to dispatch evil against ur life. God has already given believers the power to destroy the strongholds then the demons or evil will have to flee. we dont have to ask God for the power Again, he already given u the power to pull down so now God is waiting on you to do What he commands you!!! Pull dwn strongholds affecting ur mind capturing and limiting ur family
For the peace of our will being in alignment with Yours....
My prayer request: May all negativity that is targeted at my mind be taken captive before it gets to my thought process and replaced with Abba God's joy and peace. In Jesus name Amen 🕊❤ May Pelegrino Matos Jr (my husband) be reconciled with Elohiym Almighty God at a 180 degree turn not for a couple of months or years but for the rest of his life. May Pelegrino's selfish self centeredness and substance addiction be removed and replace with a servant's heart. In Jesus name Amen🕊❤ May the words of my mouth and the my deeds be pleasing to Abba God Almight May He give me the words every time I open my mouth to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jesus name Amen 🕊❤
Peace on Earth and Good Will to all! Happy New Year! May God, through his Son Jesus Christ, be with you.
Carolyn , I'm praying for you God will direct you to His healing Word as you meditate in the bible and Gods promises...... Philippians 4: 6says , ( Be anxious for nothing , but in everything BY prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God . 7 And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension , shall guard your hearts. 4:4 , Rejoyice in the Lord always , again I say , REJOYCE ! !!! ) This scripture is very healing , I know from experience........ LMC
Please pray for my husband that he sees truth in God’s Word.
Lord , we lift this Dear family up to You , we ask You to bless them with Your infinite Love for each one and them as a family , In Jesus Name LMC
I ask for prayers for my sister who has an upcoming biopsy Jan 4th. Please pray that it is not cancer. In Jesus name we pray! Thank you and God Bless!
Praying ,,, Lord we agree You will supply's all this family has need of , out of Your Lovingkindness or them
Lord I pray for a complete healing for Bobby , For deliverance from prescription medications, and a renewed hope thankfullness , And inspiration for life !!! in Jesus Name ....... LMC
Dear God I thank you for all that you have blessed me with. For this day and the rest of my life here on earth I ask for your Devine wisdom and protection as I am going through this extremely hard time in my life. Help me to all remember to believe that you are my God in who I trust everything. In your Sweet Hole Name I say Amen
I'm agreeing with you for your friend infected with coronavirus........... Lord we pray for a complete healing , and praying You will inspire Your servants to bring food and necessary help needed as a testament of Your Love for her . In Jesus Name LMC
Praying for the surgeons hand as he works and her body as it undergoes surgery. Thank you Father that you are the Great Physician and are able to heal these wonderful bodies that you created in your image. Praying for quick healing.
I am joining you in praying for your husband. The fall of the family is a real goal of the enemy as it causes so much widespread and long lasting devastation to His children and our testimony. I pray and ask for a protective hedge of thorns around your husband and healing salve that he may be restored of spiritual health and sight. I pray protection for you and your entire family in its weakened state, that bitterness does not find fertile soil to take root. Thank you Father for your children and for your protection when we need it the most and deserve it the least. Forgive us our sins and teach us to forgive others. In Jesus previous name, Amen.
Amen and Amen.
Praying for peace, strength and healing for your friend Sue and her entire family as they go through this physical, emotional and spiritual battle.
May I please humbly ask for prayers for myself and my family. We are in a desperate situation. The Lord knows the details. Thanks in advance for your prayers for me. God bless you all.
Please pray for God to restore Roxane’s health and for her adult children to draw closer to God!
Please pray for our friend Sue who has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.
Praying for restoration of my marriage and that my prodigal husband repents and turn to God.