Getting Started - Be Encouraged

Discouragement happens to us all. Whether you’re a newborn believer, or have been faithfully following Christ for decades now, times of discouragement will come. In this sermon series, Warren Wiersbe takes us through a book of the Bible he often turned to for encouragement. The Apostle Paul, the author of 2 Corinthians, was himself familiar with discouragement both personally, and in the churches he worked with.  

So what was Paul’s secret of victory and overcoming? Join Warren Wiersbe as he takes us chapter-by-chapter through Paul’s letter, and shows us how he was able to find encouragement even in discouraging times.

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We need to pray, we need to take our daily bread (the Word of God), and we need to serve. We are in some perilous times - much division and chaos. This is just as scripture tells us it will be in our last days. Believe in the Lord and work diligently toward living the life required.
My prayer is we get great comfort and encouragement to study, study, study this Word of God we are so blessed to have.