Before You Begin... - Is Christianity for You

I am thrilled you are joining me and many others on a weekly journey to answer the question: "Is Christianity for you?"

What to expect.
Each week we'll provide a 3-5 minute video that explores many topics regarding Christianity. Included will be a brief thought and passage of the Bible to read. At the end, you will have a chance to both reflect and respond to the video and the text.

We at Back to the Bible want to move you closer to Jesus today than you were yesterday. I believe "Is Christianity for you?" will do just that.

Before you begin.
If you're engaging in this weekly series, chances are you're either considering Christianity for the first time or someone who is wondering if Christianity is still for you. We are just thrilled you are asking the question and honestly exploring the answers. I believe everyone should seriously consider the truth claims of Christianity and the validity of its answers to life's hardest questions.

I would encourage you to ask God to open your mind to what you'll experience each week. Ask God to reveal truth to you. Ask God to give you the strength to pursue it each week as you ask the question: "Is Christianity for you?"

Each week share your comments below. I'd also love to know what your questions are so I can answer them in the weeks ahead.

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