In this series we want to highlight the ministry of Warren Wiersbe. Popular pastor and author, Dr. Wiersbe was also Bible Teacher at Back to the Bible through much of the 1980s.

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Arnie Interviews Warren Wiersbe and Bryan Clark - Warren Wiersbe's Heritage Bible Teaching

Arnie Interviews Warren Wiersbe and Bryan Clark

In this special edition of Back to the Bible join Warren Wiersbe and Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole for a very candid and uplifting discussion about life as a Christ follower. Later in the program, Arnie will also introduce our newest Bible Teacher, Bryan Clark. Get to know Bryan's heart for ministry and join us in welcoming him to Back to the Bible.

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In this in-depth audio study of the Book of Romans, listen as Pastor Warren Wiersbe takes us through Paul’s timeless letter. From the stern warnings of God’s wrath on the wicked, to the glorious news of God’s grace to sinners, and finally to Paul’s tender words of comfort and greeting to his friends, Dr. Wiersbe, in his inimitable way, will help us see how to apply God’s Words to our lives today.

Be Encouraged:
Discouragement happens to us all. Whether you’re a newborn believer, or have been faithfully following Christ for decades now, times of discouragement will come. In this sermon series, Warren Wiersbe takes us through a book of the Bible he often turned to for encouragement. The Apostle Paul, the author of 2 Corinthians, was himself familiar with discouragement both personally, and in the churches he worked with.

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