PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, help us to find a sense of unity again. After this year of elections, riots, and the pandemic, things feel more fractured and divided than ever. Help us to see beyond the surface of what the news reports, and see into the hearts of our neighbors and loved ones to know how we can love them in Your name. Help us to find that common ground we need to once again honor You as a community of believers. We pray all this in Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from Philippians 2:1-4.

"So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: πŸ™πŸ™
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Our son-in-law is a new Christian. However, he believes socialism is the answer to all our problems. Praying that he will continue in the Lord when circumstances become difficult.
Father, we pray for this man that you would enable him to purchase the home he has found. We pray that their marriage will be a happy one and that Christ will be always honored in their home. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Father we pray for our country. We seem to be going through a very dark hour and there is so much anger, hostility and hatefulness. Our children are growing up in a world that does not honor you and does not value your word. Have mercy on us father, grant us repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray especially for Mary's son, his wife and her two grandchildren. Father our hearts break for our grown up children who have not professed faith in the Lord Jesus. Please grant them a heart of flesh and not of stone. grant them repentant hearts. grant that they will turn to Christ and put their trust in the finished work of Calvary. I pray also for my son, his wife and their two daughters. Help me to be a effective witness before them. Please help me to say the right words that will cause them to turn to you and be saved. Please make me an effective witness and ambassador for Christ Jesus. I pray this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and for His glory. Amen.
Father, we pray for Brittany who is very ill. We pray that you will give the doctors there much wisdom and ability to heal and make this young woman comfortable. We thank thee that the tumor is not malignant and we pray that she will do well during and after the surgery. We pray for her that she will recover and heal quickly with no complications.
Heavenly Father, we thank the for Ebenezer Gardens Children's Home. We thank thee for the love and concern of Christians who made this home possible. We thank the for the teachers and all the people who work there. We pray for these young people that they will trust Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord and that they will grow and mature in their faith. We pray for those now grown and leaving the school. We pray for them that they will avoid all the places and people who may cause them to stumble. We pray for them that they will quickly find a church home and that they will become acquainted with other young Christian people. We pray for them that they will find jobs, careers or further education or whatever is their goal for a godly future. We pray this in the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
Pray for the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of all the girls of Ebenezer Gardens Children's Home - both currently resident and those who are now grown up and left to start life with their spouses
I just prayed for Brittany.
Praying for Sarah and Bethany.
Please pray for my adult daughters Sarah and Bethany , Lord by your grace and glory help them become what you desire
For prayer. Pray for granddaughter, Brittany, who is in the hospital. Her back very bad with ligament, tendons, spine, etc. also, she has to see a dr at WVU In Morgantown wva because they say she has a brain tumor though not malignant that she will need surgery for. Sharon
Pray for our country. Please pray for my son, wife and 2 grandkids that they will be saved. Thanks
I need your prayers the love of my life needs to come up with $50000 for our home he works a Dr at at a hospice in NEW YOUR and he wants me to move in with her in Dec 24 2020 and I said I will but I need to get the money to move in and we both needs your prayers and she wants me to start a new Church I'm so looking forward doing so GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE I DO BELIEVE SO this will be the best I will every have in my life we are planning to get married in DEC 27 2020 and I want to thank GOD FOR HER SHE MAKES ME SO HAPPY, THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS MAY YOU ALL HAVE THE BEST OF HOLLYDAYS AND BE SAFE AND PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK FROM REV PATRICK C O'BRIEN
Dear Heavenly Father, we lift up in prayer our friend, Jeffrey. We understand his uneasiness about moving from a familiar and comfortable environment to some place new. He will meet new people. We pray for him that he will be able to adjust quickly to his new environment and that he will quickly make new friends and that he will find a church where he can continue to worship you and study your word with other believers..
Father, the world is so against us we should be bound more close to one another . We sing the song, "bind us together, Lord." When we sing it, let it be a prayer in our hearts. We are all one in Christ. There is one faith and one baptism, and one Lord over all.
Dear Heavenly Father, we are shaken by what is happening in our country. We are discouraged, frightened and worried until remember that you are in control. then we have peace. When remember who you are and all that you have done for us and the promises you have made to us and we know that you will keep them because you are God and you do not lie. Your Word reminds us that "if God be for us, who can be against us." You have promised that you will never leave us nor forsake us and nothing can separate us from you. Please help us to continue to proclaim the Good News and occupy until you call us home. No matter who is our president, we are still your people and we are your joyful slaves. Our hearts desire is to trust and obey you no matter what happens. We pray for our loved ones to repent of their sins and to put their trust in you and the wonderful salvation you offer us. We thank you for grace, your grace that is greater than all our sins. We thank you that in Christ Jesus we are new creatures, the old is gone. Father help us not to get discouraged. Help us to remember that we are, after all strangers and pilgrims here, this is not our final home. We are looking for your blessed appearance and until then we will keep on praying, keep on occupying, keep on living holy lives and telling the Good News to all our friends and relatives. Hear our prayer heavenly Father for we pray in Jesus name and for HIs glory. Amen.
Yes, Heavenly Father. As Christians, as believers help us to remember that in Christ Jesus there is no difference whether we are gentile or Jewish, male or female, free or slave, rich or poor our fellowship is in Christ Jesus and nothing should separate us from one another. Just as in the early church there were free people and others who were slaves, there were Jewish believers and newly converted Gentiles but they were all one in Christ Jesus. Heavenly Father, give us hearts to love one another and to care for one another.
Pray for my family. Please pray that God will open their eyes so that they will see how greatly they need the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord. Help them to listen to the Good News, help them to understand, believe and receive it into their hearts and lives. Please grant the faith to believe and trust the Lord Jesus for the salvation of their souls.
We rejoice and thank you Heavenly Father that this young couple has invited you into their hearts and into their home. We thank you that they are showing a hunger to know you more fully by seeking you in your Word. We pray for them that they will grow and mature in their faith, that they will be strengthened and established and settled in their faith. Open their eyes, Heavenly Father to the truth concerning the ungodly Socialism. Take away the blindness from them and help them to see and acknowledge this truth that Socialism is not a workable way to govern and there are many examples of its failure in many countries. We ask this in Jesus name and for His glory.
Prayers for our son-in-law who recently accepted Christ into his life. His wife(our daughter) showed him God's love. She hasn't been to church or read her Bible in almost 20 years. Now they have Bible time together!!! Continued prayers during this tumultuous time. He believes socialism is the answer to our problems.
and Lord help us not to allow racial differences to divide us nor so called "political differences, or parties" but to draw closer to YOU and each other in true unity Amen
Lord Jesus please help us not be divided by "denominations" or "religious differences" but to remember that we are all one in you and you alone You are the head of the True church and we its members help us to get past these labels and become what we are in You one body one church made up of many members and that apart we can do NOTHING! help us be united in Every way In Jesus mighty name Amen
I pray for unity of the nation and especially among those of us who profess Jesus is our Lord and Savior. I also looked up roger who has just been diagnosed with MS and has many other Health issues. Thank you Jesus for all you are doing in the midst our troubles. In Jesus name amen
Please pray for complete healing for Tina in brain and body. I lift all of these other prayer requests to our great GOD. Thank you for hearing us and answering our prayers Dear Lord!!
Hello I pray that you all have a blessed day. I also ask that you pray for me to have strength from my worries and fears about having to move from somewhere I have lived for 15 years to a new place in this pandemic. I know the Lord will guide me but at times I'm worried about where to move to and how to actually do it. I appreciate your prayers for peace and calm and strength to continually believe that my Lord will guide me to the right place to live so I can continue to learn live love and grow daily thank you amen
Sure, I'll.
Yes, very true. I'll.
Sure friend. Jesus is your Deliverer.
Sure Sandra.
Praying for repentance and mercy and healing
Dear Heavenly Father teach us to learn to do without and live lives of quarantine until this pandemic is over. Let us love our neighbors as you commanded and learn to wait on your WILL to be done in Jesus Christ, Heal the multiple sick people with COVID, RESIST the Devil's promptings to disobey the rules and regulations of our civil leaders and wear our masks, and practice good sanitation, and PRAY without ceasing until your Will is done. In Jesus Name always and forever more.
Dear Heavenly Father I pray that you help me with my depression and anxiety I'm having while going through this Pandemic and I give you all the glory Lord Jesus πŸ™πŸ™
Please pray for Steven
Praying for your dads healing and recovery and that you test negative. Praying for your peace and comfort. In Jesus name, Amen.
Father please help these sisters in Christ to draw close to you during this difficult time in their marriages. Help them to seek counsel and wisdom from those who can help them with their marriages. Help their husbands to be willing to work at rebuilding these marriages. Give them all understanding and hope that nothing is too hard for you or too difficult to accomplish when they commit to You and Your plan for their lives. Give immediate encouragement and an awareness that You are at work in their situations. In Jesus Name, amen.
Praying for you
Father help this brother in Christ to find the place you have prepared for him in the workplace. Give him a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of being valued in his daily responsibilities. Help him to use his opportunities to grow in you and share the gospel with others. In Jesus Name Amen
Pray πŸ™ for you
Pray πŸ™ for you
Please pray for peace and guidance from the Lord.our nation is falling apart
I'm in the same place...let's join in prayer for each other
Hi please pray for my job I recently as my boss if I could switch over 2 welding and it seems that is a little stressful I just want what God wants me have doing if this is what God wants did he help me find the way that is easier thank you
Please pray for my marriage it seems to be falling apart it’s in a really bad place I love my husband and miss him please fix it jesus
Praying for your Dad and for you
Please pray for my 84 year old Dad. He just got diagnosed with Covid. I live with him and will be tested tomorrow so Pray for me too. Fred and Tom. Thank you and God bless
I am praying for your entire family as you prepare to say goodbye to your dog! I am praying for your hearts as this will be a difficult time. I am also praying with you for unity in your family!
Sandra - I am praying for God's peace as you continue to morn the loss of your sibling. Praying for you to feel God's arms around you today!
I am praying for you to feel God's strength as you go to work each day & find comfort in the fact that we have an amazing "boss" aka God!
Tammy - I am praying for healing for your body. I am also praying for you to feel the amazing peace & strength from God as he is right there by your side!
I am praying with you for Nora!
Please pray for my sister, Nora Sedano, 62 years of age, she had a stroke last sunday oct.25, which resulted to pre-coma... may the Lord grant us faith in our hearts and receive his miracle today... in Jesus name.. amen..
I'm praying for you and your daughter , I pray our Lord will bring encouragement and meet your needs in may ways soon . And dear mother of the discouraged daughter , I know what you are going through . My daughter went through some difficult times , It was so heartbreaking to watch . I prayed and read Gods word .... I would share Gods word with her when she would allow . She saved this scripture that found in the bible and wrote it out for her . Isaiah 65:23 They shall not labor in vain or bear children for calamity , for they are the offspring of those blessed by the Lord . And their descendants with them . It will also come to pass that before they call , I will answer and while their still speaking , I will hear . Dear Lord , help this dear mother give encouragement to her daughter from Your Word .
I'm in agreement with you our lord will meet all you needs in Jesus Name .....
Agreeing with you in prayer all last nite and today in deep intercession .......
yes, please Lord help your truth to shine through w/ regard to the election. I pray for peace in our nation.
My name is Tammy and I need prayer for healing in my knees and foot. I'm using a walker and it's frustrating. Also pray I can feel God's love even when people persucate me. I'm new in my relationship and it's been a big struggle.
Please pray for my son Andy and teddy for divine healing and God protection and we ask the lord for money bless to pay for our bills and to know him and his will of our lives amen and may God bless you all
Thanks for reaching out, Willie Mae. I join you in these prayers. God hear them and answer them according to your will. Amen!
Thank you for reaching out. I pray for your family, Greg and Sylvia. I pray they "come home" soon. Amen!
That is truly frustrating. I pray that there would be healing and a quick solution. Amen!
need healing with my right shoulder can't work or use it help the doctor to find a cure πŸ™
The Lord says that his eyes are over the righteous and his ears are open to our cry. Yes we must pray for unity and love. Bascis in Revelation go back from where we've fallen and remember to do our first works over again. Pray for my friend Will Smith who is a good man, but he doesn't believe in God. He says he's open if God would reveal himself and speak to him. I told him I would pray for the Lord to reveal himself to him. Pray for my brother Greg, a prodigal, my sister, Sylvia, a prodigal. Salvation all over the world.
pray for the US election result is pleasing the Lord and may HIS work be done on the earth for His chosen one.
Pray for my grandsons. Matthew needs healing from Pank 2 and Michael Christoper Andy needs Christ and also needs to be back in school in January.
Praying for you that you will feel God's love for you and know that it's not less than others.
Lifting up your family and praying for restoration.
Praying for you.
Praying for your friends sister and her healing.
Praying for Melanie. I pray that she can avoid surgery and that the cyst will drain on its own.
Also praying for Eleanor.
I'm praying for Eleanor and her journey. I pray for God's healing and His hand to be upon her.
Praying for you.
Joining you in this prayer.
Praying that Father God will deliver us from the evil one
Many prayers for distance from the enemy for you.
The Lord Jesus for providing unity because You are a united God unity brings love, You are love "Amen" πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Remembering you Charmaine in prayers.
Praying for your son.
please pray for me I need a healing from the almighty God I am in pain every day I cry every day pray for me
Please pray for people suffering & struggling with the COVID that it would cause them to come to the Savior with all their heart.
praying that God will line up my heart and will to His will as the election results develop, no matter what the results since he is in control of all of it and my understanding of His plan is so limited.
I need help to keep. the enemey away fro.m me Thanks
Prayer for my sister in Christ Eleanor - she may be fully restored and at peace as she embarks on this cancerous journey. God gets the Glory πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ Thank You Tandem and All.
Please, Pry for my daughter Melanie so the cyst on her throat drained in his own, surgery is very danger according to her doctor. Thank you
Creator of the universe and all that is in it, we come to you on behalf of Alice friend sister who is facing some health issues. You oh God made our bodies and we are asking Lord for healing according to you will and purpose. My this person seek your face and be drawn closer to you. Thank you for hearing and answering in Jesus name, amen.
Dear heavenly Father we bring this situation to you, thanking you that you know all about it before it happens. Father as you work for Moses who had a speaking limitation, we ask that you work for this friend that she would be recognised for the work she does. We return thanks for working on her behalf in Jesus name, amen.
Please pray for me l grow stronger in the Lord and pray for my family and friends Daniel and Emma and MS hazel
πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ ❀
Prayers for my dear friends sister who is very ill; have kidney issues that she may fully recover and be well again. God's will be done!
Please pray for me. My job requires me to be very articulate and speak on the toe. Please pray that God will grant me wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the words to speak. I work really hard, but as my speaking abilities are limited others get all the credit for the work I do. God Bless all those who read my prayer request and also pray for me. In Jesus name!!
May our great God answer our prayers. May all be done in His will.
Pray that I stay strong in my beliefs. Pray for people who ridicule me because of my beliefs. Pray for peace of mind.
Father, we pray for our Nation this day. Please grant a blessing to us this day. Help us to understand thy will and to cooperate. Help us not to β€œlimit” your power and to be willing for your will... we need you every day i every way. Please hear our prayers..
Dear Lord, help me get through this day and help me accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference.