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Noah spent 120 years waiting and building the ark. After the flood it was another 375 days before he could debark! Is there anything harder than waiting? Bryan Clark, Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), and guest Nat Crawford discuss. (Season 1 continues airing Tuesdays and Thursdays through July 15th.)

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5 months ago
I was able to see the Arc Encounter with my daughter. It was amazing. My oldest grandson is named Noah. So thankful that I chose to follow Jesus.
5 months ago
5 months ago
Oh the Ark in Tennessee
Not the real one
5 months ago
Covid restrictions

I’m headed to the Ark next month with my son. It will be nice to take a little trip with him. He’s coming closer and closer to our Lord.
5 months ago
What if I missed His Plan for my life, while I waited, maybe I was afraid to really listen?
1 reply
5 months ago
Great question. We overcomplicate God's will for our lives. Yes, there are different elements of His will, but when we know that God's will for our lives is to glorify Him through our loving obedience, it makes things simpler and straightforward.

Many people want to know if God wants us to buy the red car or the blue car. Frankly, I don't think it matters. That is unless one is a Mercedes and the other is a Chevy when you can only afford the Chevy.

God's mercy and grace is sufficient when we don't do life right. Consequences may follow to remind us of the benefit of obedience, but God will use you right where you are.