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Episode 29 - The Problem with the Progressive Church - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


What is postmodernism?

What is progressive Christianity?

What is the emergent church and are you a part of it?

We'll discuss all of this and more with R. Scott Smith, professor and author from Biola University.

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a year ago
That you for the encouragement.
a year ago
Good morning nat,
Thanks for your interest. Whenever I hear the comments on being progressive
It sounds more like , the institutions ordained by God are ignored and being adjusted to fit the world today.
I see being progressive as going the wrong direction. In other words, maybe progressiveness shouldn’t be label we want for the church ,after all we want the church to be seen as different than the world . Don’t we. Thanks Nat.
Y B I C. Chaz
2 replies
a year ago
I am so very happy to have had the opportunity to listen to
You today. Pastor Smith
has enlightened me . As you have. Church now
for me not as heartwarming as it had
been. Now, I can explore and hopefully find God
a year ago
You've nailed it, Chaz. Thank you for the great insight!
a year ago
I believe in the authority of scripture
Likewise, it’s teaching.
Jesus told
Peter that upon his confession, “thou art the Christ “ he will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail. We can all take assurance that it will be as he said. It does seem somehow, being progressive ,that the church has embraced doctrine that is contrary to biblical principles..
What you are saying is hard for me to follow. I do think that you’re on to something.
Thanks for the pod. Chaz
1 reply
a year ago
Thanks for watching and responding, Chaz. I agree; it can be hard to follow! What questions do you have? How can we work through this together?