A Prayer to the Everlasting Father - Weekly Prayer

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father - our everlasting Father - thank you for the promise of an eternity with You! We praise You for the gift of Jesus and for His life which made it possible that we would not perish, but have everlasting life with You. Help us today to see this world through Your eyes; to see our troubles as temporary and the souls of our family and neighbors as priceless. We thank you for this glorious hope! In Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from John 3:16-17

โ€œFor God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Praying for this time of testing to end. I'm tired. Pray that I will learn what I need to learn and the Lord protect and strengthen me.
God please heal this land and the people in it
I am praying for you and your husband
I'm praying for the healing of marriages that God would use my restored marriage and other restored marriages to spark a revival in His world and people!
I will pray for you and your husband.
Sure Jeffrey.
Sure, praying.
I pray for permanent healing from cancer for my husband and me. Amen.Olayide
Father God forgive us for our known and unknown sins. Lord Jesus you are worthy of our worship and praise continuously. Father God I ask that you lead and direct my brother in Christ Jeffrey in which way he should go, where,how,who,when and what shall he do once you bring him into this place. Lord bless him with strength, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Give him eyes to see you and ears to hear you. May the Lord bless you my brother ๐Ÿ™ Increase your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ™ Thank you Father God!
Thank you
Thank you my Lord, for the oppurtunity to renew and transform my my mind, heart, and soul, and to live by faith and not by sight.
I could greatly use your prayers in finding a decent place to move to in a means to move there. I am on SSDI and have lived at my current location for 15 years. Things have changed here with landlords and I have been told that I should be moving out. I pray for more time to deal with this and to find a place, and I pray for the strength to deal with this in an upright manner and to wholeheartedly believe that the Lord is directing my steps 2 find a decent safe place to live and to start a new chapter in my life. Thank you and I pray you all have a blessed day, amen.
This is awesome
Praying for a place to live and restoration of my marriage
Thank Heavenly Father for your love and infinite grace! Thank you Jesus for your sacrificial death and resurrection! Thank Holy Spirit for leading me to salvation!
Father God, thank You for giving Jesus available to us. Year 2020 is very full of challenges that we are facing right now. Our mission work as part of Your Kingdom Building here on earth is very much affected but I Lord that You are in control and this is what I am holding on. As I read of the prayer requests below, I pray for the answers to what my brothers and sister in Lord be answered. I pray for healing of physical illnesses, a miracle healing from cancer diseases. I pray for availability of work so Your children will have food on the table. I pray for the power from You be available to us as we do the ministry You entrusted to us. I pray for giving us the resources in the mission of rescuing souls from worldly condition. Help me in my leadership of the MICAH, for more sponsors and children and their family come to Your salvation in Jesus Christ. I pray for a friend Wali whose daughter is suffering from anorexia and bipolar disorder that this be healed completely. Wali is a committed supporter to mission work, Iโ€™ll pray that You will provide wisdom to her husband to be generous to mission works and that You provide them the means of income. In the name of Jesus!
Amen in JESUS Name!
Father please heal them from this ugly disease of cancer in Jesus name and thank you in advance.
pray forhealing of stsge four cancer tom doucette
As we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, never let us forget that it is He who sets us free and gives Us eternal life in Heaven above.
Iโ€™m praying for your dad. That God heals him and saves him.
I pray for Godโ€™s healing power to flow through them. In Jesusโ€™ name.
i send you comfort and peace to you and your loved ones and may our God bring healings to them all.
Please pray for our family because several of our family members have cancer thank you
Yes sure.
Sure praying.
Sure Deanna.
Sure praying.
Please continue to pray for my son's Andy and teddy for healing in our body and for God protection and need God help to pay our bills this week and to be a blessing may God bless you all amen ok
I'm in agreement with you for a healthy and romantic relationship between you and your Mate , In Jesus Name
Heal the precious loved ones Lord. We ask in Your Name Jesus ....
Praying for you children , and mine as well Pam ...
Raise up Your Church Lord with strength and Holy boldness , send in Your warfare Angel's!!!!
Praying. , Strengthen her Lord from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet , in Jesus name .......
I'm agreeing with you in prayer for the young people in your family , praying for Godly wisdom , direction ,and they will except Gods gracious Salvation..........
Please pray for my health issues and for my husbands salvation.
Praying for your Dad and family and that his heart will be opened to salvation in Jesus
Please pray for my dad. We just discovered he has lung & pancreatic cancer. Please pray for healing, but most importantly, his salvation.
Pray for her
Pray for your son and family
Pray for recover
Pray for your grandson
Covid patients to recover completely.
Please pray for two teenagers from our Children's home- CR & CM who are struggling with various issues. Please pray that they will overcome victoriously and that godly role models will be introduced into their lives.
Please pray for my son and his family as my son has Covid.
I thank God for my mother who is 96. God has shown her favor And has restored her strength from a month ago. Continued prayer is requested to strengthen her legs. To God be the glory.
Pray for the persecuted church
These words in your prayer so spoke to me - thank you many times over - God bless: Help us today to see this world through Your eyes; to see our troubles as temporary and the souls of our family and neighbors as priceless.
These words in your prayer so spoke to me - thank you many times over - God bless: Help us today to see this world through Your eyes; to see our troubles as temporary and the souls of our family and neighbors as priceless.
Pray for my safety as I travel to San Diego to see my sister. Pray for recovery for my leg.
Praying in Jesus mighty name for God to work all things out for the good of your marriage.
Pray for true and lasting salvation for my 3 sons and their families and for my brother his ex wife and two of his children to rededicated their lives back to Jesus.
May God answer Your every need in Jesus Mighty Powerful Name AMEN
Pray for my daughter-in-law father who has pneumonia as well as Coronavirus, as those that need God healing touch.
Lord Please let Janice hear your voice through the power of our prayers. For Father you tell us where 2,2,3 or more come to ask in my name The Father will grant. Jesus Please Bless Janice with Your Loving Healing Presence, to rest, restore, renew, heal and give Janice a speedy quick recovery by the Blessings of Your Healing hands, Presence, Love, Light and true Precious Blood. This I, We ask Pray give and surrender in Your Gracious Loving Mighty Blessed Name Jesus Amen
Pray for our marriage please
Fear not Spark for as you each travel know that the Lord is alive within in each of You! Heavenly Father I Pray you would please Bless Guide and lead Sparks their family safely during their travels in the Amazing Grace The Will, Way, Path and Perfect Timing of only You Lord. Fill their hearts Father I Pray with Your Loving Healing Mighty Presence to remind them the only fear there is, is the fear of You Oh God Mighty. This I ask, Pray and surrender to You You Oh Lord Our God in Jesus Christ name Amen
Please pray as we travel, on the road, cross country (CA-IN). We have 3 kids.
I will pray for Pat, Liz and Brian.
I will pray for Janice.
I will pray for your daughter and son.
Please pray for my daughter and son that they would be enabled and drawn by God to know His Truth through His holy Word, and that they would come to accept His Word as Truth and that they would learn to accept each other for who they are. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.
Prayer for Janice, who is battling pneumonia and heart fluctuations from COVID-19.
Prayers for salvation for Pat, Liz & Brian.
My wife and I are looking for a new place to live in our home town. Please pray for a safe and good place to live ....Merry Christmas and may the Christ child be with you.
...that my 2 children will go on remission already from their Thyroid disease. That the Lord God in Heaven will continue to provide for me as I go on retirement. That I may continue to glorify Him and even more in my life.
My husband and our 20 year old daughter are not walking with the Lord. They are living in Babylon lifestyles. Their minds are clouded with worldly ways they have no room for God. I do pray for their salvation and their hearts to soften towards God. I pray that they will put Godโ€™s glasses and see what He sees.
I need prayer for my mind, really my entire well being. Thank You
Dear Lord, we ask for healing for Dominic, Lauren and all who are ill. Thank You, Lord, for all of Your mercies and love. Amen!
Please pray for Jonathan and Steven
Thank you Father for the continued reconciliation of my children and me, both collectively and individually, with You for the purpose of Your glorification in the name of Your Son through the manifestation of Your Holy Spirit.
Thank you Father for the continued reconciliation of my children and me, both collectively and individually, with You for the purpose of Your glorification in the name of Your Son through the manifestation of Your Holy Spirit.
Please pray for our church music director's wife who has had colon cancer for the past 5 years and now is having severe bone pain due to the weakening from the treatments.
Dear God hear our prayer , I'm in agreement with this prayer , for Your perfect and Loving provisions As a gift from You as their Heavenly Father , In Jesus Name we ask .......
Please pray for world peace.and that this covid 19 would be gone and people ok
Lord I lift up Allessandra and her young daughters , I pray You will give her Your Godly wisdom, knowledge, understanding, insight , foresight, with an ear to hear ,This is the way , walk in it !! Pray for Your peace , protection and provision. Lord Your word promises a good future in Jeremiah 29:11 Says , ( For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord , plans for welfare, and not for calamity , to give you future and a hope .) We look expectedly to Your Word Lord .............. In Jesus Name , We pray Amen .๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ“–
Please pray for my daughter. She is so lost and is a very bad place mentally.
Dear Lord , We come to You with all the needs of this family , needs of Your lovingkindness , and restoration , out of your mercy and Tender healing power , emotional strength . We ask for Your peace , deliverance , healing and Your enduring Love to move over the earth during this Christmas season As We look expectedly to You , our Father in Faith Believing Asking in the Name of Jesus ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ“–
Please pray for my neighbor, she just lost her husband last Sunday due to COVID , she is sick too with COVID. Pray for heeling and confort .
Asking for prayers for my alcoholic brothers That they may one believe in God & quit drinking for there own safety
Good morning. Ask prayers for God's continued mercy and Grace, and for favor, for job security, a financial increase, and a house of my own to call home. Also, the peace of God that passeth all understanding. Thank you.
Please pray for my family . God knows their needs. Tha Praise and thanks be to God
Please pray I am able to share the gospel with others. Please pray for reconciliation in my relationship.
Agreeing with you in prayer.
Father, we ask for Your strong hand to be with Suzie today to heal, to strengthen, and to comfort her. Please be with her family and friends, giving them great peace throughout this time and helping them to minister to her through their prayers. May others surround them in this time to bring them the support they need. I pray this in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Please pray for my niece Stephanie that God will break her addiction , above all that she will know God who is all powerful and Recognize that only Jesus can save
Praying for you today.
Joining you in prayer today for you, your family, and our Christian family that we may be found faithful during these times.
Please pray for daughter as she is going thru a very difficult divorce affecting 2 small girls her name is Allessandra and her husband is narssistic.
Father, we pray today for good results on the biopsy. We also pray for your peace for all involved. May they know the joy that is found in You this Christmas and always. Amen.
Please pray for daughter as she is going thru a very difficult divorce affecting 2 small girls her name is Allessandra and her husband is narssistic.
I ask for continued prayers for my sisters upcoming biopsy that she may be clear of cancer. Thak you
Please pray for my daughter-in-love which has COV virus (heal & make her whole) & my son must care for the kids...strength him in every way; Pray for my sister/her daughter-in-love/her grandkids who all have COV virusโ€”my sister lives alone & i am concerned she is not taking care of herself (I live in another state); Pray for my dad who is in final stages of cancer in numerous sites; Pray for the world & satanโ€™s hold with this virus/political unrest/rioting/hatred/lock downs-closures/layoffs/; Lord please help us according to Your will!
Please pray for me and my family as we are going through this wonderful Christmas season and pray for our nation and all who may be suffering during this time.
As we getting closer to the end of the year, please help pray for my family and our families those who we can not see because of the covid 19 for God's protection and also pray for me personally to meet someone who is going to accept me as who I am, to love me to get married the coming year to settle down.