PRAYER: Lord, we are so tired. For days, weeks, and months we have lived in isolation and fear; we have watched as outbreaks and uprisings shake the foundations of our world. God, our Father, we need peace. We need rest. We know that even now You are at work, and that You have a plan for this. Today Lord, allow us a time of peace to rest and renew our strength. And as we rise, put a fresh song on our lips; a new song of praise to You, our Creator and Sustainer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As you pray, meditate on these words from Isaiah 40:29-31.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
I just said a prayer for you Adrian
Please pray for my son-in-law, and my husband who are dealing with alcohol addiction. Also, please keep my other daughter and her family safe as they take a two week trip out west in their new RV.
Clarity! Yes Lord give this person clarity!
Praying for your marriage! Lord help this couple to reconnect and keep you at the center of their Union!
Praying for your family!!
Praying for your hometown Dennis! Keep being a strong example of someone who chases after God for those around you!
Praying with you!!
Praying for you to have success and pass your exam! Please let us know how you’re doing!!
I’ll pray for you too! For healing for your trauma! I know what it’s like to have trauma impact your life!
Praying for you, Adrian!
Pray for healing in my relationships, for dreams to come to pass, and for peace in everything. Amen
Father, I ask you to fill this family with your Holy Spirit. That all this son and young lady will see through them is your love which will impress upon the young lady’s heart that she would like to meet the God they serve. In Jesus name, Amen.
Please pray for my marriage of 30 years that the Lord will bring healing, and my wife will put Christ first in her life, truly first in her life.
Praying for you in your upcoming exam. Lord please be with this person and remind him/her of all the studied material, help to pass the exam with good grades, I pray Lord for Your favor on this person. I also pray this person will not forget to thank You for Your help and favor, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.
Arnie I would appreciate your prayers I was in a terrible accident last year in February I almost lost my R foot. I have PTSD from the accident. I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you Arnie.-😊
I'm taking an exam on Tuesday 6/23/20 and it is my last chance to take this exam. I really need all the prayers to help me remember everything I have read. This exam will make a difference for my family dynamics because they all rely on me for help. Thanks for doing this for me. I really appreciate it.
Cynthia I join heart with you and pray for your strength woman of God. Read Psalm 91 It helps
Please pray for me as my spouse and I are going through some difficult times. His family wants to take everything away from us. Even the roof over our head
Please pray for me during this hard times that no matter what happens keeping the faith and trusting in God.
I pray that Jesus will help me with the uncertainty that I am dealing with. Thank you to anyone praying with me.
I am requesting prayer for healing. My symptoms include joint fatigue and energy drain. Thank you!
Father in Heaven, I give thanks and praise for being such a loving God. Thank you for your son Jesus, who has given me comfort and strength for this time of hectic life, the busyness in the closing of school. Thank you for a lifted burden, as you have given the strength to continuously plan for the training in of Sharing Your Faith Workshop, despite my weariness. Lord, I pray for added grace as the work load and schedules get heavier. Help me Lord to obey and do your will in service to you and others, as I ask in your name Lord, I pray for educators and school administrators who struggle at this time of the year, my prayer request Heavenly Father is petitioned in Jesus Name, Amen!
Please pray for mercy of faith in Jesus , spirit of wisdom & discernment for my family. Our youngest son (26) fell in love with a muslim girl & wil bring her home this Sunday when we will celebrate his birthday.
Please pray for my cousin she has stage 4 cancer in her colon and her liver and other parts of her body the doctors have given her months to live and a friend has to go to Duke with her kidneys and she asked me to pray for her also I had a mammogram today and I would like for you to pray that if it's the Lord's blessing that I get a good report and that I would be the example for my family that I should be for a Christian that I may draw them to Christ thank you and have a blessed night
I look forward to meeting everyone!
Please pray for my friend Sharon who has been out of fellowship at her church since Covid. She was growing spiritually, but now seems to be getting caught up with other things. Not bad things but her pursuit of Jesus seems to have changed to less than what it was. Pray for her fiance Mike, who thinks he doesn't sin, but actually is controlling by way of his attitude. I can't even call her when she's home because he gives her attitude about her friends calling. Like she should only care and need him. She is a smart strong woman, and she is also praying for a job that perfectly suits her which is currently available. I been praying for all 3 of these things to work out with God's blessing and favor. Please join me in prayer for this wonderful lady.
Pray for financial breakthrough and a new job with great pay. Amen and thank you
Pray for healing of my friend Mr. Stonie. He has battled several issues such as fluid on his lungs and kidney problems as well as overall decline in his health. He is 83 years young. I pray for a miracle healing for him and more time with his family as well. Keep him and his family protected during this pandemic. In Jesus name, Amen
Lifting up your family in prayer today!
Praying today for God's provision!
Praying for your family with you!
Praying with you for Tabitha and her family - for believers to be placed in their lives to lead them to Christ!
Praying for their healing and for the baby and their other children!
I'm happy to join you in that prayer.
Pray for a hunger for truth and righteousness, in my home town and area. There seems to be such little hunger and thirsting after God, even during these days or turmoil and isolation. Pray for "the church" in North America.
Please pray for my daughter Tabitha and her family for their salvation.
Please do pray for the salvation and protection of all of my family members! Thank you :)
Prayers of healing for my niece and nephew. They tested positive for COVID19 and are in the first trimester of pregnancy. They have 2 young children 4 and 5 year olds.
Prayers that I get a car soon so I dont have to take the bus I'm really scared of going to the stores in the bus. I had an accident 2 years ago was struck by a car broken bones pelvis and now this happening with the pandemic. God please provide with a car
Lord. I ask that you would save my FAMILY they are not saved they need you and they don't know that they need you in their life I pray in Jesus Name.Amen.
Please pray for God's protection from pandemic and my only son's University Admission very soon; regarding University selection. God bless us all.
My prayers for Susann, that her pain will recede. For My husband for being such a great Father. May God take away my pain from RA
This verse I have as a reminder how great is our God.
Father God, please guide me in my home search.
Prayers for restoration of marriages, even mine.
Thanks your God for your keeping 🙏 power
I am praying for the class of 2020 - may they find peace & closure at this time. I am praying for strength for you!
I am praying with you for your sister. Praying that she feel God's peace & presence even during these difficult times.
I am praying with you for protect your family
I am praying with you for your son! I pray that he will fill his life with the things of God & not the things of this world. I am praying for good friendships and the strength to resist those that are not good. Praying also for you for peace during this process
I am praying with you for guidance & direction for each step you are taking.
I am praying with you for Jessica & her family!
Mary Ruth - I am praying with you for your son to turn to God today & trust him into his heart. I am praying for restoration of your family.
I am praying with you for your pastor & his wife! I pray that she will get the medical help that she needs right now. Also praying for peace & guidance during this process.
Praying with you for our leaders
I am praying with you to continue to grow your faith each day!
I am praying for you during this process. Praying for peace as well
Just want to thank the Lord Jesus for protecting me and my family at this time for keeping us all healthy and strong I just want to thank him for interceding on our behalf with what's going on and I'll country and just thank him
Praying for the Lord's wisdom and strength for you - your body and emotions. I would like to share Ephesians 3:16 AMP version with you: May He grant you out of the riches of His glory, to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self, [indwelling your innermost being and personality].
I'm praying for your husband.
Praying with you!
I continue to pray for the turmoil we are currently facing.
Praying for great results on your tests.
I'm praying for you.
In prayer for your request.
Praying for your husband that the depression will lift, and also for you that you will have wisdom from the Lord in helping your husband.
Praying for you and for our world.
Praying for your family and your friend's father.
Praying with you on this.
Praying with you.
Praying for healing, strength, and wisdom.
I pray that you find a place for you and your son.
Praying for you.
Praying for your neighbors.
Praying for you that the exhaustion will be lifted quickly. Praying for a miracle for you! I would like to share Romans 15:13 with you: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I'm praying along side or you and for your.
I will pray for your husband.
Praying for a quick and complete healing for you.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for you and your husband.
I will pray for you.
I will pray for your family.
I will pray for your daughter.
God hear the prayers of the people who asked for your answers in Jesus name Amen
I will pray for him..
I will pray for your safety.
I pray in Jesus name, for healing of the sick and hurting, to help us to stop the madness in the world today, for those who are lost to seek You, for the homeless people have a place to stay, food to eat and drink, clothes on their backs and a way to get them out of their situation and into a better life, for the healthcare workers, the policemen and policewomen, the teachers, and all others working and or serving. I pray for help with finding a job and help with my finances. I trust in you God, Your Will be done, thank you for everything, Amen 🙏
I’m currently deployed for the military and what I have to do won’t exactly be safe. If you can please pray for my safety, I would appreciate it greatly.
I pray for complete healing both physically and spiritually Psalms 68:19
Please pray for Paul that God will draw him close to Him and show him the way he should go and to bring Godly people in his life to help him heal from his past.
Pray for my neighbors that god will open their hearts and eyes to see that what they doing is wrong saleing drugs out there home