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The God of Creation

What are the 5 most important words for your spiritual life?  Bryan Clark takes you to the beginning -- the very beginning for the answer.  After the message, co-host Dan Whitney and guest Nat Crawford join Bryan for discussion, and a little fun!   (Season 1 airing Tuesdays and Thursdays through July 15th.)

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5 months ago
God of creation, he vreated everythung, so we can look at it in awe.
6 months ago
My daughter and I had a discussion on this last week. She does not believe in the bible because it has been rewritten so many times. I'm going to have her listen to the God of Creation as she just can't believe who wrote the beginning of the bible as know one was around to write it!
1 reply
6 months ago
I'm glad this helped Shirley. You may consider sharing with her our 1-2 minute videos called "Hard Questions / Real Answers." We tackled the exact topic your daughter is struggling with. You can find that series here: