When life is confusing and complicated, we want answers. That's why Back to the Bible launched The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast with Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford.
Each week, Pastor Nat will interview thought leaders to discuss life's most pressing topics. Check back each week to see who Nat's interviewing and what topics they're discussing.

Episode 38 - What Are the Roles of Men & Women in Family & Ministry with Dr. Wayne Grudem - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


On the next episode of the Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast, Pastor Nat is back with Phoenix Seminary’s Professor of Theology and author, Dr. Wayne Grudem.

This week, they will discuss the roles men and women play in marriage and church leadership.

Be sure to click the link and join us for Part 3 in this 4-part series with Dr. Grudem.

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a month ago
Watching all of the "Hard Questions Real Answers Podcasts for the third time over and I always learn something new and needed!!! Please start doing this podcast again :)
6 months ago
I am a woman who loves to disciple and teach others but being a woman I do understand why it's GOOD that God has men as Pastors and Elders and I think any woman who is honest would agree.
I recently had my heart broken while attending my church where the husband and wife are both pastors. A decision was made by the wife about me without consulting or praying with her husband. This took both her and myself by surprise and has caused nothing but strife and division....I've also found that when we go against God;s loving instructions in the church on one subject that we will also take The Word and apply to our lives in different areas to suit or own desires....thus watering down God;s Word
a year ago
Everything will fall in place which God taken by plan.