A Prayer for Joy - Weekly Prayer

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, you tell us in Your word to count it as joy when we meet various trials. I know I'm not alone in thinking that we've been through a season of many trials. Lord, help us to find the joy in Your provision. I pray for all of us that these daily stresses would be building our faith and our endurance. May your grace be evident in our lives, and help us to answer when others ask about the peace and joy we experience in You. In Jesus' name, amen.

As you pray, mediate on these words from James 1:2-4.

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

We Look Forward To Praying With You: 🙏🙏
Please share your prayer request and prayers for others in the comments below.
Thank You Jesus for Jeffrey. Bless him for taking time to pray for others even though he himself is facing a big trial. Thank You God that in Jesus name, You’ve already provided the place, the home, the financial means, the logistical means, and the wisdom necessary. Thank You Jesus. You see so much more and so You know exactly how to help us. In Jesus name, Amen.
Mighty and Matt. Healing and go back 2 college. Thank u.
My majesty my royal highness Sovereign ruler of the universe my King of Kings and Lord of Lords the great I am That I am The God that is and IS to come Lord of the spirits the ancient of days the triune God creator of the creations creator of the creatures i worship and exalt you my husband my lord and saviour ,my King all powerful and the all knowing wise God the God that dwells between the cherubims Holy is his name the angels say Holy Holy Holy is lord God almighty I want to welcome the holy spirit the holy angels and the extended family house of heaven greetings and salutation to you my king i salute you lord of all your an amazing God your all glorious and all powerful no one can dethrone you ,your God almighty sitting at the right hand of the father how excellent is your name in all the earth King Jesus Christ i shoot The untainted blood of king Jesus Christ into the atmosphere to the east west north and south render ever power of darkness powerless in the mighty name of king Jesus i call forth warring angels God Michael and Raphael to fight in the spiritual realm because our warfare are not carnal but mighty through pulling down strongholds in the mighty name of king Jesus Christ we call upon the armies of God to fight on the behalf on your children's behalf bind up every deaf and dumb spirit, witchcraft and warlock spirit every spirit that would exalt themselves in the midst of us we render them powerless in the mighty name of king Jesus christ because greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world i'm more than a overcomer in the name of King Jesus Christ who is the commander and chief of the armies of God Lord of host is his name . My father as i come to you i repent and renounce secret sins and carnal weaknesses i've sin in thought and indeed presumptuously,knowingly and unknowingly and ignorantly father i ask in your holy name that you wash me from all my sinful acts and deeds and throw them into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered no more be merciful unto me a sinner dear father search me oh God and cleanse me from all the wicked ways that are within me my lord i ask this in the mighty name of king Jesus Christ .Father as i come to you father on the behalf of my brothers and sisters all over the world i repent on their behalf my father i ask that you wash and cleanse them now mighty God from all sinful acts and deeds and throw their sins in to the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered no more. I ask in your holy name dear father that you minister to your sons and daughter in the pineal institution through the different mediums that are used to bring your word to them i pray that you minister to the heart of stone and replace with a heart of flesh its not by might nor by power but by your spirit heal the broken hearted deliver and set free drop the charges throw out some cases lord you have your pastors your evangelist , teachers,singers,prophets,prophetess,writers,directors ,leaders and so much more in this place father i pray you drop the charges and save them all father and for those in juvenile centers lord visit children my saviour bring salvation to to your people use your people to minister your word to your children ,Father remember those that have lost their job oh mighty God of David move on your children's behalf oh father hear the cry of your children lord and have mercy oh lord help them to get jobs oh mighty God the bills are piling up father your people need help lord open doors mighty God for your children to receive employment remember those that have lost their business oh father provide for your people give them new ideas new investors open a door my father for your children oh father remember your servants on the battlefield winning the lost at any cost even losing their life oh mighty God cover them under your blood dear build a fire wall around your servants oh God protect them father give them a fresh anointing as they go on the highways and the byways and deserts and jungle and high seas to declare your name as they go father into drug den prostitution ring ,human trafficking ring lord gays and lesbian ring lord give them words to speak lord because its not by might nor by power by your spirit mve throw your sons and your daughters oh God many will not come home dear father many lives will be lost on these missions Lord but i pray you will bring comfort to their families in the event of such happening be with your children when they become overwhelmed enfold into your arms my father and send your warring angels the army of God on assignment to encamped about your children make a way of escape for them provide provisions for your people ,deliverance,miracle,healing oh mighty father be merciful to your people father hear and answer prayer lord do it for your glory lord in no other name in the mighty name of KIng Jesus Christ i decree and declare it done I want to thank you in advance lord for what you have already begun to do and what you will be doing Amen.
Thank you Lord for providing us with people around the world who love you and love others enough to pray with for them! It is such a blessing to have support and encouragement in these dark times!!! I’m asking for prayer for my mental health and for Gods wonderful grace and peace upon my family! Hallelujah! God is Sovereign! ❤️
Thank you God Our Father, for the continued reconciliation of my children as We recognize Your Truth in our lives collectively and individually.
Dear Lord thank you for this day, please strengthen my Faith and Hope that everything will end up alright as I might be forced to move from a place I have lived for 15 years and I'm not really sure where to move to. Please guide me Lord today to new location and help me find a means to actually make this move possible. Thank you for this blessed day Lord and I pray that you comfort all who are facing trials which seem a little overwhelming.
Father I pray that you will give the doctors wisdom to know how to treat her symptoms and also believing for healing in Jesus name I pray and thank you Jesus.
Father I ask that you would deliver these men from their addiction of alcohol. Remove their desire to drink completely and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I pray for their sister and well to remain steadfast in prayer knowing you hear our prayers and will answer and bring deliverance in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus in advance for the victory.
Lord thank you for all the ways you have blessed me and continue to do so inspite of my weaknesses and failures. Please bless the members of my church family who are going through various struggles with deaths, illnesses, extrene financial challenges and job losses. Lord I know you are hearing this prayer and leave into your capable hands, Amen.
Dearest Jesus, help the homeless find home, the jobless find jobs, the sick and injured to get better, and the lonely find someone special for the holiday seasons and forever. Amen!
Please bless my finances as the bill seemed to be building upward. Help me to have the knowledge on how to get back onto the positive side of my credit card and help me to stay on the positive side with my bills. I love you God and I know God loves me. In Jesus name, I know God has heard my prayers. Amen!
My 3 brothers are Alcoholics, Vet & Do Not believe in God.. I'm always asking the Lord that they experience a 360 turnaround & leave the beer alone & that 2 of them become believers of God. Please pray with me for their lost souls & prayers for me as I tend to their daily life style. Tk U✌
I continue to have these symptoms and testing did not eliminate them. I am getting a second opinion and praying that the cause will be found and corrected. But like Paul said my desire is to see Jesus , but I wait for His choice. Thank you.
Praying for them and all with covid
I ask for prayers for my daughter in law who is experiencing trouble with her head and neck. Must see a neurologist tomorrow, praying all isn’t too serious
I pray that you all are having a blessed day. I try to follow the good Lord day and day out but lately I have been bogged down with worries and anxiety over where and when to move. I have lived at my present location a long time and recently my landlord has died. I need direction to find the right place and the means to move when the right time comes. Thank you for your prayers.
Praying for him and also to know Christ and his love.
Praying for them and also the Lord would guide our researchers for a cure to this awful disease.
Praying he'll know Christ and in Christ he can gain control of the alcohol demon.
Praying for them to heal and to know Christ.
Prying for them
Sure praying.
Sure praying. Jesus is our Healer!
Praying for them, James.
Please pray for my sister and brother in law..They have been tested positive for the covid...
Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. They both suffer from mental illness. My granddaughter graduates high school this year and really wants to do well, and to continue on to college. My daughter has had struggles maintaining a job and maintaining a life where she’s able to care for herself and her 2 children. Please pray for their complete healing and restoration. Thank you.
Please pray for my grandson to be able to fight his Alcohol Addiction. He can't see his little boy who he loves with all his heart.
Please pray for my friend Pat and friend Pam. Both have cancer.
I am praying for your mother
I am praying for your son
Please pray for my son Gabriel he is going through some depression and just had a relapse ,
Amen. Let truth stand out in such an obvious way it cannot be denied. Amen
Father, We do indeed pray for our country in these trying times. Let truth roll down upon us. Allow us to see clearly and help us to understand the need for complete truth and transparency. Reveal any corruption or evil intent in such a way that their will be no denying the truth of what has gone on in these elections. Lift the blinders of deception off our eyes and let us choose to stand in the full light of Your truth wherever it may lead. In Jesus Name, Amen
Heavenly Father, Please be with Billie in these days of sickness. Help those who are treating her to use every available medication and technique in exactly the right way for maximum medical success. Touch her and give her peace and confidence as she trusts in you. Comfort this family and help them to deal with the anxiety and fear that accompany Covid. We pray for total healing and a full recovery according to Your Will. In Jesus Name, Amen
Please pray for my Mother, she was hospitalized with covid-19 with pneumonia in both lungs earlier today. I know the miracle working power of prayer and I know that when we lift someone up to the Lord he hears our prayers. She has been a prayer warrior for those in need and those who don't know they need it for my life. Thank you so much for your prayers in our time of need. Her name is Billie Campbell. May the Lord bless all of you.
Pray for our country and for those that are involved in the electoral process that they will stand their ground and not be bullied or threatened. Help us all dear God to have the courage to stand up for a fair and transparent election process in our country.
Please Lord, I would like to pray for the elections. If there was wide fraud, I pray that you would reveal it and hold those at fault accountable. If there was not, I pray for everyone to accept the result.
I pray for all who are poor, hungry and the sick that they may find healing
Please pray for my two sons. My oldest son needs to get on disabilty. He has had cancer and his numbers are rising again. Please pray that he will get on disabilty and has difficult walking and his balance is off. My other son needs to find a job. Please help my son get a job to help the family pay their bills. Thank you.
God is our defense
God bless our country
God bless you
Pray for me. I have recently left the Catholic Church. It is hard because all Churches are closed. I was able to take communion with a Church of Christ community last Sunday.
Please pray for my son's Andy and teddy father please help teddy with home to live and we ask for divine healing and God protection and money bless to be a blessing amen
Father, I pray that your people who are called by your name will ask you to forgive their sins. So that you can heal our extremely sick land. In Jesus name.
Father, thank you that you are always near and you hear our prayers. So many of us are going thru trials and tribulations right now and i ask Lord God that you wrap us in your arms to help get thru those trials and tribulations. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.
Praying that Father God will deliver us from the evil one
Praying for your family during this season.
Lifting up Debra and healing from her blindness.
Praying for Bella and her healing.
Requesting prayer for Debra for healing from blindness which she is being treated for but only a miracle from The Lord will cure. Thanks and God bless
I have a prayer request for my 5 year old granddaughter Bella. She has a rare bone problem in her right ankle bone. Praying for good counsel of medical help since it is rare. Prayer for a healing because it is treatable and full recovery of blood flow and bone strength for the rest of her life.
Thank you
I enjoy your teaching
I'm asking for guidance. I desire to own a home of my own and I dont know where or how to start the process.
I pray for the whole world that we all find our peace and strength with our heavenly father. Lord we are all in need of your blessings right now. Thanks in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. I love you
Please pray for Steven
I pray for a better relationship with my mom. She's upset she has to be by herself for Christmas. Pray that my health gets better. Pray for peace in my life and to not feel lonely in this world.
Please pray for my husband who works overseas in Kazakhstan. Won’t be coming home till the New Year. That he’s safe and stays healthy out there. My son who feels lost not working in his passion of work. Now having to work at an essential store. Keep me happy and healthy each and everyday. Seizure free and stress free. Amen
Please pray for God’s perfect will to be done in our lives,as my son Enosh and I,are looking for sponsorship and jobs.Dr.Nirmala Jyothi.Thank you for your prayers.
Dear God. Our ultimate healer. I pray for this beautiful soul whose body is being destroyed by cancer. Please fill her Spirit with the kind of joy and peace that can only come from you. I pray for healing if her body so she can continue to do Your work in This world. In Jesus name amen
Dear God of justice and truth, I call in the name of my savior Jesus. On the army of angels to fight this Spiritual battle for truth. Please shine your holy light on this dark situation so that all may see the truth. I pray in Jesus name amen
Dear father in heaven. I pray for Bethany. Please fill her with the healing power of the Holy Spirit Please help her to remember in heaven there is no pain. In Jesus name amen
Please pray for God to.heal.our land. Please pray for my adult daughter who has had many different tests and so far no tests has revealed anything wrong. Now her finances are hurting.
Appreciate continued prayers for my health; struggling quite a bit. Thank you!
I'm in a legal battle over a false report given against me. I'm asking for prayer that the truth in the situation would shine thru.
For my cousin who is battling a fast moving cancer. In a short time she has lost speech, sight, and hearing. She has stopped eating and drinking. They are giving her Radiation and Chemo.
my family vacinr fo stop the cov1d19
Please pray for my mental health and the salvation of my family members
Praying for God’s peace for all those feeling weighed down by their circumstances. Please pray for God’s will with my husband’s job. That we hear his voice clearly and that we are able to stay where we are.
May the God of All Peace and Joy fill you today. No matter what the enemy throws at us; fear, discouragement, disease, loss, confusion, We can take comfort knowing everything passes thru our God's hands. He is in Control, not the media, not the politicians, not the healthcare community, but OUR GOD ! Thank you Father for watching over us, may my brothers and sisters be encouraged by knowing you are Still on the Throne and nothing surprises you. Our Country needs bold and joyful Christians. May we be that today. In Jesus name, AMEN!
Please pray for that I will have the wisdom, understanding and knowledge to do my job. Please pray for words in my mouth, to be articulate. Please pray that I will have clarity when I speak. Thank you for praying for me. God Bless you and keep you!!
Father, in the name of Jesus we pray for complete healing for this person's husband. Also, pray that all those who have been recovered and are recovering and those who are infected by this virus will be completely healed. In Jesus name!!
I pray for peace in my home with my children who are diagnosed with ADHD. I pray for financial blessings or favor for house repairs and a little more money for ends to meet in paying my bills and taking care of my children.
Please pray that I would be delivered from a soul tie. Please pray over my mind and for mental health & healing.
Please pray for me, in all areas of my life. Lately I've been feeling down and depressed.
Pray for my strength to be better for my faith.
Thanks for your healing touch in Jesus mighty name. Amen
Father. Thanks for your favour and direction as this family seeks to move. We place it all in your hands. Lead and direct we pray over and above our expectations in Jesus mighty name Amen
Praying for you and your wife! HE is Jehovah Rapha the God that heals ALL sicknesses.
Father today we pray for this family. Cancer is never easy to deal with, but first we pray for peace and we pray for divine healing in the mighty name of Jesus. You are still Jehovah Rapha our Healer. Amen
I pray for the outcome of this election. I know that God is not surprised by the corruption and He will make away that we can not see. And praise Him for bringing out the evil that is hidden. I pray that the light of His glory will shine ever so brightly in all of us believers that it will shadow the evil. I pray for my family that they will come to His light , as so many of the rioters and haters.
Dear Lord we look to you to open doors for a new job soon. Lift up spirit when discouraged. In Jesus name, Amen
I pray for complete healing of your wife’s body. I also stand in prayer for the families strength. Amen
Yes Lord. Bring healing. Grace and strength. I Jesus name, Amen.
Dear Lord help this daughter in many area. Handling her family. A home to live in.
Praying for you and your wife. That must be so difficult. In times like these, you hold on to the Lord with all your might. May he give you strength to endure and peace in your heart and joy for what is to be.
May you be blessed as you pursue the Lord. Father, please guard and guide through your Word. Amen
Father please be with this person and her husband as he recovers. Thank you for his care. Thank you for their faith. We join together to ask You for healing and comfort for people around the world suffering from this horrible virus. We thank you for your never ending presence in our lives. Amen.
I pray that God would provide the treatments needed when needed and that your move would be blessed, and your new home would be a blessing as well. Amen.