A Prayer for the Spiritually Stuck - Weekly Prayer

Lord, we want to pray today for all those are are spiritually stuck and seem motionless in their relationship with You. Father, help them be able to feel that spark of Your love in their hearts today and that it would awaken a new passion to serve and worship You. We pray for all of us as well that you would keep our hearts open to Your leading and attentive to Your Word. In Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from John 15:4-5.

"Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Is the weekly prayer series over. Because the last one posted was September 3, 2020
Please pray for healing of my entire body; spine out of alignment having muscle spasms, ankle broken, hair to grow back, walk without pain, need to lose weight (gained after taking pain shots); HELP! I love Jesus. I am a Believer.
All praise due to my lord and saviour. Thank you jesus
Lord I thank you for the gift of life, my life, my son's. I call to remembrance the day he answered the alter call for salvation. Watch over him and bring him to yourself. I also pray to find an office assistant who is God fearing with the right skills.
Lord, I pray that you would just give your favor. In Jesus name. Amen.
Please pray for husband, Larry, who has lung cancer and also oral cancer. (He smoked a lot). He had a MRI last week and gets his results next week. Pray that test comes back showing positive results. God Bless, Sharon
God, please, let Your Light shine through me. Please, let me have the courage to share all the Good Works with others that You are doing in my life. Please, let me take the time willingly to share Your Grace and Mercy through Christ Your Son with others ,so that they may know Your abounding Love. Please, let me to help others to see the Good Works that You are doing in their lives. In Your Holy Name, I pray. Amen.
Sure...will keep you all in my prayers. If you can mention your name, then great.
I’ve been feeling stuck, praying to return to my first love & the zeal I had as a newborn Christian. Prayers for my daughter who needs Jesus desperately. For my son & husband to surrender to Christ.
Dear Lord I will obey your Words. You are the vine, I am the branch. Apart from You, I can do nothing. Keep me close to "You."
I need prayer for my health. I have parkersion disease and having trouble walking.
Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with, my health, my family, my job, my home, and most importanly You, my savior!! I ask that my family and their health be continued to be lifted up by your amazing grace and mercy, especially my sister-in -law battling cancer, as she begins new treatments to try to slow down it's progress. I also ask for your Spirit's presence and guidance over our country's leaders in these troubled times, allow them to see their error in their ways of such childish fighting and bickering and that they may work for the better of all people!!
Yes Lord. We pray 🙏🙏
Pray for the elections. Open the eyes of people and take the blinders off that they will see truth and vote what is best for our country. Pray for a spiritual revival.
Please pray for restoration and healing with our son. He is hanging on to anger and stubbornness. For peace and patience for us to trust in Gods timing and working in our sons heart. Heal our broken heart.
I also need prayers to remain faithful. May God’s Spirit be with you and give you joy and steadfastness. In times of prosperity and especially in times of chaos. Bless you.
Please pray for me to Increase my faith which at times waver. Help me also to have a renewal of mind.
I will be praying for you as I suffer the same as you 🙏❤️
Please pray for our families salvation, and healing for my son &his wife. We have a contract on our house.,please pray settlement will go well and it appraises for the offer given. Thank you. Julie j.
Please pray for me to have a renewed mind of Christ. Lord I humbly ask for a pure heart in Jesus name. I desire to walk in love and forgiveness. Thank you. Adriane M.
Lord please take away the pain in my knees. Also, help me to read the Bible on a daily basis. Take away my depression and keep me off of the bed.
Héliporté me To obédience and make your Will
That is very hard...I am praying for deliverance!
I join you in your prayers for healing! Amen!
Pray for healing for Laverne in her knees legs and ankles
Pray for my health. My knees, my right foot and my right side in my back are all very painful. Also prayer to open God's word to read it, understand it, and share it. My Bible just has been collecting dust lately. Also I need help in how to pray and how to stay on the path to follow him. Not take my eyes off of him and do worldly things but Godly things.
Father, please send Your Holy Spirit to allow Eva to understand, absorb Your words into her heart and apply hem in her life. Thank You Holy God
Please pray for Steven to overcome depression.
Lord help me to be true and honest help me to understand your will your ways Lord I know that I do not open my bible a lot because it is so hard to read but I read Bible verses on my phone please have mercy upon me give me wisdom help me to get out of any Earthly thing that I am in I have a lonely to be a true Christ follower and know it and feel it and be happy and you Lord and praise and worship you
Lord, revival begins with me, so help me be excited for what You are doing in my own heart and life and then help me share that excitement with others. Amen.
As I lift up others here I request prayers in behalf of our son’s business. Covid has hit their restaurant hard (no sickness just lack of customers). We covet your prayers to keep the bills payed and the doors open. My son’s name is Jason. Thank you and praise be to God our Father. Amen
I praise God for is provision and grace...Please pray for my friend Maureen, and her husband, Doug, who were in a motorcycle accident on Friday. She needed to be Life-Flighted to the hospital in Portland, OR....
I pray for open doors and healing! Amen!
Judith, I join you in prayer.
I pray for everyone struggling in any area of their lives. May, God the Father, be with us all.
Praying for your son!
Praying for you and Jorge!
For the end to Covid 19 , healing for the afflicted,, protection for the healthy. Holy Lord, please weaken the hurricane headed to Louisiana coast and help all through this. For t California fires to be quenched and no more destruction. Build a hedge of protection around the fire fighters and help all affected be helped to get back on their feet.. Thank you Jesus with all my heart
Please for the world's we living please for the one who have the virus
Please pray that Crystal Bergman and I will have a chance to sit down and talk about our relationship and fix the things that need fixing, please pray that we will become better friends like we were and that our friendship keeps getting better...
please pray with me for a dear friend of mine who is in the Gulf of Mexico and needs to come home
Prayed. Thank God for answering our prayers.
Heavenly Father we thank you for Favian. He was fearfully and wonderfully made by you. We pray for his salvation and desire to serve you. Destroy all the works of the devil and release Lord from the bondage sin has on his life by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. We thank you for your sovereign will and rule on Favian's life. In Jesus name, Amen.
Please pray with me. I suffer with OCD so it's really hard for me to clearly hear from God since my OCD creates a lot of anxiety, fear, and the like. I had problems with anxiety for many years and knew much of my thinking was not normal but I did not know that I suffered with OCD until recently since my compulsions are mainly mental rather than physical. Please pray for my husband and mom as they have to deal with me.
Father we pray for this son with a pending procedure and the daughter with a thyroid problem all this is known to you. We pray for your divine ruling in this matter. and that the testimony would be to your praise and glory. We pray that the daughter will raise a family that would love you with all their heart, soul and strength having a desire to obey and serve you. We give you thanks and praise in Jesus name. Amen
Please pray for my husband Jorge. He has been unemployed for 4 years . We need God to open doors for him. We need wisdom to know what to do in this situation. He’s loosing his faith and hope for the future. Thanks for praying. We are in the middle of a dessert and we need God more than ever.
Please continue to pray for my daughter. Her MRI on her heart came out ok. She still has some issues. She didn't seem to have a problem riding a roller coaster at King's Island. The tallest one. She professes to know Jesus as her Savior.
Praying that the Lird will open opportunities for you to earn income and that the Lord May grant you healing in body, mind and soul.
Praying for him that he may find the Lord as the only refuge we can ran to.
Pls. Pray for my son who will undergo Heart Ablation on 10/22, that the Lord would heal him and lead the doctor and give him wisdom and knowledge to perform the procedure. Also my daughter who has problem with her thyroid, that she go on remission already so she could start a family. Thank you.
Please pray for my mother who is having a CT scan on her lungs.
Pray for my brother Favian, who seems to get worse every time I see him. He was incarcerated for 2 years and has been out 4 1/2 months now. He was doing really good for the first two months and then slowly stopped calling us (brothers/sisters/mom) every day or coming over...I've seen him drunk at least 3 times and on Sunday, I believe he was on something more than just drunk. My fear is that he is going back to his old ways. I know God is in control and only He has the power to change my brother. Thank you.
Pray for our President, pray for my daughters Odalys e Izamar for their university exams in the name of Jesus. Amen
Please pray for my son s me for divine healing and God protection and money bless to pay our bills and my son need to sell car need the money to go back to school
Father, we pray for the leaders of our land— that they would continue to make decisions that we could worship the freely. Help us to be more like Jesus as we try to serve you..
Praying for you Denton, I am in very similar circumstances, be encouraged, I try to see how the Lord is working in this grief, know it's hard, but, " Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world"
Pray for Wisdom and guidance - new orders to keep business open. We are challenged by the loss of business and need to hang on till first of year when we hope things will begin to turn around. Pray for our leaders, the President and all of congress (house and senate) that they will govern instead of play politics. Pray for our country as we choose new leaders that God's will will be done!
Please pray for Pastor Mack and his wife Rhonda. Pastor Mack had a strong and is having wound and swallowing issues. Thank you for joining me in prayer!
Pray that they find the home health workers I need to start treatments for my ALS
Pray for Denton. He has lost his business, in deep debt, just got the final divorce papers, has severe depression and is lost. He needs to find a lawyer to help his w bankruptcy.
Please pray that things will go well before, during and after my meeting today. Thank you and God bless
Please pray for my daddy Johnny rocks who has encephalitis. Thank you.
Please pray for us as we trust the Lord's timing for employment for my husband. We are at an age where companies aren't as eager to hire you, but God...
Pray for my grandson who is rude and disrespectful he is 14 yrs
I’m asking for prayer for my son Justin who got bucked off of his horse and split his pelvis and pulled all of the tendons loose. He will have to be in a wheel-chair for 90 days and he needs to get back to running the big ranch he is a Forman on. 🙏
Please pray for my son, Greg , for income. He was laid off in March due to Covid and still is looking for employment. He lives alone and is not getting unemployment and has no income at all. Most of his savings is gone and he really prays to be able to keep his house. We believe in God’s timing that all things work for good. God is faithful ! Thank you for your prayers .
Please continue to pray for our marriage separation. Pray that we continue to seek God and our hunger for his word and truth increase and that we remain unmoved by the temptations of the world. Thank you
I thank the Lord for all hes delivered me from, I pray for my desire to serve him whole heartedly and live in his will, to grow stronger each day. I continue to request prayer for my parents who have health issues, that Jesus would touch them and give them strength and courage.
Please pray for me. I am having numerous physical problems and doctors are having a hard time diagnosing my issue. I know Jesus can heal without a diagnosis.
Please Pray for Paula who is fighting breast cancer and for Daughter and Son In Law’s marital problems and for Son and Grandson to have peace and love between them
I pray for all people who have harden their hearts . I pray God will plow their hearts and make the soil of their hearts soft and ready for the seeds of Gods messengers . That God would give them eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to receive his love and therefore surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ . Farther God send forth your holy spirit To convict the hearts and minds of all people . Send messengers into their paths daily to share and speak your truths to these people that they will surrender to their lord and savior Jesus Christ. I pray for the end of COVID 19. I pray for those who have it that Hod will heal them completely and quickly. I pray for people who are voting that they will pick those leaders that will stand for your ways and not for mans way. Father God forgive us for being silent over issues that have caused you anguish , and brought about this judgement upon America . Help us , give us boldness to stand up for your ways , your truth and never give up. In Jesus name I pray amen
I pray for barriers to come down regarding the work And calling the Lord has given us to do. I pray that no weapon formed us shall stand. I pray that He would confute every tongue that rises against us in judgment.
I pray for peace on earth and blessings to be bestowed on mankind. This can only be done through the Savior Jesus Christ, since he died for our sins on the cross and provided those of us that believe an opportunity for everlasting life in his Father's kingdom.
Thank you God for being in the mist of my situation. Thank you for hearing my cry .I am believing in advance that you will answer my cry in Jesus name Amen
I have several unspoken requests this morning, please. Thanks, and God bless all of you
Please pray for my son Chris, who suffers from alcohol addiction.
Please pray that I learn how to balance time in devotionals and time in my Bible. I find myself spending 45 minutes in the morning to devotionals. I also have reminders for them throughout the day. I feel like I only read my Bible at night. Maybe 25 minutes. And only 3 times a week. I can't seem to find a balance. Please help me.
Help me to have strength and wisdom to do God's well in my life and do a better job of memorizing scripture.
I pray for the many hungry and homeless people out there who don't know where their next meal is coming from and who have no shelter. I Pray that God will Bless their lives through US, as we give to the strangers we meet in the street instead of ignoring them. In Jesus.
I ask that God will give me favor as I speak with my boss today for an extension of my sabbatical.
I am in prayer for my son. That Jehovah watch over and protect him. Bring him back to to the family in the name of Jesus!
Daughter that is not a believer. Son that is a believer and has been bound to the house for over 5 years does not work states that GOD told him not to go out yet. He keeps all the windows closed will not go outside at all. He thinks that he knows the bible but some times he twisted the words to what he wants the word to say. He does not communicate with any one. Pray for my oldest son and his family they are believers has been married for 28 years has 3 grandchildren and devoted to GODS KINGDOM PLAN. This son and his wife prays for his brother all of the time. I have been a believer all of my life and have made many mistakes pray that I find a Bible Teaching Church. The church my son attends the drummer wears earrings and I don't believe in a man wearing that in church and the pastor should not allow that I know that we come as we are that should not happen. There is a lot of children in the church and that is sending out the wrong message.
Thank you Lord for all that you do for me and all your children. Amen
Thank you to everyone who prays for me.
Lord I pray that my son will have the desire to seek you. His heart has grown cold in knowing you. Lord I pray as in Ezeikial 36:26. " I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. " Lord, please hear my prayers. There is nothing I want more in this world than he would know you, be obedient to you and live his life according to your will and for his future family to honor and worship you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Lord I pray for a good resolution to a legal problem I have faced for the past year and eight months. You have walked with me and been my strength during this crisis. I thank and praise you for your goodness and mercy. In Jesus name. Amen
Thank you Lord Jesus! Praise the Lord.
I pray for all those suffering in these difficult times. I do this in the name of Jesus Christ the savior.
I am what you would call a political half-breed. My father is a Trump supporter; My biological mother is a Democrat. I believe that I would be unfairly targeted by either side, and, as a result, would be attacked. God, give me remedy regarding this; I hate feeling hated all the time!
Please pray for my wife’s health and me as a caregiver. She has suffered with multiple major health issues for over six years. At retirement age we had hope to serve and lead others to the Lord. Things don’t seem to be working out that way.
I know You hear me Jesus. I know you see my tears; You see the injustice. You feel my pain. I thank you that this is a season where I can grow. May I grow more boldly in You. I thank you for protecting my current job (my standing with peers) from gossip and hearsay. Thank you that even now You are opening the floodgates to a new position I have yet to even dream of, one where I can bless Your name and be supported in a nurturing and positive work environment. I know there are mountains in the way, but greater are You oh Lord my God, my anchor. Thank you for unsticking me by blessings whatever time I have left in this job with Godly words, actions and deeds. May those above me have a clear view and understanding that justice may prevail. I thank you for covering me in a blanket of heavenly protection. Please hasten the day where I can grab hold of that promise You promised me two years ago. May I grow in Your grace and love that others may be blessed. Thank you for loving me through this storm! Amen!
I am looking for a affordable place to live, please pray that the door that' god wants me to go through will open, and restoration for my marriage
Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strenght,Father help us to wait patiently in these troubling times,remind us that in waiting you know the right time to unstuck us spiritually,so we can walk and not be weary,walk and not faint,in Jesus name we thank you for being a God of Love,Amen.
Praying for you, your situation, and that God will bring you peace as you wait. Faith is the grave of worry, trust that all will be well. Take care of yourself by caring for others. I know from having a disability myself that the more I think of others and wrtie notes, cards, and give little gifts, the easier the waiting becomes and I grow. God bless you.
Please pray that God will make a way for me to serve Him in Christ name amen. Deborah Cleveland
I pray we all diligently seek the Lord God first, in all we do. May our creator, strengthen or faith in Him... I ask this for us all. In Jesus' name, amen.