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God's Design for Marriage

Is there less to experience in God's design for marriage and sex?  Or MORE?  Pastor Bryan Clark shares a message, followed by discussion with Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), and guest Nat Crawford.   (Season 1 airing Tuesdays and Thursdays through July 15th.)

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5 months ago
God's design for marriage would be sooooooo amazing. I have found it to be so far from the life & marriage, I actually experience. There are people who always blame someone else for the consequences, no matter their choice. Forgiveness is incorrectly interpreted into acceptance and lack of accountability.
5 months ago
ther fore are forgiveness yo sunfil act that we did ewalize.
6 months ago
Sometimes we think forgiveness means no consequences, however, there will always be consequence to our sins. The consequences can sear into us the reality of the pain and loss we experience from any sin…even in our thought life where overt sins originate from…c.s.Lewis…”every choice we make determines the direction of our lives.”