When life is confusing and complicated, we want answers. That's why Back to the Bible launched The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast with Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford.
Each week, Pastor Nat will interview thought leaders to discuss life's most pressing topics. Check back each week to see who Nat's interviewing and what topics they're discussing.

Episode 45 - Overcoming the Traps of Pornography with Steve Arterburn - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


What do you do when porn hits your house? How do you help your kids? Your grandkids? Join Pastor Nat as he interviews best-selling author Steve Arterburn as they discuss these topics and more.

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10 months ago
Ps.. the human heart is evil ,vile and destructive…who can understand it ? The more insidious part of compulsive sin , is we expose and pass on to our own children these sins…this reality should be enough to surrender to God , to stop… and yet , that alone rarely does….God alone restores life From what was dead and restored relationships is possible by Christ’s resurrection power.
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10 months ago
Exactly right. Without Christ, it's simply behavior modification with limited results and a short-sighted aim. When Christ reforms the heart, lives are free!
10 months ago
Most addicts, Christian or not , when confronted , or consequences start to cause pain… only seek temporary relief . They want the money lost replaced, the boss to say I will overlook it and the spouse to say … one more chance.. the common denominator is all addicts lie. It truly is as grisly as a savage lion ready to attack anyone who attempts to remove the rotting carcass he is feeding on…the pain of tracing the origins of compulsive sin(addictions)..admitting our choice to sin…forgiving those who hurt us , and believing that God has been and is sovereign over all of it ….that pain heals…recovering addictis in recovery know… it’s trust God , believe and act on his word…. Or die… that’s the choice… thanks Nat and steve
10 months ago
Purelife Ministries, Kentucky is a powerful place for men and boys to go.