A Prayer of Thanksgiving - Weekly Prayer

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, it's Thanksgiving here in the United States tomorrow and we want to take a minute to give our thanks to You. It's been a tough year, and many of us have suffered losses of all kinds. But no matter how things change here on earth, we know that You are still the same. Your love for us hasn't failed. We are still Your people, and You are still our shepherd. Whatever our Thanksgiving celebration looks like this year, I pray that You will be present in our midst. In Jesus name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from Psalm 100:1-3.

"Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth! Serve the LORD with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! Know that the LORD, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Prayers for God's healing and blessing for you and your family.
Praying for guidance in all matters in your life.
Prayers for your family and your health.
Prayers for our nation in these trying times. And for us to always remember that You God are always in control and that regardless of circumstances, all glory and honor and praise belong to You for being our Shepard and Savior!
Please pray for God's healing upon my family, health, relationships and finances.. God bless.
I will pray for you and your family.
I will pray for you.
Please continue prayers for my husband that continues to fight alcohol addiction. I could also use prayers for relief of my symptoms from Lupus.
Please pray for our son and his return to Christ and for the Salvation of his wife and 2 children. Also please pray for my health which is fragile. God Bless everyone. Love In Christ
Hi I am Jeff I hope and pray that y'all have a blessed day that the Lord hath made. I was curious if any of you believers believe in the Saturday Sabbath? I hope you all will do me a favor and pray for me to be strengthened and find a way and a place to move to from my current residence. I have lived at my current residence a very long time and have limited income so it makes matters a little more difficult. I pray that the Lord shows me direction cuz I know he has a good plan for my life and I need to find it and follow it. Thank you all.
Heaven Father, thank you for being an lovely God who we should always praise each and every day. God love us all. He’s alway there in our presence, God wanted us to embrace each other. He’s wanted us to love each other, in carriage each other to becoming better persons. Like our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, that why we have to love each other and our heart will become Cleanse like our lord savior. I love you Jesus and I wanted to be kindness, joyful, loving, caring. In Jesus’s name, amen. 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Eva,, stand strong as the enemy according to Ephesians 6: seeks to aim fiery darts at you.....put on the helmet of salvation and speak loudly and declare God's Word against him using scripture!
Father I pray that you will restore and revitalize their marriage. I pray their hearts will also and more importantly be focused on you in all things. Without you we are hopeless, you are the giver of life and everything in it. Give their marriage life, joe and happiness in Jesus name. Thank you in advance.
Please pray for my grandson and his wife. They are weighing divorce versus saving their marriage. They have a son that needs both of therm.
Hi my name is Charlie and i thank GOD for my struggles, because HE always rescue's me just in time . Like a lot of people i had to be humbled out of trying to do everything my way. Thank GOD I have a praying and patient wife. My story is old but the way GOD brings me out of my troubles is always tailored just for me. I come from a long line of preachers and religious tradition. GOD opened my eyes to see how prideful I was and not loving others as myself. My prayer is that I continue to lose my pride daily and do things GOD'S way.
Hi my name is Gloria I hurt my back about a week ago and now am unable to walk, sit , stand I’m in excruciating amount of pain that’s coming from my leg . Please pray for me . Thank you
Read Isaiah 26: 3-4
My husband needs healing.
Hi please pray for me I have negative thoughts negative speaking weak and my face I hear all the time how faithful and loving God is it seems like it does not go through my might please pray for me that I will be healed from my negative and that I will have faith strong faith
Heavenly Father... You are mighty and greatly to be praised. I thank you for all the things you have done in my life. I pray that we as a people would humble ourselves and pray, turn from our wicked ways, and show more love toward out fellow men. Please heal our land of Covid and hatred. In Jesus name I pray.
Sure praying.
Dear Father thank you for sending your Son.
Father, encourage the heart of this one who is struggling with his daily work. Let the truth be revealed in each situation and let Your name be honored Lord as truth unfolds. Allow all of the issues involved to be handled in accordance with Your will and in such a way that You are lifted up, justice is done, and the ministry will be more effective and useful than before. In Jesus Name, Amen
Father, I pray for this one who is struggling in their relationship with you. Help this friend to seek earnestly for restoration and to draw close to You. Help them to spend time in the Word and open their heart to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who desires to draw them closer to their Heavenly Father. Help the siblings of this individual to be restored to health and strength. Also help them to know You Lord and to be an encouragement in this family. Work out the job situations involved and cause them to find the perfect place of employment that will meet everyday needs and long term spiritual goals. Put this person in a situation where they can be blessed and be a blessing. In Jesus name, Amen
I'm agreeing with you in prayer for God to bless you with a healthy, spiritfilled , peaceful beautiful Holiday season with your Mom and loved ones . I pray , your God given light will shine before mankind during these trying times ........ In Jesus Name .
Pray for you
Pray for you
You are dearly loved of our Lord , and He has a plan for your life in the bible Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans that I have for you declars the Lord , plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope . Jeremiah 30:17 says: For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds declares the Lord . Jeremiah 33: 6 says , Behold I will bring to it health and healing , and I will heal them , and I will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth . I pray you will be encouraged and renewed in your faith ........... God wants to heal you , as you sing praise songs to the Lord with great expectation . Our Gods faithful lovingkindness will wash over you with His healing balm . You are loved , God has a beautiful plan for your life Look for it !!!!!!!
To Him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for ever. Ps. 136. Amen
Continue praying for our nation, the world, and all the young people.
Hello, I would like that add myself to your prayer list, Frist let me start off by saying I have been backsliding for quite some time and i need to Lord to start a fire in me fir Him. Secondly could you pray for the health of my siblings and lastly I have a job but it's not working out and I need direction because I am ready to leave but I don't want to jump before God moves.
Heavenly Father please hear this child's prayer of yours. Let them remember that no matter how bad it may seem that their are others hurting as well. That Father Master of all You will not leave this child, that You hear them and they must believe as you tell us. For when we pray with all our hearts together You tell us Father it will be done! Please Father replace all the pain, hurt, sadness with Your Healing Present, Love, Light, Calm, Peace, Strength, Mercy's and Grace. To look up and give and surrender it all to You! Lord We Love and need You every Blessed second, moment, minute, hour. This I ask, Pray, give and surrender all to You. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Holly Name Amen.🤗😇🙏
Hello brother or sister for You I do. Father one of your children is in need of your continued guidance, leadership, Will, Way, Perfect timing to be done. Please God Bless let them remember that once we give and surrender all to you Father, we no longer have to worry about it! For You alone Father will lead them to be more than an; an overcome in all things through only You Lord. Please remind this child whatever the outcome You will never forsake nor leave them for you will say yes or no for You have a different path of only Yours for them to follow. Whatever You decide please strengthen their heart to know You will never fail them and to rest in You alone. In Your Holly Loving Mighty Powerful Name Jesus I Pray Amen
Father please help this family. May they know your presence in this trial. May they know your hand in providing what they need. May they know Your peace because you are in control. I pray this to the glory of Your Name. Amen.
Please pray for my job. The management is trying to take it away based on false charges. The ministry will suffer financial and other losses if the plan is fulfilled. May God's plan preside.
Father in heaven, as we look forward to another day of Thanksgiving, I ask that you bless all of those who have sent in prayer requests. We have so much to be thankful for and sometimes we overlook the little things. Be with us as we navigate these troubling times. We believe, because you said you would never leave or forsake us. We pray for those who have lost jobs and are standing in line, or driving through for something to eat, we pray for those whose homes have been taken away due to lack of funds, we pray for those who have lost loved ones and were not there during their final hours. Give us on this Thanksgiving Day a sense of your peace so that we may enjoy time with you and our families whether in person or via social media. It Is In Jesus' name that we pray. Amen.
I thank God for you my brother! Praise God for Life, you can make it through this. Have courage and depend on God for healing and to bring the swelling in your back to a place where you are able to breathe on your on. There must be more work for you to do before God brings you home to be with Him.
I am praying for you and your family. I thank God for His love, mercies, His presence, goodness, kindness, etc. Thank you Jesus! You have been so good to me.
Please pray for Bill Platten who passed away recently and his wife Renee.
I had hernia surgery and lost my swallow and now I have a feeding tube and bed sores. I want the bed sores to go away and I want my swallow back so I don’t have to have this feeding tube for life. If have to want to die and go to heaven
Thanking God for all He has done. I thank him for his goodness and his mercy that he has bestowed upon on me every day. Lord I am just praying for patience. I am a caregiver and it can be very stressful at times.
Please pray for my grandson Marshone he is in prison. That God will have his way.
Praying for all to remain safe and healthy as we navigate this Thanksgiving!
What state do you live in, Elizabeth?
Would like prayer as I go to Mom's that we can just enjoy each other's company without rude comments toward me to offend me. Pray for my health also. I'm just thankful for this time of year to share joy and blessings but am afraid to do so. God Bless!
Please pray that my husband will be able to get another job as his is ending. We moved 2,200 miles away from home in March to take this job and now it’s ending. We are in our 60’s and didn’t expect this turn of events. We know God has a plan.
In Isaiah 44, The Lord says, “Do not Fear, I will Help you”! This is the promise of our Redeemer, who chose us, and who died in our place! He is our provider! He loves us and He will never leave us or forsake us! He is the Alpha and the Omega, and he holds our hand. Don’t give up hope, Jesus is our hope!
I'll be praying for you. My own sister and sister inlaw have dementia and it's very difficult for the caregivers who are my nephew and my brother. I understand your feelings since I took care of them a few months ago. It's very sad and I pray daily for grace and peace as I took care of them. May God Bless you and be with you.
Please pray for my health and my finance and my boys and others especially in this hard moment, we are facing, my hope is in God, He is in control in Jesus Christ's name."Amen"
Hello prayer partners. May I please humbly ask for prayer for myself for a job. I have not been able to find a job for a long time now. And with the Covid it has made it harder and more difficult to find work. I don't like to feel desperate but I do feel this way. I know that the Lord has a plan and a purpose in all of this situation with my not having a job. Thank you very much for your prayers for me about a job. Blessings to you all. Elizabeth
Please pray for my mom and sister who is her main caregiver... beginning of Dementia....
Please pray for me that I will have more confidence in speaking and will get the right words when I speak. I have a major presentation coming up soon. Please pray that God's favor will be with me. Pray for HIS wisdom and understanding and knowledge in me. I thank everyone who is praying for me. May the LORD Bless you and Keep you. May HIS face shine upon you!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Father God I come lifting everyone in the prayer group right now that every need be supplied into their life. God you are the sources for us all. Those that are standing in the need of job, healing, deliverance, finance breakthroughs. I'm touching and agreeing with each everyone of you. Everything is going be alright. Psalms 23 speaks for us all. Be Blessed
I am in your situation as well and have received divorce paperwork in addition, nothing is finalized and I pray for God to work in our "impossible" situations that He be glorified!
Father I pray that you you will open every door for opportunity to find that perfect job for both of you. I pray that he will lead guide and direct you. I pray that he will increase your faith and remember do not believe the lies of the enemy that things won’t change because they will. We serve a living God so don’t lose hope. I pray every need is met on a daily basis. I heard a story the other day where this young man had said that his family was homeless before and they were about to be evicted from their home. In the middle of the night he heard his mother crying in her bedroom so he got up and opened the door that even while she didn’t see change in her circumstances she was crying out to God and thanking him for his faithfulness. God is more than able, keep the faith and God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving, we all have so much to be thankful for in our lives.
Wow, Anthony. That is hard...especially as we approach emotionally-charged holidays. I pray for strength, discernment, and peace in these turbulent times!
remember the broken hearts, lonely and hardships of those across our great country
I felt this excerpt from a message from Joseph Prince would help. https://youtu.be/IFk2UqQZ-uw Lord, thank You that ALL things are possible for You. Jesus went through torture to save us from depression, sickness, lack, etc. Help this daughter of Yours cling to Your promises and Truth today, in Jesus name, Amen.
Father, I ask for your guidance for the Drs. and your healing for this gentleman. Please keep him safe from Covid and open his eyes and heart to wanting and knowing Your peace. May You also touch the heart of his sons and help them with their finances. I also pray for peace for this woman. May she have great joy in You and the work You do in the hearts of her family. Amen.
Those are some serious troubles and trials. I pray for the right job(s) and recovered health. Amen! And just a word of encouragement: God has promised to never leave you. No matter how distant He may appear, He is with you and inside you. At times, it can be hard to distinguish between proximity to God and intimacy with God. We can be near Him, but intimate with Him. As James 4 says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you!"
Please pray for divided country. The only answer for healing is Jesus. Pray the Church steps up and starts sharing the Good News like never before. Thank you Jesus for loving us.
Pray for my husband and me, we don’t have hope anymore after almost five years without a formal job. I have panic attacks and my stomach is giving me problems. I been praying and praying for my husband to get a job but it seems like God doesn’t listen to my prayers anymore. I just need to have faith again, sometimes I’m feeling depressed and lonely.
Praying 🙏
Praying 🙏
Pray for my husband. The drs want to do an ablation on his heart. This will be the second such surgery. Amidst COVID he is concerned about being in the hospital. May God use this to bring him back into fellowship w Christ. Continued prayer for my sons salvation and financial troubles.
Please Pray my Daughter receives the Peace and Joy of Jesus in her heart
For my family For good health. That we all get together as a country and love our neighbors. God help us all. We are all God's children
Although I am separated, I know I must pray for my wife and adult daughters and be thankfull in all circumstances. I pray for strength that you will uphold us with your righteous hand and find the blessings and lessons it contains. Amen
Join together and pray for our country and this election. We are at a crossroads and I pray for Gods will to be done. Praying also for our president and his safety.
Joining in prayer!
Praying always for everyone. We all need to know God for our selves. Time is now to repent.
Jesus, thank You for hearing and answering the prayers we offer for Sandy.
Praying for your family!
Praying for Ann!
Lord, we lift up David to You and ask that You provide him with the strength needed during his illness.
Lord, it is a blessing for us to be your sheep but for your grace where would we be? You are holy than holy, you are pure, you are Love and loved by all those who confess with their tongue and believe in their heart that Jesus Chris was your son who was sacrificed for our sins and rose from the dead and now sits on your right-hand. Amen.
Father, You are my hope and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? As I tune in to the news these days, my heart becomes anxious. Forgive me, O God, and help me to rest in Your steadfast love and peace. I thank you for our nation and for a day set aside to give thanks for Your many blessings. You are our strength. We bless Your Holy Name.
Please join me in praying for my family. Satan is trying to break apart our whole family. We need to pray Jesus will lay His loving healing hands on us all and bring us all together again. Amen
I pray Lord that all of my family know and serve You as Lord
I pray gir God's guidance and protection
I pray gor God's favor and protection
Heavenly Father You are worthy to be praise. I will worship You as long as I live......Salvation for family, friends and co-workers
Thank you Our Heavenly father for bringing us this far this year have been a tough year but thought your help we are almost though we thank you very much and thank also to pastor Nat for your hard Happy Thanksgiving to you family of God Amen
Favor and help in my job
I request that you will come in agreement with me as i cover my son Cornelius Rouse and my daughter Keyana Graham with protection. I pray Psalms 91 over them, that no weapon formed against them will prosper, and that they will be safe In Jesus Name Amen. Thank you for coming in agreement with my prayer In Jesus Name.
Prayers for my daughter that she may accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and take her health issues seriously. I pray that God would help her to realize that she needs to seek God's wisdom in all things.
Favor with my job
This unspoken request is for my girls and grandchildren. There is so much need. My heart aches. God knows my heart and I know that He is in control. And I have to trust that my prayers will be answered.