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Episode 47 - Letting Go of Your Past with Steve Arterburn - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


Most people today are in chains to their past sins or the control of others. What advice would you offer them today?

Many people fail to put up healthy boundaries in relationships. It could be because they desire approval and other times, it’s because they are a sincere servant of others. But you can’t give what you don’t possess. So why are boundaries essential and how can a person begin to develop them?

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14 days ago
I thank you, Emmanuel! Choice tidbits of insight gleaned. I will add that 'real boundaries' define who YOU are and what you are about. Your evidenced outlook and precepts are visible for all to take note of readily. No chance to mistake who you are nor whom you believe. Fruit is low hanging and on display at all times! Actions do speak louder than words!
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14 days ago
Steve Arterburn is a solid reference point for navigating troubling/hard relationships. Glad this was beneficial.
3 months ago
Boundaries are essential in life. They define ownership and also protects from predators. Not to have boundaries in life is to be open to all kinds of things. A disciplined person must set up boundaries that helps him live with integrity and transparency.