TNT-S4E9 / Be Quiet and Listen (with Jim Breuer) - Talk 'N Truth Podcast

TNT-S4E9 / Be Quiet and Listen (with Jim Breuer)

Comedian Jim Breuer joins Dan and Bryan to take in the wisdom of Proverbs and share a few stories about what it means to listen to God and experience His power in your life.

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a month ago
Heavenly Father, teach me the value of humility and how to escape the trap of arrogance. Lord I don't want to be cast among the foolish who think they know more that You do. Bring me into a cool relationship with You and help me to learn of You. Help me to recognize that I am a sinner and that Jesus Christ died on Calvary for my sake. Finally, Lord, grant me Your salvation and show me the way to my new life in Christ Jesus. Amen.