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Interview with Jonah

Have you ever missed the end of a great TV show? It can really leave you hanging. Well, one of the great stories in the Bible does just that. The Book of Jonah leaves us wondering how it all turned out. Warren Wiersbe takes us to the end of Jonah and shows us several lessons we can apply to our lives today.

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Chapter 1:Resignation - He learned the lesson of God's providence and patience. Chapter2:Repentance - He learned the lesson of God's pardon. Chapter3:Revival - He learned the lesson of God's power. Chapter4:Rebellion - He learned the lesson of God's pity.
Enjoyed listening to the story about Jonah again. May I make sure I continue hearing what God says and to be sure I continue to obey His commandments.
h chapter1; The mindset; chapter2 ; The will, chapter3; repentance chapter3; went to spread the message, they believe and repented, chapter 4 rebellion.