In this series we want to highlight the ministry of Warren Wiersbe. Popular pastor and author, Dr. Wiersbe was also Bible Teacher at Back to the Bible through much of the 1980s.

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The Word of God - Warren Wiersbe's Heritage Bible Teaching

The Word of God

As Warren Wiersbe continues his series, from 1 Thessalonians, we learn that God's Word is more than just "true"; God's Word is THE TRUTH! Today's message shows the impact you can have as you learn to appreciate God's Word, appropriate it, and then apply it to your life.

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a year ago
Thisnis how we get to know God, through his word;
a year ago
Sometime after I was saved at the age of 19, I started listening to Bible teacher s on the radio.
One of those teachers was Warren Wiersbe.

At first I was turned off by the nasally , soft spoken delivery and couldn't listen to him.
Weeks later as I matured in my walk I tuned in again to Back to the Bible.
This time I listened with a different ear and different mind.
I couldn't get enough of the old pastor's clear teaching and warm personal style.
I cut my spiritual teeth on his teaching.
He is missed and I look forward to seeing him with our Lord.
1 reply
a year ago
I am so thankful that you didn't give up on hearing our program! I agree - sometimes it's hard to get past the messenger and hear the message!