Getting Started… - Talk 'N Truth Podcast


A pastor and a comedian walk into a recording booth…


The Talk’N Truth Podcast brings together the insight and passion for God’s Word of veteran Pastor Bryan Clark and the brash honesty of famous comedian Dan Whitney—better known as Larry the Cable Guy.


In this, the first season of the Talk’N Truth podcast, Pastor Bryan turns to the Book of Genesis. With a fresh focus on why God created this world, we can shift our attention from our temporary struggles to the truth that goes beyond time and place. Since we are created specifically for relationship with God, we can find new strength in the truth that He made a way for us in spite of the willful and sinful choice of forbidden fruit.


This season, special guest Pastor Nat Crawford is welcomed into the discussion.


Stop and consider Jesus as His Word is preached and discussed, and you may be surprised to learn how helpful the Bible can be to your everyday life…


…and hopefully you can have some fun along the way!

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5 months ago
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6 months ago
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