Getting Started - Warren Wiersbe - Romans


“The more ignorant we are, the more impotent we are.” Warren Wiersbe


Jesus’ last command to His followers before returning to heaven was to take the truth of the Gospel to the world. And in the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul lays out a thorough and systematic understanding of the Gospel designed to encourage existing believers and inspire them to share this truth with others.


In this in-depth audio study of the Book of Romans, listen as Pastor Warren Wiersbe takes us through Paul’s timeless letter. From the stern warnings of God’s wrath on the wicked, to the glorious news of God’s grace to sinners, and finally to Paul’s tender words of comfort and greeting to his friends, Dr. Wiersbe, in his inimitable way, will help us see how to apply God’s Words to our lives today.

Please note: The messages covering Romans 1:1 –1:17 are currently unavailable.
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