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Where are you?

Bryan, Dan (Larry the Cable Guy), and Nat discuss the rules to the blame game. But, is God into blaming?  Or saving?  Where are you on this issue?   Message followed by discussion. (Season 1 airing Tuesdays and Thursdays through July 15th.)

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5 months ago
This series of lessons of Genesis, is very inspirational.
6 months ago
I love these truths.
Thank you
Please continue to show us more so we may continue to learn.
In Jesus name
6 months ago
I think one of the things that clearly cannot be overstated here when talking about the “wrath of God” is the great patience of God preceding those moments of consequence. I believe it was Bryan that made the point to Dan’s question that God didn’t lay the smack down immediately to every inch of rebellion. When the Hebrews left Egypt in the book of Exodus, there was a heavy use of blame every time something didn’t meet the level of comfort the people wanted, whether it was the food they were eating, or the lack of water or even the episode of the golden calf. But each time, God patiently hears the concerns and acts to show His provision. Eventually, it does come to points where He must respond or the people never come to understand the authority of God. God’s responses in those times seem harsh, but they also show just how serious He takes obedience.