PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, we pray today for Your love to shine through in our lives. Give us each opportunities today to be a disciple-maker to our neighbors and friends. Whatever we, or those around us, are experiencing today, may Your grace and mercy be found in us. It is our prayer that the wounds in our neighborhoods and communities will be healed by Your love as we all come together in rejoicing our wonderful Savior. In Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from Romans 12:9-12.

"Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Please pray for strength, courage and faith. I am afraid or what the future will bring for all of us, I need to feel secure in God. Praying for my grandchildren
Prayers for God to make a way for my son in law and his family to be together this Yuletide season after being away from each other in the past two years plus. Lord, please make a way where there seems to be no way for them. Amen.
Prayers for my daughter and granddaughter who wants to become a boy that they would come to know and believe Lord Jesus in their hearts.
Sure praying...
Continued prayers for our countries elected leaders at every level, local, state and federal that they would be guided to make decisions based upon the Word and your Commandments Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.
Lord fill my heart with Godly love . Amen.
Sure praying. Jesus is our Healer. Deuteronomy 7:15
I ask prayers for renewed health and freedom from daily pain and sickness. In Jesus Name.
Amen & Amen!!!
Praying for God’s divine intervention for his deliverance and faithfully follow Jesus.
I’ll pray for your brother.
Yes , and in addition to prayer. , I have found that baking a cake or cookies , or banana bread and taking it wrapped up in an attractive bag , opens the door to share the love of. The Lord !!!!
I'm agreeing with you for a complete healing for your daughters , I'm believing with you ,...... All things are possible with God ....... Are part is to agree with one another , Believing !!! Also lm asking asking for Godly wisdom , knowledge and understanding for the Dear Mother , In Jesus Name .....
Sure I'll.
Asking for prayer for all who don't know God or who know Him and continue to ignore Him. My brother knows Him and has been saved but he doesn't know how to refuse the devil's temptations. He only came out of prison 5 months ago and now he's back in jail for a DWI. He could be going back....
In times like this it is so easy to let anxiety and fear cloud our minds and hearts. Please pray for my anxiety. Pray for my lost sons and their families. Pray for the violence and hate that is ruling our nation.
Sure Stephen.
Sure praying Richard, Felix and Isaac.
We pray for our children Richard, Felix and Isaac to have concentration with God's guidance while preparing for their final promotion exams
Sure praying for you Barb. You just keep praying for them. God will change them.
Sure will keep your daughter 's marriage in my prayers.
Sure Stephan.
Please pray for the marriage of my daughter grace and Immanuel to flourish in peace and harmony, their child Ivan to grow in the love of his parents.
Prayers for your safety and that Christ’s love In you would bless your neighbors and make them seek him too.
Heavenly Father May Your grace and Your unconditional love be upon our sister ...
Praying for the neighborhood that the Lord will bring an opportunity
Please pray for my daughter illness from her stomach be healed miraculously. May God’s grace through Christ experienced her relief and makes her well. Lord Jesus, You are Sovereign and All-in-All. You are worthy to be praised. May Your will be done. In Jesus Name . Amen
Pray for you that keeps you safe
We live in a multicultural neighborhood. We're in the city. Our neighborhood has become more and more violent or the last year. Each ethnic group sticks to their own kind. I've been praying for our ' hood', but not sure of the witnessing aspect. Any suggestions?
Please pray for me God has done so many good things in my life he has done something that I did not believe what happened I asked God would give me good judgement knowledge in whatever I do wherever I am that I would wind up with his commandment thank you
Father, Help Americans, especially our young people to learn discernment and not be deceived by the lies and traps that are laid for them by so many who seek to influence them in the wrong direction. Help them to be open to the truth that comes from God and His Word. Help them to see clearly the need to look beyond themselves for ultimate truth. Send a revival that will impact those who have lost their way or who have not yet heard about you. Open their minds and hearts to genuine truth. May revival come to our land. In Jesus Name, Amen
Father, We know you specialize in healing broken things. Be with this family during this difficult time. Let love and forgiveness triumph over hurt feelings and disappointment. Let this son seek an end to his anger, let truth and healing prevail. May each one give up their anger and trade it for grace, kindness, and forgiveness. Remind them the price of unforgiveness is far too high. Better to rejoice in forgiveness. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Lord, I pray for our sister's healing guidance and protection. Amen
Father, please help Linda to find a job in exactly the right place for her. Bless her with confidence and skill and help her not to be afraid of new things you might have planned for her. Supply all her needs and put her in exactly the situation she needs to be in for this time in her life. Let her heart rejoice when she sees how carefully you have planned for her. In Jesus Name, Amen
Father, I pray for Julie that You will give her understanding of how much you care for her. Help her to sense the fullness of Your love and care so that she understands she is not alone. Give her added strength for the daily challenges she faces, and send caring people along who will give her the support she longs for in these difficult days. Help her to find Your strength in the Word of God. Show her the blessings of prayer and the fellowship of other Christians. Above all fill her heart with peace and love. In Jesus Name, Amen
Father, please be with this dear lady. Supply her financial needs, help her to find truth and dependable people that will support her in her job. Most of all Lord grant her a sense of Your presence and continual support so that she can move ahead with confidence that you will never let her down and she can rest on your promises. Bless her and help her as she makes daily choices about her life and her daughters. Give her inner joy and peace that pass all understanding. In Jesus Name, Amen
Praise God for the way He worked in my family. Last Wednesday we had to put our dog down and my adult kids had not spoken for almost two years and they both came to my house at the aame time to say goodbye to the dog. They got along so well and have been during this last week. Pray for continued grace and healing. Thank you.
Praying for you, Julie, that you will feel the comfort of our Lord’s Holy Spirit in your life. Read Psalm 91:14-16.
Please pray for me as Covid 19 as affected my life and my job Thank. God my company sent me somewhere else after four months layoff but unfortunately This includes persons affecting my finances and monies I should be collecting as taken serious turn as this I find that people are giving me stories and run around that are not trustworthy And as a single mom with a child in college this is difficult So I asking for serious prayer as I need to end this after seven months Regards God's richest blessings JAnderson
Please pray for me today. As I read the words above tears started flowing and continue to fall. I'm weary. I've hit a breaking point. My chest aches with sadness. I'm struggling with my physical health and just functioning day-to-day. I was harassed several weeks ago and it's caused me a considerable bit of stress. I've hit a breaking point. I don't have much support in my life. Please pray for me to get through these difficult days. Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your situation and pray God will meet all your needs.
Praying for God's healing and reconciling Spirit to prevail in your family. May proud hearts become humble and forgiveness flow to all your family.
Please pray for our country and our young people that they might follow God.
Pray for my fractured family. Pray for my son whose anger has hurt our family we love so much.
Lord we stand in prayer together for the CHURCHS of America.......... we pray the assigned Shepherds of Gods people will have the anointing and Faith to stand up to meet the challenges of our world situations we all are currently experiencing . We pray the Pastors of American will except the challenges with a Holy boldness, and speak up and protect their congregations. SHEPARDS WHERE ARE YOUR SHEEP ??????? !!!!!!!
I an asking for prayer as I am in need a job and have been out of work since March 3rd, I was not laid off because of Covid-19. I was laid off because a new Company came in and I was part of the reorganization. I was with the original Co. For almost 12 years. Thank you, Linda Lopez
Please pray for my finances . I will be off of work for six weeks without pay due to an injury .
Let's pray that God's Will continues to be done in this election...Let His Light continue to shine...
In Jesus' name we pray this. Amen. Please pray for my son that God would soften his heart and open it to His Salvation.
Praying for You. Praying for God to ease your pain and Suffering.
Please Pray for me. I am under scrutiny for my Christian Beliefs . Many of Us are . I am Praying for the Body of Christ to connect strongly and Adheringly during this and All of these end Times. Amen
Joining You. Where two or more are gathered together, there I Will Be
Praying for You. I am also seeking health insurance after having my husband if 32 years walk out on me. Have you tried the Christian share plans? I am looking in to them myself. May God Bless You in your Efforts.
Fear not death. It cannot separate you from our Heavenly Father. I Pray for your Healing.
Praying for You. No doubts here, but Many difficult challenges.
I Pray for the Lord to weave His web of Goodness and tender Mercies in to All of Our Lives this Day. I Pray for His Will to Be our Will. Lead us Not in to temptation, but Deliver us from evil. Your Will, Father, upon Earth as in Heaven. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen
Lord help us to be patient in this country's current situation constant in prayer thanks to all the veterans who fought to makes this country free may God bless them today and every day amen
I am praying for you as well as myself in this. I have been told to watch with my faith instead of my eyes. God bless 🙏
Pray for my walk with God. It's been challenging and at times doubts.
Please pray along with me against untimely death
joining you in this prayer.
I'm praying for your job search.
Reading about that awful tragedy today. Lord, may this trip, as hard as it is, be a blessing for many. May your presence be clear to everyone, may You be given the glory, and may people be encouraged and greatly comforted by your promises. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Please pray that I am able to find a job that will meet the financial needs of my family as well as health insurance.
Father, please give Carole the strength she needs. May you bring her healing. I also ask that you would bless her and her daughter with the help they need. In Jesus name, Amen.
Joining you in this prayer today. Thank you Father for our Veterans and their sacrifices. May they be blessed, and may we remember them and what they have sacrificed for us. May we lead sacrificial lives as well, after our Savior's example. Amen.
Father, please be with Carie and her family today. We ask for your healing hand in her life, and your mercy and strength for her family. May you provide blessings for them, especially for her young son at this crucial time. Amen.
I am praying for you. May you know God's presence and peace in your life today, and His answers to your needs. Amen.
God I pray that you will provide safety for all in the path of this storm, and sustain them all.
I pray that God will bring you healing.
I pray for healing for all of us dealing with this virus. God please bring healing and comfort.
I pray that God will help Andrew get started with his job. And also for your grandchildren's salvation.
Please pray that my son-in-law Andrew with soon start the job which was offered to him a month ago. There is some sort of hold up at the last minute after he resigned from his previous job. My grandchildren's salvation. Thank you
Father in heaven you raise up and pull down l pray for your divine interventions in our nation like never before and turn our hearts back to you Amen
Please pray for God to heal our world of the pandemic .
Pray for me
Pray for President Trump and VP Pence. Pray for truth to prevail.
Please father in heaven hear our prayers. We know your love is so strong for us and at these trying times we really need your blessings. Thanks in the name of Jesus Christ help us all.
I would appreciate prayers for my health. I have Hydrocephalus that was diagnosed shortly after I was born at 24.5 weeks in November 1983. Thank you!
Please pray for our country and that we be able to remember and live Christ’s command that we love one another.
Praying for my neighbors daughter (Carie) who is battling cancer. Needing a miracle they have a 10-year-old son who needs his mother.
Please pray for me and my son, I am a single mother my offer on a house has been accepted please pray it is taking a very long time and we don't have peace where we currently live
Bless those in need and especially our veterans and their families on this day----Veteran's Day! In the name of Jesus Christ Our Savior.
Thank God for his unfailing love.
Please pray for my health. I have severe back problems. My daughter and I have recently moved to a new home and I am unable to help because of my back and other health problems. Thank you and God bless.
I'm praying!
Please pray for my mother 95 years old to walk again. She’s depressed and want to give up. Pray for spiral be lifted. She is taking a few steps praying for a full recovery. She has PMS.
Father God heal Anna. Let her miracle be a light and path for others. Give the family peace and comfort. Let all be accomplished according with your will.
Please pray for our church in Lincoln. Covid has really hurt us badly. We've lost about 1/3 of our members and we are trying to decide if we should merge with a church in our area. Please pray for our pastors too. They are really struggling with all the challenges that this is causing for them.
Prayers for new build. Old contractor swindled us. We pray for his redemption.
I pray our great God provide protection for the people in the path of the typhoon in the Philippines. Answer their many prayers and let your glory overshadow their despair. This is about the fifth typhoon that has passed through the same approximate area in the last few months. A couple weeks ago was a super typhoon, Cat 5, that they are still recovering from.
Prayer during this time of covid as I'm being by myself to know I'm not really by myself. Help me to dig in the gospel and pray.
Spouse needs to get serious about his relationship with Christ ...
Pray for peace with my mom. I'll be there for Thanksgiving but am traveling to San Diego for Christmas to see my sister and she got upset. She is causing a lot of stress on my life.
Please pray for Anna (age 17). After a year of chemo, major surgery - cancer has returned. Doctors offering no hope or treatment plan. Family praying for a miracle - trusting God.
Pray for my granddaughter, she frightens easily but she prays for strength. She would just like address prayer in her struggles. Pray for my son. He needs a bankruptcy lawyer but has no money to hire one and is facing legal battles. Most of all he needs salvation.
Praying for you and this situation. It sounds like your friend seeks others to make decisions for her. This is a tough situation with a friend or family member, as we want to help, but not feel that we are enabling. Continue praying for God to lead you in how to best handle this situation. I recommend that you seek counsel from an elder Christian that you trust, as this situation can weigh heavy on you.